Talocity : The Speed Of Hiring Talent

As beautiful the name is, such is the awesome work that Talocity does. To put the things simple up front,  it gives an ease in the speed and certainty of hiring fresh talent. Talocity arises when Velocity meets a judicious mix of Velocity.

The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of Talocity states it to be the world's first talent stock exchange that presents an experience of View & Hire rather than Interview & Hire powered by Video Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (VAAI). The job seeker and the employer meet each other via a curated and matched one-way video interview to a one-way video job description. The tech-mat and surveillance for both the job seeker and the employer has made it comfortable with the two-way job alliance.

The firm is driven by a crew of talented and vastly  experienced entrepreneurs: Ketan Dewan, Dilpreet Singh, and Rajat Suneja, inspired and fetching their goals through the mantras of Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, and Steve Jobs. With a crystal clear and sorted vision, their goals stand supreme to them with utmost faith that their investors have in them.

When you have such gem of a team, then achievements become a mere subject that has to follow whatsoever. and rightly so, Talocity has been
nominated as the best startup by CNBC & TIE in a live fundraising competition in October 2015 in Delhi.Improving on the continuous graph of learning, it has reached 59% accuracy on its first Artificial Intelligence engine output and since then reached up to 78% and 95% thereafter.

However, things were never a smooth road for them. Problems are a part and parcel of every startup but their infallible will and the constant support of the investors were the things that remain constant throughout.

As a result of which, Talocity stands today as the market leader in India and Philippines and looking to cut down their cost per hire and time to hire by substantive margins. It envisions to keep a video database of more than a million and providing jobs for more key job descriptions.

Operationally and efficiently driven, Talocity has its own mantra in achieving their goals that go by a union between Kehna (to say), Karna (to do) and Nibhana (to live). The talent stock exchange has been growing really strong captivating the market with their unique set of services and looking to offer more.

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Aditya Arora

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Sports just got it's own Adda

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-04-14

Going with all the raunchiness and desi-ness, My Sports Adda is a one stop solution for all the sports enthusiasts. It is an amazing initiative to discover sports and fitness like never before. As quirky and interesting the name may sound to your ears, the business is no less than the expectations. Let us have a deep insight as to what exactly they do.

The company aims largely to promote the true spirit of  sports and sportsmanship across various schools, colleges, and localities. The startup aims to combat the unavailability of the major sports in India at distant places.  Adda provides end to end services in such a way that the customer can pay online for only what he/she loves while experimenting out with others too. Other services are customised, dynamic and as per the availability of the sport.

Their model thrives on a customer-vendor relationship that is set across various geographical units. The website works on a system wherein the customer places an order about the sports played or the Fitness sessions he/she might want to indulge in. And these demands are met by the vendors who are super ready  to supply the services of what the customer aims by bringing both these entities at a common chord so that the buy side and supply side can be levelled.

Their idea is the prime house of their business. It was conceptualised by Nakul, Aniket, Ankit & Nikhil who wanted to do something to change the world. With strong determination and a great will power, they have been able to take it up to the next level.Thanks to the B-plan competitions that they won earlier which gave them the money(read as vision) to move forward.

However, their journey was not as smooth as butter on a sleekish pan
The unorganised nature of sports industry, with lower occupancy and higher cancellations, stood as major perils in their functioning. To bring about a major change in the ecosystem and luring the people to keep showing their love and  support for sports is a nerve-wracking task.

But after the battle comes the rewards, and they have done it in style. Check their website to see their cool services of Fitness training, Tournaments and other customised services too. The company has been growing leaps and bounds and looks like there is no one stopping them. These self-motivated individuals plan to launch sports products too in their rich services. Along with it, they plan to launch My Sports Adda in at least 10 other cities as well. They plan to be a beacon of hope for all the sports lovers and to make the haters fall in love with sports eventually. 

The overall idea is very good for the company with the rising standards of Sports in India and how people get attracted to it easily. The challenges of maintaining a high-level content, building a customer-friendly interface and maintaining precision over and above all seem to be the clarion call for them.
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Taleho - The Ultimate Social Network for Real Estate.

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-04-22

Ever heard about a social network for the real estate that gives you pure and bang- on content about people, place and properties? Yes, the startup under the spotlight today is Taleho.

It is said that commonality limits in all possible sphere but uniqueness exceeds it all and much more. Such is the beautiful story of this startup. Let us try and decode what makes Taleho so unique and beautiful.

It provides you with such an immense and extensive social platform where one can socialise in a circle of friends and family, make groups and stay connected. The whole purpose of this is to ensure a convenient and flawless buying/ renting experience for both the entities. Taleho widely uses #Letsstartconnecting and believes in this ideology with complete professionalism and perfection. But you might wonder how Taleho manages to stay ahead out of the lot.

What serves as a perfect USP to Taleho is its stupendous approach towards a credible content based and network approach in Real Estate.

It is the first content and network specific platform for real estate industry that eases out the process of finding your friends and connections staying in any area through its Social Map feature. These guys are big on experience, to enhance experience of every property on Taleho they embed a 3 point vision video including Inside the house, Around the house and Towards the house, for me this made my experience leap bonds by giving a clear view of the property while I was sipping coffee on my couch .For such great idea to implement, one needs experienced members who can take the lead and finally convert on it.

And the team of 4 intellectual, hard-working and passionate friends, Nikesh Savla, Anuj Gupta, Aakash Bansal and Sandip Chandran, are the perfect recipe to such a prospering start-up. But even the Inspirational men have their own source of motivation.

For them, it was the Wallmart Man- Sam Walton. His theory of keep trying till you succeed really served as a major source of motivation for the Team. It drew a flicker of hope in them that even a single man can change the world.

And from there, there was no looking back. Taleho got conceptualised and the dreams now stood as reality.  The pain, blood and efforts in bringing up Taleho all together, finally were blooming up roses.

Taleho was selected as one of the top early-stage startups in Asia by WebSummit and have been invited at Rise, start-up showcase event in Hong Kong, to present their start-up. 

However, the road is still very long for Taleho. It is creating a big name but still a lot of distance remains to be travelled. Though Real estate is a booming sector but still seasonal variations and inconsistency might be an obstacle for them.

Getting Good Traction, developing a good interface and keeping the customers involved is a major path hindrance up. But a startup is great when it is able to steer the ship amongst all the obstacles. And, let us Hope Taleho does.

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Open Networking Session organised by Faad & Startups Talk

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-05-21

Promoting disruptive thinking in the Entrepreneurial space and facilitating robust contact under the belt, FAAD Network Private Limited organized its much awaited ,"Open Networking Session" with great aura and delight on 15 May 2016.

The idea behind this event was to organize an open networking session, where an aspiring entrepreneur can get a chance to know the entrepreneurial journey of successful entrepreneurs. The idea was to inspire the people through the hard fought and successful people working miracles in the industry.

The event was organized in association with Startups Talks with over an attendance of 100+ entrepreneurs, wannapreneurs, investors and media.

Experts such as Abhijit Kamlapurkar, Head, Transaction Banking Group, IDFC Bank, Bharat Sethi, CEO, PosterGully, Rishi Mehra, CEO, Deal4loans and Pankaj Judge, Founder & CEO, ChaiThela shared their entrepreneurial journey. The sessions were moderated by celebrity host Satvik Kapoor.

The event aimed to address the problems of investments and co-founders among a multitude of many others that the startup ecosystem is facing.
The roadmap ahead for VC Funding is something that was also discussed at great length in the event.  The idea of building large businesses without the VCs was floated widely in the event.

Faad aims to conduct theses kind of events pan-India so that even the smallest lot of entrepreneurs can be tapped and work could be done in a very cohesive space. We aim to reach like-minded people so that they too can share their journey with much grace and exuberance.

The event was held at Innov8 as venue partner, along with the IDFC Bank as banking partner, BW Accelerate as Ecosystem partner, Foodooz as food partner, ChaiThela as chai partner, Legal Salah as legal partner, Boopow as entertainment partner, VGN Medisol as health partner, Variance Technologies as Technology Partners, Muskurado as merchandise partner and Bizztor as media partner.

All in all, the event was really great for Faad and other entrepreneurs and lay a stepping stone for a great ecosystem ahead for all of us.

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Talocity : The Speed Of Hiring Talent

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-06-01

As beautiful the name is, such is the awesome work that Talocity does. To put the things simple up front,  it gives an ease in the speed and certainty of hiring fresh talent. Talocity arises when Velocity meets a judicious mix of Velocity.

The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of Talocity states it to be the world's first talent stock exchange that presents an experience of View & Hire rather than Interview & Hire powered by Video Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (VAAI). The job seeker and the employer meet each other via a curated and matched one-way video interview to a one-way video job description. The tech-mat and surveillance for both the job seeker and the employer has made it comfortable with the two-way job alliance.

The firm is driven by a crew of talented and vastly  experienced entrepreneurs: Ketan Dewan, Dilpreet Singh, and Rajat Suneja, inspired and fetching their goals through the mantras of Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, and Steve Jobs. With a crystal clear and sorted vision, their goals stand supreme to them with utmost faith that their investors have in them.

When you have such gem of a team, then achievements become a mere subject that has to follow whatsoever. and rightly so, Talocity has been
nominated as the best startup by CNBC & TIE in a live fundraising competition in October 2015 in Delhi.Improving on the continuous graph of learning, it has reached 59% accuracy on its first Artificial Intelligence engine output and since then reached up to 78% and 95% thereafter.

However, things were never a smooth road for them. Problems are a part and parcel of every startup but their infallible will and the constant support of the investors were the things that remain constant throughout.

As a result of which, Talocity stands today as the market leader in India and Philippines and looking to cut down their cost per hire and time to hire by substantive margins. It envisions to keep a video database of more than a million and providing jobs for more key job descriptions.

Operationally and efficiently driven, Talocity has its own mantra in achieving their goals that go by a union between Kehna (to say), Karna (to do) and Nibhana (to live). The talent stock exchange has been growing really strong captivating the market with their unique set of services and looking to offer more.
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Qonfuse.com- An Ed-Tech Startup Cracks The Seed-Funding Round

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-06-20

It is a no brainer that Ed-tech is so much in demand nowadays. Since it has created a revolutionary storm in the world and is accomplishing real good, investors are more interested in funding these startups. In the similar space, Qonfuse.com got seed funding from the founder of CureInstant; a medical technology startup. Startup Delhi has been the isthmus link between these two companies.  

Delhi-based Qonfuse.com is a high-level technology Ed-tech startup that helps to make exam preparation dynamic and organised. It aids one to easily access quality and affordable preparation to all. It is currently providing mock tests for Banking, Railway CAT, GATE, SBI PO, SBI Clerk and Aptitude preparation, at an affordable  price of INR 49 for 5 test papers.

It was founded by Mahesh Gaur, an alumnus of GLA University, Mathura along with his two co-founders Shivraj Dhusariya who is pursuing B-Tech from Chanakya Technical campus and Himanshu Srivastava who is an alumnus of IIT Guwahati.

With the received funding they plan to launch a service which will let the users take the online mock test as per their own terms. The choice to buy mock tests depends on  the end user.

The global online learning market is expected to reach $107 Billion this year. About 1.8 Cr students in India are estimated to appear in these exams. With this platform, Quonfuse.com has a tremendous opportunity to reach out to the students across the country.

Startup Delhi is a Facebook group which currently has 22k members comprising Entrepreneurs, Wannapreneurs, Investors, Students, Legal and Media persons. Initiated by Abhishek Kumar Gupta, it is benefiting several people. The extensive group has been contributing to the welfare of companies, Qonfuse.com as a recent instance. And, will look forward towards creating such gem of a deal in future as well.
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Couponhaat: Discount Coupons, Best Deals

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-07-22

 Have you heard about a Delhi based startup which is India’s leading coupons and deals company? 

If it is a yes, then it great but if not then no worries. We will tell you about this next awesome thing in town that helps online shoppers to discover the best deals on the most reputed e-commerce brands as well as small brands. 

Couponhaat is an e-commerce enabler which works on both B2C and B2B segments. It enables the user to access the best compatible discount/coupon available. The application of Couponhaat also provides an opportunity to set your personal preferences and see only the offers you are interested in availing.

Vipin Kumar Yadav founded Couponhaat in the month of April 2015. He is an alumnus of GLA University, Mathura and is also a software engineer by profession. The man always thought that something lacked in other coupon and deal sites, and then Vipin started working on Couponhaat in his room. Initially, they were a small team of just four members. Presently, the size of the team has increased to more than 20 talented people.

This self-funded startup has launched theirs user-friendly mobile application, for both Android and iOS. The app is incredibly easy to use and has more than 300,000 coupons to redeem and 7000 live coupons and deals. You just need to log in to your Facebook Account and then select the categories that you are interested in availing the coupons. You will surely get excellent deals at mind-boggling prices with Couponhaat.

 The site has nearly 500,000 monthly visits, and also more than 400,000 newsletter subscribers. It can also assist you when you are offline, that is, it gives you the facility to browse offers smoothly updated till your last online mode.And that is the beauty and charm of Couponhaat.
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Furnish Your Dream: Design the better way

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-07-26

Furnish Your Dream is a unique one stop end-to-end design and decor platform for homeowners and corporate. They offer a broad range of services from architectural consultations, commercial & residential interiors to modular kitchens. They also cater to all kinds of clients focusing on high-end interiors to moderate ones. It is a fantastic initiative of theirs to make the world of interior designing better than ever.


 Founded in 2012 by Kushagra Awasthi, it has been an entirely bootstrapped company right from its inception. The startup has been contributing to the dream houses of several people and proximately reducing the hassle of carpenter management, visits to furniture stores, deals with the interior designers and other such problems.  With Furnishing your Dream, you can proudly boast of an innovative, artistic, talented, and energetic team which transforms your vision into reality. The team of more than 55 people imputes the right ideas and works with spectacular zeal.


 Having an expertise on around 1000+ Rooms (Residential) and approximately 5 lakh sq ft (Commercial), the output delivered is at par state of the art with the modern and sophisticated tools that the team effectively uses. Their services rendered are perfect in every project that they take up which just makes you love your home bigger and better than ever.


A fascinating part of this company is that they have launched India’s first incubation centre for Interior designers. The concept is relatively fresh and has never happened before in India, and eventually, it makes it even more enthralling. Undoubtedly, in the other way, it’s lots of help for budding interior designers. It gives the restricted credential a platform, where the artistry can be restored and polished. It’s the creativity of these budding artists that will leverage it to set greater benchmarks for the company and beat the odds.


Highlights of the incubation centre:-

1.    Zero Initial Capital required.

2.    Free Office space.

3.    Compliance & Financial assistance.

4.    State of the art manufacturing facility with German machinery.

5.    Strong Project team for onsite execution.

6.    World’s most advanced design software and tools.

7.    Furniture Import assistance from Germany, Italy and China.

8.    Collaborations with the leading brands.

9.    Experienced Vendors and Contractors.

10.    Free travel around the world to attend Interior design & furniture exhibitions.


With an easy and affordable pricing model, Furnish your Dream lets you make a house you love and envision.  

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Open Networking Session by Faad & Let Startups at My Awfis, Bengaluru

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-08-12

Faad and Let startups witnessed another great event, this time in Bangalore though. It is often said that making the right start and putting the right foot forward, success comes as a by - product of a miraculous journey. The event was a spectacular one with more than 80 attendees coming to support community development and ecosystem building.

Successful entrepreneurs were invited to the event as the keynote speakers who enlightened and truly enthralled the audience with their entrepreneurial acumen, sharp minds and decisive skills.

Our first speaker, Mr. Abhay Tandon, Head-Events & Partnerships Tracxn & Mentor at BHIVE , he spoke about the nuances of having the right valuations and pitch decks. He also clearly mentioned out the fact that how necessary it becomes to approach the investors at the right time and with the right amount of funds.

The second speaker that dazzled the floor of My Awfis in Kormangla (venue) was Mr. Balachander R, CEO at Wassup Ondemand, who laid stress on the fact of disrupting the market with the right kind of tactics and what challenges are being faced in the process doing so. He gave his example of supporting his points, as to how he entered the unorganized sector of hyperlocal market and now has the presence in more than 8 cities. He truly was awe inspiring and was much credited by all the wonderful attendees.

Our third speaker, Mr. Yash Sahani, VP at Local Ramu, he told about his venture Local Ramu, and how differently they are doing their operations and building a sustainable business model. He gave exciting tips and insights on how to organize an unorganized sector.

The fourth speaker on board was Mr SantoshPanda, CEO at Explara, he talked about building the right talent, how they found it and why they need it. He showed the way for something big branding his own story as to how they started and where they are progressing ahead after doing successful business so far. His story shades a reflection of true courage, determination, perseverance and hardwork. The Explara man truly inspired each and every one sitting there, giving them a new line of motivation and conviction.

Last but certainly not the least, the well-rounded Mr. Abhas Kumar, Head of Digital at Yourstory, he talked about the way to approach media companies being a startup, so that promotion can be done through portals. He shared his experience working and mentoring a lot of startups, and also brought to light the mistakes that everybody do so in the process.

All in all, the event was truly remarkable and sets up a new milestone for us to work even harder and stronger so that no one remains left out in the process of building a cohesive ecosystem. The aim to foster a smooth flow of networks among various startups is something that we seek and envision to achieve through our future events as well.

An event of this quality and magnanimity would not have been possible without the constant and ever growing support of our proud sponsors. Our lovely sponsors include: Your Story – Media Partner, A.R.M.S – HR Partner, College Desk – Outreach Partner, Local Ramu – Refreshment Partner, DarwinLabs – Startup Studio Partners; My Awfis - For this lovely venue , Ascs- Consulting partner, Boopow- Entertainment Partner, Talkees – Social Media Partner, Cyber Media - Publishing Partner.

We thank everyone from the bottom of the heart for making this happen and being a part of it. 

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Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-09-09

The popular theory which says that "Age is just a number" has been proven correct by the 18-year-old Hamraj Kumar proves this right. His new venture Cureinstant gets a funding of Rs 1 crore from Dr. Rameshwar Kumar.

Cureinstant is a new startup that aims to bring a change in the life of the people. His idea is simple- a social health networking website. Cureinstant.com is a platform where the patients, doctors, medical stores, pathology labs, fitness centre and many other health professionals can come together.People can ask their problem to the Doctor through live chat.

The platform also enables to book appointments with doctors, and there are a plethora of options that allows a patient to keep their health related documents on the cloud. The availability of health reports on the cloud will increase the way in which reports are shared by the doctors, labs, and patients. 

Imagine a platform where different doctors of the same disease are helping a patient find the cure. The patient will feel very much secured and assured towards the treatment it is receiving. A doctor prescribes some medicine on the platform, and the medical stores are available for the bringing the medicine to the patients home. The doctor prescribes a medical test and the pathology labs are there to make it happen. 

With the growth in Science and Technology, there has been a major decrease in the healthcare. We can tweet about what we are thinking, but there is no platform to make us say that we are sick. There are possibilities that someone in our social life has faced the problems of the disease themselves and might have a helping hand for us.

Cureinstant is a great idea that can bring about a radical change in the patient’s life due to them being active socially. On their constant mission to make a healthy platform for everyone, this instant connecting health service provider is poised for big in the field of medical services. 

Let us hope Team Cureinstant gets to achieve the endeavours.

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Open Forum By Faad And Startup Delhi At Workly

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-09-21

The preparations were all set , as Faad was ready to launch another unique event  that would help the community to grow and the ecosystem to flourish.  Our lovely partners Startups Delhi, Page Swype and  Workly  too looked at the event with great expectations and excitement as to how the next steps of events would unfurl.  But yes now I can say, that 6-8  on 18 September,2016 was a great time.

Our event Open forum was focussed to solve the real problems of startups in the domain of Finance, Investment, legal and banking. As the name of the event goes by, we aimed to seek an open idea  sharing platform where experts were called to solve these problems.

The event started off with the hostmaster for the day Aditya Arora introducing our lovely speakers and telling about their awesome work that they done over the past so many years.  The perfect atmosphere in Workly could not have provided for a better start to the event.  The excitement could be seen from  the happy and cheerful faces of the speakers as well as the attendees.

Mr Alok Gupta took care of all the investment questions that were raised in the open forum. He answered various doubts regarding the VC roadblock,  funding via debt funds, the real key attraction for an investor along with a line of various questions and suggestions that came up at the open forum 

Mr Laveesh Puri, being a seasoned professional in bankng industry for more than a decade, took great care of the questions that were being hurled at him. He spoke on the E comm bubble, lower credit offtakes , banking mechanism for startup ecosystem. 

Our third speaker Mr Ramnauj Mukherjee was the person for all the questions related to the legal aspect of a startup. He spoke effectively and at great lengths on the importance, legal aspect can serve to the growth and success of a startup. Mr. Ramnauj perfectly resolved all the queries regarding the trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property rights.

The attendees too graced the occasion with a plethora of questions for our lovely speakers who dealt with them like a pro.  The event rocked from the single minute it started, and all the participants reverted with a positive feedback and the need of conducting more and more events. All in all. A great Sunday evening with like minded intellectuals and some great questions being answered, acted as a perfect  setting for us.  



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.TJ Fine Jewellery: True Gems In The Industry

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-10-12

As goes by a famous quote, “The names need not to be taken too often to honor the champion, their work itself speaks volume of their victory sagas.”

With close to 60 years of a wonderful legacy, Tarun Jain Designer Jewellery and Gemstones has been a pioneer, thanks to their splendid designs and customized pieces. It does not matter whether it is a big fat Indian wedding or a Cocktail evening, the talented team of designers will design an artistic piece that is set to dazzle with your outfit.

The amazing work of fine jewellery that has been done by Tarun Jain so far, is really a treat for the eyes and deserves special recognition. With constant innovations with their product, hiring the right team of designers and showcasing great artistic skills, the team has hit the nail on its head when it comes to success and a happy clientele network globally.

The man himself, Tarun Jain comes out as a superb leader of the pack, delivering products of high value and falls to die for. One such piece is the Navratan Brooch that features the finest stones encircled with diamonds and handcrafted in 18k gold. If you want great falls with attractive diamonds and eye catching threads, then carved Emerald Polki Diamond Choker and Jhoomer are set to send shivers down the spine with their absolute beauty. Both are well acclaimed designs and have won a series of accolades, both nationally as well as globally.

As another quote goes by, “Innovation is a never ending process, and the more you innovate the better you connect with your customers.” Keeping this in mind, they have started with the concept of Heirloom Jewellery which has been making merry for them and their business. Through this, the old discarded jewellery is remodeled with more colors and is given the shape of a new jewellery. The most important thing is that the sentimental value of the old jewellery is remained intact, but the outlook just looks nothing less than a new one.

Lines can be written, paragraphs can be phrased after one other to evaluate the work done by the awesome team so far. Their spirit of innovating in a creative and customized space, a great team support is something that adds the onus to the success story so far and times to come.

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Husband and Wife Duo Take The Marketing World By Storm

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-10-24

Would not it be super awesome if we have a platform that brought creative minds together and allowed start-ups, SMEs and established businesses too to reach out to these brand specialists who could provide marketing solutions to them at a fraction of the costs traditionally associated with marketing activities? 

Vivek and Nehal Modi, a husband-wife duo, spotted the need for Yellowbulbs and they swiftly moved in to fill the void. They are a progeny of the digital age and believe that technology has shrunk the distance between brands and brand marketers.

YellowBulbs is an effort to aggregate these marketing specialist agencies and experts and create an online B2B marketplace that helps new age brands interact with marketing experts. They help startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) make their acquaintance with marketing ideas through specialists to pay whom banks don’t need to be robbed.


400+ Buyers 

2600+ Sellers listed 

542 + Verified sellers 

Global-Alexa Rank - 118,991 

India Alexa Rank - 9069 

377 Ready to use packages live already 

Operational since March 2015 

Team in NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata. 

Total team size - 11 


Their Journey

As a marketing professional for over 15 years—as an advertising executive, sales manager, brand manager and business leader—Vivek found that brands were only reaching out to the big, well-established agencies. Smaller, boutique firms would invariably lose out to the usual suspects. When brands had an outstanding marketing campaign to launch, these big companies could promise one of two things: on-time delivery or creativity. The client, of course, demanded both and rightly so. For that agencies would ask for more time and premium pricing.

This inefficiency, Vivek felt, needed to be curtailed, if not eliminated. And for that it was important that businesses were able to reach out to other, smaller, agencies that were hungry for business, could provide a customized solution promptly and at a competitive price. The YellowBulbs platform was the answer.

 They began their search for creative service providers and set about putting together specialists based on due diligence to establish strong credentials. In 2015 YellowBulbs got its first project, and the die was cast. It has been gathering momentum since then, going from strength to strength, creating ripples in the marketing world.

Turning business into a brand:

 “The time is just right for Indian start-ups and SMEs to enter the big league of brands worldwide. Post-liberalisation, India has been able to build an ecosystem that has given companies access to capital as well as talent. Moreover, the retail and e-commerce boom has opened up new markets, expanding the consumer base like 

The eight broad categories YellowBulbs operates in includes: 


•    Digital marketing

•    Event and Activation

•    Design and communication

•    Website and app

•    Video and film

•    Blogs and content

•    Audio and radio

•    Public relations.



Free registration: The market has business listing platforms that ask for registration fee upfront; YellowBulbs allows service partners to register for free, upload ready to use packages, apply for the best-suited bids, complete the assignment, and receive payment. We also offer managed services solution at a nominal service fee. We only charge the seller a nominal fee after the money is received.


 Quick service: YellowBulbs has boundary service called Brand Box for brands looking for immediate services. On Brand Box, based on their needs and requirements, clients will find ready-to-use packages which cut the process time of briefing, shortlisting and negotiating.


Security, Visibility, and transparent platform: YellowBulbs offers a completely safe and open platform for financial transactions. Service providers are paid only when the client confirms that the project is complete. If you are verified on YellowBulbs chances of you being visible to service seekers rise significantly

Distance no constraint: The digital world shrinks boundaries; in this case creativity without boundaries. So, even if you are a service provider, or service seeker for that matter, located in Tier 2 or 3 cities, the YellowBulbs platform will get you what you want. 


The Blissful Plans Ahead:

 YellowBulbs went online in May this year and rapidly, within a month of starting operations. Marketplace is the current model. In the Events and Seminars vertical their aim is to set up platforms and organize seminars that bring together suppliers, brands, and consumers on the same platform and interact like never before.


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Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-11-03

What if you could get a robust online platform where you could get your financial worries resolved? Cashsuvidha, a leading Financial Company a trade name of Usha Financial Services Pvt. Ltd., initiated by two highly experienced Import and finance market heroes provides a diversified product portfolio in the Finance sector. It is the platform that provides you loans at hassle free, quick processes to approve your financial needs.

With a vast experience of over 25 years in the Business and Financial Market, 15+ years of experience in the import of non – ferrous metal scrap, and an experience in the Real estate sector spanning decades, the Founder Mr. Rajesh Gupta directs the leads the company as a real leader.


 It is often remarked that a TEAM is people joining and creating wonders together. Mr. Anoop Garg, Co-Founder of Cashsuvidha has always been the consistent supporter of the enterprise. His dynamic experience of over 21 years in various capacities and domains has been a big plus for business's functioning and operations. Similar to his Counterpart, Mr. Anoop also comes in with years of experience in the Real Estate and Importing of Non Ferrous Metal Scrap businesses.


Dreaming of touching zenith, the fantastic duo envisions to become India’s leading financial company.


Marching on the purpose to overcome hurdles in the life of Entrepreneurs in India, they counter with challenges to float their bank loans, external factors like inflexible guarantee parameters, frustrating lending policies and lengthy disbursements affecting their credit appeals. The Digital Fin-tech platform enables the users to experience automated operation, hassle free operating, Fast approval and Quick Disbursal.


Their four-Step process to gain funds is fascinating. Just apply anytime, upload your documents) and disbursal: loan amount disbursed within 72 hours. Cashsuvidha has an extensive range of Products- Entrepreneur Loan, Small Medium Enterprise Loan, and Invoice Finance. Their aid towards the segment of Women’s is appreciable and gives them an edge over others. The passionate team is also working on a technology through which Results can be obtained in real time (It includes Social Score, E-KYC, Human behavior & Credit Bureau CIBIL & Equifax.) Their technological platform is very robust and comprehensive, but really solves the problems of paying visits to Banks and Financial institutions again and again. It is really the need of the hour and erodes the need of Paperwork and Physical documents.  Thus, their technology makes the entire process lucid and comforting on the part of Customers.


With new and innovative services under the hatchet, Cashsuvidha promises to be the next big thing in the world of Fin-tech. Their focus area currently lies in managing both the Urban and Rural credit requirements, thus benefiting the lower strata also. Their motive is to bridge the wide gap in the market and reach out to those who have no reach to banks & Financial Institutions.


Initiated just months before, they have served 3500+ clients. The testimonial and the services provided by them are the icing on the cake to get easy finance at affordable rates.Additionally improving the macroeconomic conditions, higher credit penetration, increased consumption and disruptive digital trends will allow Cashsuvidha to grow at a healthy rate over next five years.




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Another Ode to Success: Rocking again with Co Founder Matchmaking 2.0

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-12-22

After a thumping success of the first installment, the bells had rung once again for Co - Founder Matchmaking 2.0, wherein 20 startups and 20 Co-Founders are shortlisted to speed date with each other on real time basis. Just like its predecessor, Co- Founder Matchmaking 2.0 was no different recipe. Same concept, same process but we got a pack of new memories to cherish for a lifetime.


This time around, CFM 2.0 was conducted in Workly, Lajpat Nagar on 17 December 2016. Faad along with Startups Delhi, powered by Wagon Cabs (which gives you fixed rate/kilometre and an option of more savings for riders and more earnings to drivers) and Co powered by Cash Suvidha, conducted this transformational event for the Startup Industry. Our other partners included Web Shuttle, JuxPux, BW Disrupt, College Desk, GrowthHub, Startup Selfie and HR SimpliWith the dedicated and continuous support of all the partners, we were pretty confident that we would nail it big once again. 


All the registrations were duly done and completed, as we geared up for the big day (the event day). People started coming in at 11, and the networking floor was already abuzz with discussions of like -minded intellectuals under one roof, and under the banner of Co- Founder Matchmaking 2.0.  As people started to accumulate, our celebrity speaker Anchor Satvik Kapur had already spellbound the audience with his fun-filled team grouping activities. People were made to interact with maximum people in the room like they had met their old friends after ten years ago.  Our Prime sponsor Wagon Cab presented their idea of the perfect rate for Kilometer along the lines of higher waiting periods and surges in the Cab Industry. Their idea of better savings to riders and earnings to drivers was indeed commended by the audience.


 Next in place, was our Celebrity speaker session which focused on imparting the right kind of knowledge and guidance to the startup community from the Industry experts themselves.


Our Keynote Speaker Mr Ankit Jain, Founder of My Operator, spoke about how he runs a bootstrapped company and very much profitable with a well-diversified customer base. He spoke extensively on the need for the right Co-Founder in escalating the venture and making the dream turn into an operational idea. Meanwhile, people were listening to Mr Jain very carefully; they were enjoying a tasty bite of lovely sandwiches by JuxPux. 


After that, it was time for the audiences to fill out their three preferences of their ideal date for a startup or Co-Founder based on their pitches, skillset, Domain and a multitude of other factors. And then after filling out the preferences, it was time to move towards lunch sponsored by CashSuvidha. After taking the Lunch Bites, everyone started to network with people around, as the dates were being announced. People were being guided to the person they can meet on a speed date, so as to generate a better match. 


This time we had close to 50% successful and perfect matches and people happily exclaimed that the matches helped them to find the right person in the community. The time was over, matches were made, and now it was time to bid adieu to 2.0. But we will be back again with 3.0 to rock the ecosystem once again.  


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Confluence 9.0 brought to you by Management Interaction Cell, SSCBS

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2017-01-17

Well, the bells have rung, the sun has come to shine once again, as we approach the time of the start of fest season in DU colleges. Games, Masti, and prizes are all the more important ingredients that go into the making of these fests as a perfect recipe.

Apart from the hard work that goes into putting these mega events, the small entrepreneurial roles that students undertake in managing teams, deadlines and ensuring everything falls into place with precision is something that is worth writing many odes. Let us sneak peak into one of such event coming up soon and go back down the memory lane when we all were doing similar roles in our colleges

( even if we weren't). 

One interesting event in the calendar is the Confluence 9.0 organized by students from the Management Interaction Cell of SSCBS. *wow* *super excited*. Let us scan all the details and wish the society all the best for their event.

The Management Interaction Cell of Shaheed Sukhdev College Of Business Studies is back with its flagship management fest CONFLUENCE 9.0

An array of events await you with Prizes worth ₹3,00,000  up for grabs!


May the market be with you!

A blend of the traditional mock stock with the intergalactic world of adventure.

Cash prizes and courses worth ₹1,00,000!


Winner takes it all!

A roller coaster ride like series of rounds that requires you to combine your technical with interpersonal.

Prizes worth ₹60,000 to be won!


Conquer the world! 

A turn based strategy game that sets the team on an epic journey, testing their decision-making skills, as they lead their empires to the gates of glory.

Prizes worth ₹1,00,000 to be won!


Lights. Camera. Action.

Right from budgeting and marketing to sensationalizing your movie by hiring actors and their leading ladies, you have to do it all. 

Prizes worth ₹10,000 to be won!

Here you can find the official teaser of their event.


Don’t forget to register at: bit.ly/registerconfluence


Date: 24-25 January 2017

Venue: Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute, North Campus, University of Delhi, Vijay Nagar Marg, Delhi, 110007


For further details, contact:

Pranav Arora: +91 9971163150

Aankhi Anwesha: +91 8010333022
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Another Faad Event In Town: Arbitrage 2017 from 22 to 25 March in Ramjas College

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2017-03-20

Faad has always been proud to associate with college fest, events to take our name out to the college students, and help their events to turn out Faad. We are proud to share details with the next Faad event that is just on the doors. So step out and be Faad. Some amazing competitions and mind-boggling prizes are desperately waiting for you. So what are you waiting for?

With the passion and excitement soaring up to the next sky, The Commerce Society, Ramjas College is back with its Annual Fest, Arbitrage 2017, held from 22nd to 25th March 2017, fostering the idea to dream and to dare to turn that dream into a reality this time.

#FundYourDreams #OneStepAhead

📌 For further details and registrations, contact

🚩 March 22 (Day 1) 🚩

▪ Test your propensity to manage an economic crisis at " The Final Trade Off "
Vinayak : +91-9013007040

▪ Try your entrepreneurial wit at “ Pitchers ” 
Sameeksha: +91-9716936606

▪ Brand Tambola 
Krati: +91-7838104858

▪ Masquerade 
Nitish: +91-8373925829
(On The Spot Registrations)

▪ Brush up your mental fitness and physical prowess at " Corporate Roadies "
Atul : +91- 9555041149

🚩 March 23 (Day-2) 🚩

▪ Unearth your managerial skills at " PRODIGY: -The Best Manager." 
Hriday : +91-9811795116, 

▪ Unveil your gaming prowess at “ Poke-Biz"
Priya: +91-7042075187

▪Flaunt your decision making caliber at " The Grey Matter"
Ayush: +91-7042417037

▪ Check your awareness and quick wits at " Quiz Me If You Can"
Tushar: +91-9910858482

🚩 March 24 (Day-3) 🚩

▪ IPL Bidding
Parth: +91-9971897899

For further details contact, 
Sonali   : +91-9971292716
Rashmi : +91-9582030176
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A Great Event For Your Funding And Acceleration Dreams :PITCH TO JAARVIS’17

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2017-05-05

Written By Jaarvis Accelerator




Jaarvis Accelerator launches its “Pitch to Jaarvis’17 #01” event for its 1st cohort of this financial year.


The event comprises of 2 pitch sessions, one in Delhi on May 17, 2017 and the other in Bangalore on May 20, 2017. 


The selected cohort will be inducted for 6 months’ acceleration program with funding of up to US $50,000 and further co-investment opportunity from partners, “angel investors” and “seed funds.”    


Don’t Miss! And grab the opportunity to pitch, get feedback and learn more about the start-up programs.


It is a closed door event, so selected start-ups will be invited to pitch.  


·         1-to-1 Pitches with selected investors.

·         Geographically Agnostic.


Eligibility criteria: #IoT #Fintech #AI #MachineLearning #Robotics #DataAnalytics domain with #B2B #B2B2C focus.



To apply for pitching at Delhi: bit.ly/JaarvisDelhi

To apply for pitching at Bangalore: bit.ly/JaarvisBangalore





Venue: ONE Co. Work, G- 36, G-Block, Outer Circle, Block G, Connaught Place, Delhi, 110001
Date: May 17, 2017 (Wednesday)
Time: 1 P.M.– 6 P.M.





Venue: Nasscom 10K Warehouse, Corporate Tower, Central Atrium, Lower Ground Floor, DD3 No. 150, Diamond District,

             HAL Airport Road, Bangalore, 56008

Date:    May 20, 2017 (Saturday)
Time:   1 P.M.– 6 P.M.





*Only for Indian Start-ups.

*Applicants can apply for only one city at a time.

*Mandatory fields must be filled in.

*Incomplete forms will be rejected.  



About Jaarvis Accelerator:
Jaarvis Accelerator is a Singapore headquartered accelerator, which enables start-ups to turn disruptive ideas into reality through a vibrant ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs with technology, an international contact network access, business experience and capital.


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Startupoid : Turning Dreams Into Realities

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2017-07-02

Well, a lot of problems with the Startup community largely goes unaddressed. One of the problems being of Resource Allocation and Mobilisation. Resources still need to be mobilised so that Startups can effectively utilise these resources.


Startupoid acts as a catalyst in helping start-ups to survive and grow through the difficult early stages of development. They are a very young organisation creating a space where startups can breed and grow without any bounds. That being said, they have their own, unique, and innovative ways to promote entrepreneurship to its fullest. Let us see how they are cutting the shaft and creating a difference.


One thing that differentiates this startup from any others is that there are unique case studies available on the website, that are real life problems faced by startups in their journey. This helps beginners gain insight into already established startups. Also, Startupoid has a forum where anyone from a beginner to a professional can post their queries and get them cleared by investors, capitalists, marketing professionals and other experts. Also, soon they’ll be coming up with some free courses and mentorship programs.


The man behind all the fuzz is Yugansh Chokra, Founder & CEO of Startupoid and ShopNani. He is currently pursuing Engineering from NSIT, Delhi. Yugansh is an 18 years old tech geek, worked with Microsoft in 2012, started his first venture in the same year. Honoured with Young Scientist India award, Blogger of the year (Rising Star) award 2016, Yugansh believes in changing the world with the help of technology.


One will find a variety startups throughout the world in the network of Startupoid, and you’ll see startups of Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and all others. The step ahead for Startupoid certainly lies in enhancing the reach and Startups available on the Platform. For the same, they are currently in talks with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard Business School, University of California (Both Los Angeles and Berkley campus), Boston University, Melbourne University, Wharton School of Business, IIT Bombay etc. 

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Surge Of The Taxi Moguls: Is Ola Rising Above the Ranks?

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2017-08-12

With the increasing number of population, day by day it is becoming back-breaking to travel by road especially in metropolitan cities. 

Amidst your day to day struggle when you can get to travel in a cab that is much more comfortable why would someone prefer taking local transports?

One such startup which aims at providing a pleasant travelling experience for its customers is OLA.

ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd., operating under the trade name Ola operates an online marketplace for booking car rentals in India. Ola initially started off as Olatrip.com, a website that offered package weekend trips. Ola Cabs was founded on 3 December 2010 by Bhavish Aggarwal, currently CEO, and Ankit Bhati. 

OLA incorporates city transportation for customers and driver partners onto a mobile technology platform. Their services provide the customers affordable AC cabs on the Ola Micro range, superior luxury offering from Ola Lux as well as localized offerings like the ubiquitous Auto-rickshaws to Shuttle buses for the daily commute.  This service was started on a trial basis in Bangalore in 2014 and has now been expanded to Chennai, Delhi etc. after the trial proved effectual.

And now, Ola is India's fastest start-up to enter the Unicorn Club. The company has expanded to a network of more than 600,000 vehicles across 110 cities. 

In November 2014, Ola diversified to incorporate autos on trial basis in Bangalore. Soon after this, Ola Auto expanded to other cities like Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata.In March 2015, OlaCabs acquired Bangalore based taxi service TaxiForSure for about $US200 million. By November 2015, Ola had acquired Geotagg, a trip-planning applications company, for an undisclosed sum to strengthen its new bus-shuttle service. Ola provides a varied range of services, ranging from economic to luxury travel. The mobile app and the service accept both cash and cashless payments with Ola money. OlaCabs claims to clock an average of more than 150,000 bookings per day and commands 60% of the market share in India.

With the emerging use of digital money nowadays for making and receiving payments, the option of cashless payment using the Ola Money facility has helped this company gain more and happier customers. The company has quite a humble customer care service.

Despite being appreciated consistently, there are a few loopholes in the services of OlaCabs which at times disappoints the expectations of its customers. Through customer reviews, it is found that the company requires authorizing better trained and professional drivers. The cabs are affordable usually but when peak rates hit it gets quite expensive.

In comparison with other budding cab services running in India, OLA is slightly cheaper. Especially against its competitive cab service, Uber, which is relatively expensive. Ola also has few issues with maps and pin location but this problem doesn’t occur in Uber. The payment mode is pretty much uncomplicated in OLA whereas, with Uber, you need to initially provide credit card information which, to a certain extent complicates the procedure of signing up.

Start-ups are a heart of innovation and they help in accelerating employment opportunities. They are a contribution in country’s main economy stream helping form a better and strong economy. With more and more start-ups India can aspire to be the world leader in skilled work and not just an outsourcing destination for cheap IT services. 

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Posted by Aditya Arora on 2017-08-30

There are close to a million strays in India. Most of that poor furry animal die because the help couldn't reach on time. There are issues in transporting the injured due to lack of transportation/ambulance for animals.  The NGOs and Animal Welfare have limited capacity and are scattered as well, due to which it is becoming very difficult for any person to help the strays in distress.

Let it wag is the future towards building a community who have shared love for animals and are willing to connect with alike people for the cause.

Yash Sheth started this initiative after saving a dog that once met with an accident after successfully saving a poor dog that once met with an accident, but only 4-5 hours later. That incident put him into a deep thought. Why was it so difficult to get immediate and genuine help despite being surrounded by way too many animal lovers?

This gave birth to the idea of ‘Let it Wag’.

It is a unique initiative about which connects you to a relevant person/resource in real time and help you do the following:-


For Pet Owners

• Find nearby pet owners

• Make your own local pet community

• Create Pet Events

• Get Events Information


For Adoption

• Find an animal for Adoption nearby

• Get an animal adopted

• Generate an adoption document agreement

For Animal Lovers & Stray Animals

• Rescue Stray Animals

• Find Lactating mother for unfortunate babies

• Find Foster Homes

• Create your local animal lover community

• Raise funds for strays

• Report Animal Abuse

• Find a suitable Transport for Animals to help them reach nearby hospital/vet clinic

• Find a Blood Donor for animals

• Find/report missing animals

• Find nearby vet available in real time



‘Let It Wag’ helps you when help is most needed, in an Emergency. It immediately connects you with nearby area-specific animal lovers in real time for rescue purposes.



The team is ready with a beta version of the app which will help you do the following:


• Connect with nearby animal lovers for stray animal rescue
• Adopt/help someone adopt an animal
• Generate an ‘Adoption Document’ which is a document of understanding between 2 parties- Rehoming Family/Individual and Adopting Family/Individual.
Features in the process:
• Create a local community of animals lovers,
• Find nearby pet owners in your area
• Raise funds for feeding, medical cost, hospital bills, ambulance transportation, etc.
• Find foster homes
• Find a lactating mother
• Find a blood donor for animals
• Find local transport for animals to take them to nearby hospitals/vet clinics
• Find nearby vets
• Report animal abuse
• Report missing animals


 The team is trying to raise a small amount for this platform on Ketto.org. The fundraising campaign is live on www.ketto.org/letitwag, and do check out their video on youtube. It’s time to make a difference for the animal community, and do your bit.

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The Journey to 1,00,000 Customers - Bookchor.com

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2017-09-01

Delivering over 80,000 books across the length and breadth of the Country.

BookChor.com, an online platform to buy second-hand books, reached 100,000 customers this July. Bookchor also targets to double its reader base by the end of the year and add another million titles to its existing 1.5 Lakh titles.BookChor
Bookchor was founded in October 2015 so that readers will never have to scan over the price tag again as they pretend to read the preface. They operate on the belief that the only thing to come between a reader and their next book should be the 5 books they are reading already.  And even though the books are second-hand, they are all in impeccable condition. All their orders go through rigorous quality checks so that there are no broken spines or dog-eared books. BookChor also supports Shubh Foundation, an NGO that supports the education of underprivileged kids, by donating relevant books to them.

Since its inception, BookChor has processed and delivered over 80,000 books to customers. As of now, they have 1.5 lakh titles live on their website and app. Their consumer base spans all the 29 states of the nation as they bring the famed Daryaganj(Delhi) and College Street(Kolkata) online for the readers from other cities as well.

Bookchor is known to make a unique bond with all its readers. They send a personalized sticky note with every order based on user behavior and the accompanying quirky and cute bookmarks are a hot favorite among the readers. They actively participate in book fairs and organize book meets, in order to reach out to their readers and to interact with them, one-on-one basis. Recently, Bookchor launched The School, to provide readers from all over the country, a common online stage to interact and socialize with each other. The School is seeing participation from enthusiastic readers who come together to discuss and review their favorite books and authors, and other book related trivia.

Book Industry is growing at a Compound Annual Growth rate of 19.3% in India. Books account for 15% of the overall e-commerce trade of the country. In this digital age, BookChor promises its readers to have their back for all their reading needs. And they do it over Android, iOS, and Website.



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Fix your Gifting problems with Wishastu

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2017-09-05

India has undergone a massive cultural transition in the last decade with the advent of online shopping be it electronics, apparels or even grocery. The motivation for change came from the convenience in terms of time and effort.

The founders of Wishastu.com took heart from this “incentivized” transition in shopping behavior and took on the challenge of altering the gifting landscape in the country. Wishastu.com is an exclusive Indian platform for individuals to register for gifts for all events in life like Wedding, Birthday, Rakhi, Christmas, House warming, New Born baby etc.

In an exclusive interview with Faad Times, the Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Wishastu.com, Anil Sharma, laid out his vision for the business and challenges ahead:

How did you first think of this unique business concept?

We thought of this about a year back. We did a survey and found out that “disappointment” was a common feeling among the people. In fact, people with kids came forward and said that this could save kids from the heartbreak post every celebration. We knew then that the concept of a Wishlist/Gift Registry was pitch-perfect for the problem at hand.

How did you come with this unorthodox name?

Well, it is a combination of two beautiful words “wish” and “tathastu”. Imagine how happy our life would be only if we could hear tathastu for every wish we ever made.

There is an inevitable question of embarrassment while asking for gifts or even putting pressure on your invitees. From where I see, it is a huge culture shift for our society. Do you think this idea will gain acceptance?

The social norms entail gift for every celebration. Since that is established, the question comes down to what, from where and how much. These are critical questions and result in a lot of anxiety and wastage of time & effort at the invitee’s end. Cash seems convenient, but is impersonal and lacks an attempt at crafting lasting memories.

On the other end of the story are the Hosts who wait with baited breaths for the love and affection of Family & Friends in form of “GIFTS”. They may deny it, but it is true. They do have expectations but they can’t communicate because it is a “taboo” in our society.

We find this conundrum odd. When we all know the entire process, why not make it easy for each other. The simple fix for this is a communication platform. We encourage people to add products to their wish lists as an expression of their interest.

What are some unique features which differentiate you from the competition?

At Wishastu, we are focusing on building an experience for our users. So the first thing we did is to bring mutual Facebook friends on the same platform. Mutual Facebook users on Wishastu may see each other’s public wish list(s) by just clicking on their profile. This is why we have kept our login through Facebook only.

Further, we provide contribution feature which enables invitees to contribute towards expensive gifts thereby improving the quality and usability of the gift.

We are also in the process of developing new features like calendar notifications and direct NGO contributions.

Who is your target user?

Frankly, each and every individual who has a wish is our target user. But to give our marketing effort a clear direction, we are targeting women in the age group of 18-45. Women are more receptive to such ideas and would have their gift requirements figured out most of the time. We expect men to follow women to our website.

What are your immediate plans?

Our objective is simple. We wish to make Gifting fun again and we wish to do it through subtle changes in our habits and perception.

We started with the Wishlist/Gift Registry model and basis our understanding of the market and user behavior, have conceived and put into practice India’s first Gift suggestion service “Gift Expert”. This service allows people to get gift suggestions for their loved ones from our experts, who combine their knowledge with Artifical Intelligence to come up with unique products. We have got very good response on this service.


We are also targeting addition of few more e-tailers within next 2 months, which will give our users more choice in terms of products.


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An Intelligent Influencer Marketplace: Hype Pronto

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2017-09-10

Hype Pronto is an Intelligent Influencer Market Place where Influencers can easily select the sponsorships of brands they would love to work with and monetize their channels along with bonus pack of success metrics, YouTube SEO keywords, real time tracking of their channel and all. So here is an interview with the think tank behind this idea, Mr. Sachin Yadav. 


Q) Why the name Hype pronto and what all is it about?

We wanted a name that relates what we do. Hype pronto means- we create to market your product in the fastest way ever.


Q) What was the motivation behind such an idea?

We have seen the power of influencer marketing as it given ROI of $9.2. A good testimonial from the brand and transaction to an influencer's account it the motivation that keeps us excited and focused.


Q) What is the USP of Hype Pronto?

Hype Pronto helps brands to connect with the right influencers basis on their subscribers geographic and demographics analytics. Hype Pronto also takes care of payments terms with the influencers and we provide the real-time tracking Brand Awareness, engagement, and ROI. 

Running a campaign on Hype Pronto is the just 2-minutes task and you will be getting formulated reports of Brand Awareness, Engagement and ROI  right in your dashboard once you hired the influencer from Hype Pronto. 


Q) Your views on Influence marketing?

Influencer marketing is when a brand partner with the people to create and distribute the content on their behalf. People love people and they love taking the recommendation from the influencers they follow. Influencer marketing is booming all over the world as it leverage us to reach our large number of audiences. We are consuming more digital data than TV ads or traditional advertisement. Influencer marketing gives estimated ROI of $9.2 on every $1 and we are trying to further improve it. 


Q) Your biggest challenge as of now as a startup?

We are without office spaces and good size team. It's tough to pitch big brands. 


Q) What is the problem that you are solving and how far you are successful in that?

74% of marketers find it difficult to hire right influencer and track ROI and 76% of Influencers want to work with Brand directly but they couldn't connect. 

Solution- A transparent and automated platform to find right influencer for your brand, work directly with influencers and to Track awareness, engagement and ROI easily. An influencer can easily track their growth and collaborate with influencers to synergies the revenue.

Traction- 250+ popular influencers, 17 Brands, 4 live campaign and 23 proposals exchange in early 20 days of launch.

Q) Now the idea looks interesting and quite unique, so please tell us about the super awesome team behind this.

We are 3 ordinary people running an extra ordinary startup.

Sachin Yadav- Co-Founder & CEO
Former studentpreneur founded Students Stop and Scholar Iota. Experienced Big Data consultant for 1 year in B3 Digital Solution.

Shahzad Malik- Co- Founder & CTO
Graduated from IIIT Allahabad , Former software engineer of Delhivery 

Ravi Kant Pandey- Co-Founder & COO
Former founder of Students Stop, Worked as Influencer Marketing Affiliates for 1 year.



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Do your bit in giving slum kids a life worthwhile : Support Voice of Slum

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2017-09-12

Voice of Slum is an NGO for slum kids and run by those born in slums who have been through it all and would now like to help other slum kids have a life.


With the help of education centers, they spread awareness among the children and their parents alike. They want to convey, how important the role of education is to enter the mainstream society. In order to connect with them at the base level, they are working along with the slum children who have made a mark coming out of the slum itself. Firstly they connect with them through basic plays, so that they spark an interest and connect with them mentally, so they start listening to us. Then they slowly and gradually start providing them with the basic education basic education.


They aim to teach them for a year and then try to get them instated in schools, regular or open as the need of the hour is. Those who are eighteen and above we help them to get a job by connecting with other non-government.


Voice of slum has started a new batch of 75 kids, so we are in need of various amenities like food and stationery which cost us 1500/- per kid. Apart from this they need a new place to teach these kids and amount to conduct various activities to engage these students. So to carry this initiative forward and not limit it to just some kids, they need your support.


You can visit the campaign at



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