Aapka Times - Architect of golden era of journalism

Posted by Simran Sharma on 2017-10-23

Good Journalism is not just a right, it's not just a privilege but a coherent necessity in a dynamic society.'Of the youth, By the youth, for the youth'. This slogan clearly mentions the vision of ‘Aapka Times’,  a youth-oriented online news portal which covers national affairs with a special focus on news of Indian universities and colleges. Aapka times also provides a tenacious platform for students to nurture their skills in the fields of journalism, content writing, marketing, graphic designing, SEO etc. Recently, they launched the first edition of their printed newspaper.

To reach out to maximum students they are relentlessly working towards partnering in various college fests.They recently partnered with Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), Miranda House, Jamia Hamdard University, Jamia Millia Islamia University, Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women (IGDTUW). Aapka Times also specialises in college merchandise.
They have launched mugs and badges for few colleges. They are also planning to release a range of attractive designs of T-shirts, key rings at reasonable prices for various colleges.This list is endless.

Their network is most effective and efficient and is growing exponentially. Aapka times have chains of reporters that are able to catch campus news expeditiously.They tap news from those subjects that are not touched by others. Aapka Times believes in creating awareness and showing what ethical journalism means. A trusted brand.Hence, there is not just one reason as to why Aapka times is a better player in its field.

With more than 50 campus reporters, social media ambassadors promoting Aapka Times portal on different social media platforms, Aapka Times is a news portal-cum-student network community all around India. Apart from publishing news and articles, they are actively engaged in organizing campaigns on various social affairs.One of their most successful and influential campaigns are - '10 Most Influential Women Student Leaders Awards'.This initiative of felicitating Ten Most Influential Women Student Leaders every year was an attempt to appreciate the increasing formidable presence of women leaders in the political milieu across campuses in the country. This was started in 2016 and was covered by the mainstream media as well. Another one was' Campus Celebrities' where the intention of Aapka Times was to discover and explore the talents and extraordinary achievements of students from across the campuses of India and feature them as Campus Celebrity in order to acknowledge their accomplishments. Many of  Aapka Times Campus Celebrities were invited as TedX speaker and even got recognized at a larger platform after their story got published on Aapka Times. The articles of campus celebrity articles were picked up even by mainstream media including channels like BBC.

Aapka times has been progressing expeditiously.The evidence for the same is its achievements.Aapka Times has been listed in India’s Newspapers Archives “List of Newspapers”. It was also listed by Librly in Indian Newspapers Archives “Indian Newspapers” and in archives of E-Paper catalogue.

The commendation of the success of ‘Aapka Times’ goes to the committed and devoted members of the management team -

Md. Khalid Hasan, Talha Rashid, Asna Azhar, Eisha Ahmad








Urban Ladder - Your Perfect Home Decor Partner.

Posted by Simran Sharma on 2017-10-17

HOME - A place where your heart resides. An abode full of memories, laughter, dreams.

As we evolve, so should our homes. This Diwali transform your house and bring something new.

Yes, you hear it right. This festive season Urban Ladder through its exciting offers makes it possible and affordable for you to give your home a refined, new look. Urban Ladder offers a unique selection of stylish, contemporary, and chic furniture online. Their online furniture range includes sofas, beds, dining tables, TV units, wardrobes, dressing tables, and lots more. is a customer friendly portal where one can browse multiple furniture designs across categories, sort and filter, compare options, easily select and buy the ones they like. The platform also keeps the customers updated about contemporary designs. In every manner, Urban Ladder is reshaping the future of furniture industry. From the time a wave of urbanisation has hit our country, the furniture industry has been booming. Initially furnitures addressed the functional need of the buyers. The buyers were interested in knowing, how the same piece of furniture can be put to multiple uses, but with the advent of time, modern customers have diverted their focus on the looks of the furniture. Customers are not just conscious about the uses, but also the looks of the piece they buy.

Urban Ladder realised this ongoing trends of the demand for furnishings. The company offers customised designs that suit the tastes and styles that are unique to every individual. Not just this, Urban Ladder pays attention to every minute details of the process, from the time the order is placed till it reaches its destination and also afterwards. As an online furniture company, their vision is to provide not just the best of products but also the best of the services.

The brainchild of Ashish Goel and Rajiv Srivatsa, Urban Ladder is now present in across multiple cities. The idea to start Urban Ladder came back in 2012 when both the founders were setting their homes in Bangalore. They faced a lot of hassle in this process and one thing was clear in their mind that there is a need of a platform where good – designed, qualitative, competitively priced furniture is available at the doorstep, without any hassle.From McKinsey to Amar Chitra Katha and to starting up at Urban Ladder; Ashish Goel’s journey bears the sign of being extraordinary. He along with his college friend Rajiv(Co-founder) joined in efforts to make Urban Ladder a reality. Rajiv Srivatsa previously worked with Cognizant and Yahoo.Urban Ladder’s growth is awe- inspiring. The company bagged 'Best Digital Start-Up' Award at the 4th India Digital Awards conducted by Internet and Mobile Association of India. Ashish Goel was voted by the Network 7 Media Group Jury as "Game Changer Entrepreneur of the year" 2016 at Satya Brahma founded the 8th edition of India Leadership Conclave 2016. The online furniture company has already raised $27 million from Kalaari Capital, SAIF Partners and Steadview Capital in the last 3 years. Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus, Tata Group made a personal investment in the company in November 2014.In 2015 the company raised $50 million in series C funding

Rajiv accepted that the technology is the key driver in Urban Ladder’s growth. They took the whole experience of buying furniture from online to the next level by upgrading their catalogue app with a virtual reality feature that enables users to design their homes using the app. One of the major challenges, Urban Ladder initially faced was to create the brand value and build trust among the masses. This problem was addressed with the solutions of product visualisation that has helped the company gain customer’s trust.

Urban Ladder continues to rule the e-commerce furniture industry. Thus the ladder to reach the top of the line home decors is the Urban Ladder



Do your bit in giving slum kids a life worthwhile : Support Voice of Slum

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2017-09-12

Voice of Slum is an NGO for slum kids and run by those born in slums who have been through it all and would now like to help other slum kids have a life.


With the help of education centers, they spread awareness among the children and their parents alike. They want to convey, how important the role of education is to enter the mainstream society. In order to connect with them at the base level, they are working along with the slum children who have made a mark coming out of the slum itself. Firstly they connect with them through basic plays, so that they spark an interest and connect with them mentally, so they start listening to us. Then they slowly and gradually start providing them with the basic education basic education.


They aim to teach them for a year and then try to get them instated in schools, regular or open as the need of the hour is. Those who are eighteen and above we help them to get a job by connecting with other non-government.


Voice of slum has started a new batch of 75 kids, so we are in need of various amenities like food and stationery which cost us 1500/- per kid. Apart from this they need a new place to teach these kids and amount to conduct various activities to engage these students. So to carry this initiative forward and not limit it to just some kids, they need your support.


You can visit the campaign at




An Intelligent Influencer Marketplace: Hype Pronto

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2017-09-10

Hype Pronto is an Intelligent Influencer Market Place where Influencers can easily select the sponsorships of brands they would love to work with and monetize their channels along with bonus pack of success metrics, YouTube SEO keywords, real time tracking of their channel and all. So here is an interview with the think tank behind this idea, Mr. Sachin Yadav. 


Q) Why the name Hype pronto and what all is it about?

We wanted a name that relates what we do. Hype pronto means- we create to market your product in the fastest way ever.


Q) What was the motivation behind such an idea?

We have seen the power of influencer marketing as it given ROI of $9.2. A good testimonial from the brand and transaction to an influencer's account it the motivation that keeps us excited and focused.


Q) What is the USP of Hype Pronto?

Hype Pronto helps brands to connect with the right influencers basis on their subscribers geographic and demographics analytics. Hype Pronto also takes care of payments terms with the influencers and we provide the real-time tracking Brand Awareness, engagement, and ROI. 

Running a campaign on Hype Pronto is the just 2-minutes task and you will be getting formulated reports of Brand Awareness, Engagement and ROI  right in your dashboard once you hired the influencer from Hype Pronto. 


Q) Your views on Influence marketing?

Influencer marketing is when a brand partner with the people to create and distribute the content on their behalf. People love people and they love taking the recommendation from the influencers they follow. Influencer marketing is booming all over the world as it leverage us to reach our large number of audiences. We are consuming more digital data than TV ads or traditional advertisement. Influencer marketing gives estimated ROI of $9.2 on every $1 and we are trying to further improve it. 


Q) Your biggest challenge as of now as a startup?

We are without office spaces and good size team. It's tough to pitch big brands. 


Q) What is the problem that you are solving and how far you are successful in that?

74% of marketers find it difficult to hire right influencer and track ROI and 76% of Influencers want to work with Brand directly but they couldn't connect. 

Solution- A transparent and automated platform to find right influencer for your brand, work directly with influencers and to Track awareness, engagement and ROI easily. An influencer can easily track their growth and collaborate with influencers to synergies the revenue.

Traction- 250+ popular influencers, 17 Brands, 4 live campaign and 23 proposals exchange in early 20 days of launch.

Q) Now the idea looks interesting and quite unique, so please tell us about the super awesome team behind this.

We are 3 ordinary people running an extra ordinary startup.

Sachin Yadav- Co-Founder & CEO
Former studentpreneur founded Students Stop and Scholar Iota. Experienced Big Data consultant for 1 year in B3 Digital Solution.

Shahzad Malik- Co- Founder & CTO
Graduated from IIIT Allahabad , Former software engineer of Delhivery 

Ravi Kant Pandey- Co-Founder & COO
Former founder of Students Stop, Worked as Influencer Marketing Affiliates for 1 year.




Fix your Gifting problems with Wishastu

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2017-09-05

India has undergone a massive cultural transition in the last decade with the advent of online shopping be it electronics, apparels or even grocery. The motivation for change came from the convenience in terms of time and effort.

The founders of took heart from this “incentivized” transition in shopping behavior and took on the challenge of altering the gifting landscape in the country. is an exclusive Indian platform for individuals to register for gifts for all events in life like Wedding, Birthday, Rakhi, Christmas, House warming, New Born baby etc.

In an exclusive interview with Faad Times, the Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of, Anil Sharma, laid out his vision for the business and challenges ahead:

How did you first think of this unique business concept?

We thought of this about a year back. We did a survey and found out that “disappointment” was a common feeling among the people. In fact, people with kids came forward and said that this could save kids from the heartbreak post every celebration. We knew then that the concept of a Wishlist/Gift Registry was pitch-perfect for the problem at hand.

How did you come with this unorthodox name?

Well, it is a combination of two beautiful words “wish” and “tathastu”. Imagine how happy our life would be only if we could hear tathastu for every wish we ever made.

There is an inevitable question of embarrassment while asking for gifts or even putting pressure on your invitees. From where I see, it is a huge culture shift for our society. Do you think this idea will gain acceptance?

The social norms entail gift for every celebration. Since that is established, the question comes down to what, from where and how much. These are critical questions and result in a lot of anxiety and wastage of time & effort at the invitee’s end. Cash seems convenient, but is impersonal and lacks an attempt at crafting lasting memories.

On the other end of the story are the Hosts who wait with baited breaths for the love and affection of Family & Friends in form of “GIFTS”. They may deny it, but it is true. They do have expectations but they can’t communicate because it is a “taboo” in our society.

We find this conundrum odd. When we all know the entire process, why not make it easy for each other. The simple fix for this is a communication platform. We encourage people to add products to their wish lists as an expression of their interest.

What are some unique features which differentiate you from the competition?

At Wishastu, we are focusing on building an experience for our users. So the first thing we did is to bring mutual Facebook friends on the same platform. Mutual Facebook users on Wishastu may see each other’s public wish list(s) by just clicking on their profile. This is why we have kept our login through Facebook only.

Further, we provide contribution feature which enables invitees to contribute towards expensive gifts thereby improving the quality and usability of the gift.

We are also in the process of developing new features like calendar notifications and direct NGO contributions.

Who is your target user?

Frankly, each and every individual who has a wish is our target user. But to give our marketing effort a clear direction, we are targeting women in the age group of 18-45. Women are more receptive to such ideas and would have their gift requirements figured out most of the time. We expect men to follow women to our website.

What are your immediate plans?

Our objective is simple. We wish to make Gifting fun again and we wish to do it through subtle changes in our habits and perception.

We started with the Wishlist/Gift Registry model and basis our understanding of the market and user behavior, have conceived and put into practice India’s first Gift suggestion service “Gift Expert”. This service allows people to get gift suggestions for their loved ones from our experts, who combine their knowledge with Artifical Intelligence to come up with unique products. We have got very good response on this service.


We are also targeting addition of few more e-tailers within next 2 months, which will give our users more choice in terms of products.



The Journey to 1,00,000 Customers -

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2017-09-01

Delivering over 80,000 books across the length and breadth of the Country., an online platform to buy second-hand books, reached 100,000 customers this July. Bookchor also targets to double its reader base by the end of the year and add another million titles to its existing 1.5 Lakh titles.BookChor
Bookchor was founded in October 2015 so that readers will never have to scan over the price tag again as they pretend to read the preface. They operate on the belief that the only thing to come between a reader and their next book should be the 5 books they are reading already.  And even though the books are second-hand, they are all in impeccable condition. All their orders go through rigorous quality checks so that there are no broken spines or dog-eared books. BookChor also supports Shubh Foundation, an NGO that supports the education of underprivileged kids, by donating relevant books to them.

Since its inception, BookChor has processed and delivered over 80,000 books to customers. As of now, they have 1.5 lakh titles live on their website and app. Their consumer base spans all the 29 states of the nation as they bring the famed Daryaganj(Delhi) and College Street(Kolkata) online for the readers from other cities as well.

Bookchor is known to make a unique bond with all its readers. They send a personalized sticky note with every order based on user behavior and the accompanying quirky and cute bookmarks are a hot favorite among the readers. They actively participate in book fairs and organize book meets, in order to reach out to their readers and to interact with them, one-on-one basis. Recently, Bookchor launched The School, to provide readers from all over the country, a common online stage to interact and socialize with each other. The School is seeing participation from enthusiastic readers who come together to discuss and review their favorite books and authors, and other book related trivia.

Book Industry is growing at a Compound Annual Growth rate of 19.3% in India. Books account for 15% of the overall e-commerce trade of the country. In this digital age, BookChor promises its readers to have their back for all their reading needs. And they do it over Android, iOS, and Website.





Posted by Aditya Arora on 2017-08-30

There are close to a million strays in India. Most of that poor furry animal die because the help couldn't reach on time. There are issues in transporting the injured due to lack of transportation/ambulance for animals.  The NGOs and Animal Welfare have limited capacity and are scattered as well, due to which it is becoming very difficult for any person to help the strays in distress.

Let it wag is the future towards building a community who have shared love for animals and are willing to connect with alike people for the cause.

Yash Sheth started this initiative after saving a dog that once met with an accident after successfully saving a poor dog that once met with an accident, but only 4-5 hours later. That incident put him into a deep thought. Why was it so difficult to get immediate and genuine help despite being surrounded by way too many animal lovers?

This gave birth to the idea of ‘Let it Wag’.

It is a unique initiative about which connects you to a relevant person/resource in real time and help you do the following:-


For Pet Owners

• Find nearby pet owners

• Make your own local pet community

• Create Pet Events

• Get Events Information


For Adoption

• Find an animal for Adoption nearby

• Get an animal adopted

• Generate an adoption document agreement

For Animal Lovers & Stray Animals

• Rescue Stray Animals

• Find Lactating mother for unfortunate babies

• Find Foster Homes

• Create your local animal lover community

• Raise funds for strays

• Report Animal Abuse

• Find a suitable Transport for Animals to help them reach nearby hospital/vet clinic

• Find a Blood Donor for animals

• Find/report missing animals

• Find nearby vet available in real time



‘Let It Wag’ helps you when help is most needed, in an Emergency. It immediately connects you with nearby area-specific animal lovers in real time for rescue purposes.



The team is ready with a beta version of the app which will help you do the following:


• Connect with nearby animal lovers for stray animal rescue
• Adopt/help someone adopt an animal
• Generate an ‘Adoption Document’ which is a document of understanding between 2 parties- Rehoming Family/Individual and Adopting Family/Individual.
Features in the process:
• Create a local community of animals lovers,
• Find nearby pet owners in your area
• Raise funds for feeding, medical cost, hospital bills, ambulance transportation, etc.
• Find foster homes
• Find a lactating mother
• Find a blood donor for animals
• Find local transport for animals to take them to nearby hospitals/vet clinics
• Find nearby vets
• Report animal abuse
• Report missing animals


 The team is trying to raise a small amount for this platform on The fundraising campaign is live on, and do check out their video on youtube. It’s time to make a difference for the animal community, and do your bit.


Surge Of The Taxi Moguls: Is Ola Rising Above the Ranks?

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2017-08-12

With the increasing number of population, day by day it is becoming back-breaking to travel by road especially in metropolitan cities. 

Amidst your day to day struggle when you can get to travel in a cab that is much more comfortable why would someone prefer taking local transports?

One such startup which aims at providing a pleasant travelling experience for its customers is OLA.

ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd., operating under the trade name Ola operates an online marketplace for booking car rentals in India. Ola initially started off as, a website that offered package weekend trips. Ola Cabs was founded on 3 December 2010 by Bhavish Aggarwal, currently CEO, and Ankit Bhati. 

OLA incorporates city transportation for customers and driver partners onto a mobile technology platform. Their services provide the customers affordable AC cabs on the Ola Micro range, superior luxury offering from Ola Lux as well as localized offerings like the ubiquitous Auto-rickshaws to Shuttle buses for the daily commute.  This service was started on a trial basis in Bangalore in 2014 and has now been expanded to Chennai, Delhi etc. after the trial proved effectual.

And now, Ola is India's fastest start-up to enter the Unicorn Club. The company has expanded to a network of more than 600,000 vehicles across 110 cities. 

In November 2014, Ola diversified to incorporate autos on trial basis in Bangalore. Soon after this, Ola Auto expanded to other cities like Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata.In March 2015, OlaCabs acquired Bangalore based taxi service TaxiForSure for about $US200 million. By November 2015, Ola had acquired Geotagg, a trip-planning applications company, for an undisclosed sum to strengthen its new bus-shuttle service. Ola provides a varied range of services, ranging from economic to luxury travel. The mobile app and the service accept both cash and cashless payments with Ola money. OlaCabs claims to clock an average of more than 150,000 bookings per day and commands 60% of the market share in India.

With the emerging use of digital money nowadays for making and receiving payments, the option of cashless payment using the Ola Money facility has helped this company gain more and happier customers. The company has quite a humble customer care service.

Despite being appreciated consistently, there are a few loopholes in the services of OlaCabs which at times disappoints the expectations of its customers. Through customer reviews, it is found that the company requires authorizing better trained and professional drivers. The cabs are affordable usually but when peak rates hit it gets quite expensive.

In comparison with other budding cab services running in India, OLA is slightly cheaper. Especially against its competitive cab service, Uber, which is relatively expensive. Ola also has few issues with maps and pin location but this problem doesn’t occur in Uber. The payment mode is pretty much uncomplicated in OLA whereas, with Uber, you need to initially provide credit card information which, to a certain extent complicates the procedure of signing up.

Start-ups are a heart of innovation and they help in accelerating employment opportunities. They are a contribution in country’s main economy stream helping form a better and strong economy. With more and more start-ups India can aspire to be the world leader in skilled work and not just an outsourcing destination for cheap IT services. 


Startupoid : Turning Dreams Into Realities

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2017-07-02

Well, a lot of problems with the Startup community largely goes unaddressed. One of the problems being of Resource Allocation and Mobilisation. Resources still need to be mobilised so that Startups can effectively utilise these resources.


Startupoid acts as a catalyst in helping start-ups to survive and grow through the difficult early stages of development. They are a very young organisation creating a space where startups can breed and grow without any bounds. That being said, they have their own, unique, and innovative ways to promote entrepreneurship to its fullest. Let us see how they are cutting the shaft and creating a difference.


One thing that differentiates this startup from any others is that there are unique case studies available on the website, that are real life problems faced by startups in their journey. This helps beginners gain insight into already established startups. Also, Startupoid has a forum where anyone from a beginner to a professional can post their queries and get them cleared by investors, capitalists, marketing professionals and other experts. Also, soon they’ll be coming up with some free courses and mentorship programs.


The man behind all the fuzz is Yugansh Chokra, Founder & CEO of Startupoid and ShopNani. He is currently pursuing Engineering from NSIT, Delhi. Yugansh is an 18 years old tech geek, worked with Microsoft in 2012, started his first venture in the same year. Honoured with Young Scientist India award, Blogger of the year (Rising Star) award 2016, Yugansh believes in changing the world with the help of technology.


One will find a variety startups throughout the world in the network of Startupoid, and you’ll see startups of Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and all others. The step ahead for Startupoid certainly lies in enhancing the reach and Startups available on the Platform. For the same, they are currently in talks with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard Business School, University of California (Both Los Angeles and Berkley campus), Boston University, Melbourne University, Wharton School of Business, IIT Bombay etc. 


Why Product Development is Crucial For Startups?

Posted by Reemakohli on 2017-06-24

Beginning from scratch,  Product Development includes various stages like idea generation, brainstorming efficient ways that would help in bringing a product to life. A blueprint or layout of the whole plan makes things clearer and helps in working on the right path. 

In order to make maximum profit out of our product, we need to point out its MVPs and market the product based on them.

Fundraising on the basis of  MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) is always a plus point during the initial stages of any start-up.

Once we settled with the initial phase, the next thing that follows is regarding its expansion as no one likes being settled with just the basics in hands. 

Our analysis of trending market requirement and proper performance optimisations of each sector is crucial for smooth working and greater marketing of the product. 

Keeping pace with developing technology and consumer usability is another key to the development of any project. Matching steps with the greater technology is never a bad idea. User security to maintain the privacy of each user against data leaks is mandatory in today's world where cyber crimes are on an increase. We as creators should be aware of all this at any given point of time and must keep up with the architectural improvements for scalability including all the aspects that include our project.

A regular technological audit and a check on security improvement along with the compliance of sign-up data would definitely help in smooth functioning and development.


Why Choose Entrepreneurship Over Any Other Job?

Posted by ABHISHEK MISHRA on 2017-06-16

Get the job offered by a big company, get a good salary and go to work for 8 hours five or six days a week. Your family is happy, and you end your days in the same way as most of the average people do.

Let us go back a little, you had a second option too. You had an idea, an idea that could revolutionize the business industry. But why would you follow a path full of thorns when you have the luxury of good salary flowing into your accounts every month? Let me tell you one thing, as time passes that idea inside your brain will make you uncomfortable. Your daily job won't be able to satisfy you. Your idea will haunt you until you leave your job and start working on your idea. That is when you think of starting a startup. As Edison said,"THE VALUE OF AN IDEA LIES IN USING IT". 

The startup ecosystem in India is just about to revolutionize the Indian economy. So I guess there can be no better time than this to start exploring your idea and making it count. The path to startups is difficult but let me tell why you need to start your own startup if you want your idea to come true. 

1) FREEDOM OF DECISION- Since it is your startup, you are the captain of this ship. You will decide the course of its journey. Although you will have many good advisors helping you at every step, your own decision will be the final one. You will be responsible for the sinking and sailing of this ship. You will be your own boss. Sounds quite cool, but do not get the wrong notion. Remember the words of Peter Parker's UncleBen,"With great powers comes great responsibility". 

2) SATISFACTION -  After working the whole day for your job you easily get tired. You want to work no more. But you will be amazed to find that even if you work 24 hrs for your own startup, you won't get tired. The only feeling you get after working hard all day is the blissful feeling of satisfaction. This is the satisfaction that you can never achieve if you work for a random company just for money. Your dedication for the work washes away every bit of tiredness you may feel. 

3) GOVERNMENT SCHEMES- India is flooding with opportunities in every sector these days. The Government of India has launched the STARTUP INDIA STANDUP INDIA  initiative which will help budding startups throughout India with its various schemes. 

* Fast tracking of patent applications. 

* Tax exemptions on capital gains. 


4) Solving public problems-The success of a startup is not measured by the money it makes, rather by the number of people it is able to serve. Money is the by-product. Most of the startups are targeted towards solving a particular problem.That Problem can be a public one ( like safe sanitary toilets) or a targeted one ( like helping startups with PR). 

5) A Tale to Tell -  To have sailed successfully out of the storm of competitors and rough market is no work of an amateur. It requires great dedication and hard work to convert your startup into a well established  business.Your journey of an entrepreneur is like of a hard - fought warrior with amazing wars to glorify and triumph. 

Entrepreneurship, though a tougher profession, has it's own ways of pros and cons. It depends on how you perceive it, and which one you take? But never let that idea die. 



Coworking Places: Is It A Growth Enabler For Startups?

Posted by Piyush8642 on 2017-06-14

The term coworking defines a style of work that involves a shared working environment and other independent activities.


A type of environment is created at a particular place with coffee or its substitutes. Coworking has made work life easy for millions of people doing their office work at home, or at coffee shops because both the places aren't made to do office work. 


 Coworking spaces were organized created where people can go and do their work with peace. Usually, these places have an electric environment that the energetic and excited occupants bring to space. These are especially shared working spaces offering a suite of office like amenities such as hot-desks, private meeting rooms, kitchens, coffee or tea and more. Occupants typically working there are freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and small teams. There are various options of rent payment(daily or on monthly basis) and membership costs also differ, based on whether you use a shared desk or a dedicated one.


Now how are they benefitting startups is a different game altogether. Do look at the following pointers to know why: 


1. Coworking spaces are an elegant opportunity for start-ups as these spaces are based on daily rent and start-ups can save their money. These spaces also provide the services of an Internet connection, an address for your contracts, or providing a professionally looking place for your business meetings.


2. When one is working amongst a diverse group of people, then motivation often comes through. The environment, music, coffee, also provides a lively atmosphere to the whole setup.


3.    Coworking spaces surround you with experts, as coworking spaces are full of people with expertise knowledge ranging from marketing to HR, law to software. All people from varied backgrounds are available under one roof for any kind of support. 


Below are some of the coworking places, in and around Delhi:


1. myHQ coworking

Location: Barcelos, Hauz Khas Village, 1st Floor, Building 2, Near Ogaan. Village, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, Delhi 110016


2. Innov8 coworking

Location: Regal Building, 69, Hanuman Road Area, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001


3. Stirring minds

Location: 2-A/3, Kundan Mansion, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi, Delhi 110002


4. Delhi co.

Location:125, Second Floor, Shahpur Jat, Siri Fort, New Delhi, Delhi 110049


5. ONE co. Work

Location: 125, Second Floor, Shahpur Jat, Siri Fort, New Delhi, Delhi 110049


6. CoworkIn Lajpat

Location: 22A, Ring Rd, Lajpat Nagar IV, New Delhi, Delhi 110024


7. One co. Work NSP

Location: D Mall New Delhi, Delhi 110034, 605, Netaji Subhash Marg, Pitampura, Delhi, 110034


8. Cowork Delhi

Location: 101, Pratap Nagar, Khudi Ram Bose Marg, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110091


9. Cercles

Location: T-2 Back Lane Deer Park, Hauz Khas Village, Deer Park, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, Delhi 110016


10. CoworkIn GK2

Location: W129, Greater Kailash 2, New Delhi, DL 110048, India, New Delhi, Delhi 110048


11. Mstoic Tech park

Location: D-453, Sector 7 Dwarka, Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi 110077

12. Startup tunnel

Location: D 57, 100 Feet Rd, Pocket D, Dr Ambedkar Colony, Chhattarpur, New Delhi, Delhi 110030


14. 91springboard okhla

Location: E-43/1, Okhla Phase II, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110020


15. The studio

Location: E block Kalkaji, Kalkaji, New Delhi


16. Investopad

Location: C-19, Outer Ring Rd, Safdarjung Development Area, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, Delhi 110016





Content Marketing -A Magical Wand For Startups

Posted by Ashi murarka on 2017-06-10

Your startup is just getting off the ground and not many people are familiar with you. No matter how innovative and awesome a product is, you won't have any customers if they aren't aware of your product.  Today's world is more customer-focused than ever before and marketing in the initial phase of the startup is pretty hard. A major chunk of capital is spent on product development and there are other operational expenses too. Creating engaging content and its effective marketing are a great vehicle for having sway over the audience.

As per a research conducted by the custom content council, 90% of organisations market with content and on an average marketer spend 25%  of their budget on content marketing. Isn't that great?

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic approach to providing your audience with valuable information for creating brand awareness, trust and build a meaningful relationship. Content includes, among other things:

o Blogs and article postings

o Social media posts

o Email newsletters

o Infographics

o Videos

o Images

o Ebooks

o Tutorials

o FAQs

But why content marketing?

Why would any business invest in an activity that takes time and considerable resources?

When any startup aims to educate, engage and encourage immediate participation among the audience in an effective, inexpensive and controllable manner, content marketing comes in. Good content sells.

  • Cost effective: It costs 60%  less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.  It can do wonders for startups going ninja with less expenditure on marketing.


  • Builds brand equity: your content is your voice, your opinion. Studies show that more than 80%  of consumers feel more positive about a business through online written content.


  • Better than traditional advertisingin this age of social media, good content has a chance of being seen and read throughout the world.Statistics show, more than 70% of people would rather learn about a company through articles than expensive newspapers and tv ads.


  • Builds relationships: helps to stay connected with the past, present and potential customers, partners and employees.

How to make content more engaging?

Engaging content is anything which attracts the reader’s attention instantly and it is good for your audience as well as fruitful for your business. Creating content is never enough. Content should be rather "Evergreen"(which never gets old). This ensures good traffic for a longer time period. A content will be good only if it's useful to the user. Therefore, to attract a large and the right audience, a startup should always follow not only basic but unique methods.

§ Know your audience persona - deciding who you want to create content for is a crucial factor in the content marketing. Know your audience and find out what they are interested in. Just target the right people and continue building your trust with them. Identify what type of content is liked and shared by them.

§ Decide your goals-  develop a strategy for how you are going to crack into social media. Establish the goals and then work for them. Decide what you want to achieve out of your content.

§ Use attractive tools- use engaging headlines, proper formatting tools, and more eye -catching infographics.

§ Scheduled content postings- should invest in monthly calendar and make postings according to a set schedule rather than daily posts.

Social media has changed the world. With billion of photos, posts, content shared every day, we are progressing at higher speeds than ever before.

Therefore, content marketing can act as a magical wand and can do wonders if used effectively.



The Truth And Myths Of startup Valuations

Posted by ABHISHEK MISHRA on 2017-06-10

Startups are the new trend for young India. With new startups budding all around the country, India has developed a great ecosystem for startups. Funding is the backbone of this ecosystem in India. Many startups pop up every day with new ideas. It becomes quite a hectic task for the investors to decide which startups they should invest in. Investors expect a good amount of return during company exit. So one needs to have a good valued startup in order to grab the attention of investors. But how can you increase the value of your startup?

In the words of SAM ALTMAN," You can create value with breakthrough innovations, incremental refinement and complex coordination. Great companies often do two of these but the very best do all three". 

There was a time when entrepreneurs projected fake valuations in front of investors to get funds and later on failed in their venture. The time has changed now. New methods have been introduced estimate the value of a startup. The focus is shifting from guesswork to a methodological way.  The valuation is not as exact as that of a mature business but it is a lot better than guesswork. It gives quite a sound estimate of the startup's value. There are many good startup valuation methods but they are never 100% accurate. They may give you an idea about the future of the startup but it can not be relied upon. Some of the good valuation methods are listed below-






Many factors help in deciding the value of a startup-

1)STATUS- A good status in running a business helps an entrepreneur to get a high value for his new startups. According to WARREN BUFFET " It takes 20 years to build a good reputation and only 5 minutes to ruin it". Since you can't build a good reputation by what you are going to do, a good status in business handling will provide a high value to your startup. 

2)CUSTOMERS- The success of a startup is decided by the number of customers who use the services provided by the startup. More the customers more is the value of the startup. "The customer's perception is your reality". A good customer base is really important for high valuation of the company. 

3) TREND- The startup set in a trendy sector attracts a lot of investors. Such sectors are full of untapped ideas and opportunities. The latest trend these days is AI and MACHINE LEARNING. Many startups have started to pop up in these sectors. Startups such AIndra, BRAINSOFT and Fluid Al have come into action in India. These startups have tapped into this trendy sector and have achieved quite a good valuation. 

4)COMPETITION - A lot of competition in the sector tends to decrease the interest of the investors. A lot of competition hinders the growth of both the competing parties. It is very rare that a startup does better than a well-established company of a particular sector. So the investors really don't have a choice. Thus a unique idea is sure to get a good value for the startup and thus getting a good investment. 

It may seem that a high valuation is must to attract investors. Valuations are important but not enough. Being passionate about your plan and company helps in convincing the angel investors about the worth of your company. You must convince the investors that you will do everything in your power to make the startup successful. High valuations during seed rounds make it very difficult to achieve good valuation during other funding rounds. So these values must not be relied upon. These are mere approximations which provide an idea about the future of the startup, not the future itself.


Good valuations just help startup owners to carve out a good plan to ensure the success of the startup. It helps the owner to evaluate how much company he should sell to investors so that he may get enough investments for his startup. High expectation is the result of high valuation. This creates a rift between investors and owners because such expectations of growth rarely come true. Thus Valuations are not the cornerstone of a successful startup, they are necessary but the fate of startup does not depend on these mere approximations. 



Hire The Right People And The Rest Will Fall Into Place

Posted by Ashi murarka on 2017-06-07

Usually, when we think of startups, we think of two or more business enthusiasts working in a small cubicle, a mind blowing business idea with a well-planned business model, raising funds, closing deals, doing sales, making profits and the key to success is in their hands. That's it?  Is the task complete?

But, what about the team? Undoubtedly the founders are crucial, but the success of the start-ups often rest as much on the remainder of the founding team.The team of dreamers or idealists that grow with the company, the small group of first wave employees whom a founder is going to want around for a long time and who will wear lots of hats. Startups come and go for a lot of reasons, but a lot of good ideas fail because the founding team fails to take into consideration the ‘people factor’. For building a business from scratch, you need exceptional people to achieve your goals.

A Recent study from Rotman school of management reveals that

If you have experienced employees who have worked together for a long time it will boost a spin out's ability to start quickly and operate smoothly. They will be able to really hit the ground running”, the authors say.

For a startup to be successful, it needs to influence the large market quickly. Startups have to be customer-centric for which they need an adapting team to evolve with the needs of customers. Employees of the startups are those passionate breeds of people who has the vision and commitment to see a company through to success. They not only share the entrepreneurial flair of the founder but also focus on crucial operational areas such as research and development. People willing to work with a startup are not ‘business people', rather they are dreamers.

They are loyal:  A startup is a bumpy roller-coaster ride and right, loyal employee don't give up in the midst of obstacles. They don't consider it as a job, but feel as it's their ‘own startup'.

They work hard: there are always new priorities and shifting targets and not everyone can handle that. Therefore a right employee should be proactive, responsible and problem-solving who is able to work in a dynamic work environment.

Opportunities, not money: for right employees, mission and vision are more important than monetary compensation. Because they know that due to budget constraints, most startups can't afford to pay well at the beginning. They look for opportunities and experience rather than money.

Therefore, it's necessary for a startup to pick up great team members, then develop and invest in them. Provide them with an environment they can flourish in. It's not always easy to do so, but it's absolutely the most likely factor that is going to determine startup's success or failure. Right persons act as the catalyst for growing the company in the same way as underperformers can act as hampers to the company's growth.

Backed by the vision of Steve Jobs and the hard work of a team, Apple went on to become the biggest technology company.

It's rightly said - Not innovation, but implementation matters


People + execution = success.











The Startup Revolution: Why Startups are taking over Business?

Posted by Ashi murarka on 2017-06-05

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy and this is no different when it comes to startups in the tech industry. India has truly become a ‘start-up nation' since 2010.The Indian technology startup landscape has seen a tremendous growth which has resulted in so many exciting and Ground-breaking innovations since the dawn of the technology boom. Every single app that we have ever used started out as a basic concept or idea put into motion by an EAGER ENTREPRENEUR. 

In recent years, startup ecosystem has come into its own- driven by factors such as evolving technology, massive funding from angel investors, expanding customer base and a burgeoning domestic market.

This emerging number of startups are certainly not a passing trend; in fact, it's a revolution.  And it's going to change the way markets are working in India.

At this point, it becomes necessary to highlight what a start-up is. In simple terms, a startup is a young venture or a company that is just beginning to develop. They are infants in a large market pool initially financed and operated by a handful of founders or one individual. These young companies have a product or service to offer that is not currently being offered anywhere else in the market or being offered in an inferior manner. Many people use startup and business interchangeably while referring to any organization providing goods and services. The truth is there is a significant difference between startups and small business ventures in terms of growth, funding, target market etc.


The most notable difference between both comes in the way they think about growth.Start-ups are designed to grow fast and rapidly. Startup founders plan and design their product in such a way that will attract a large market. They focus on scaling the business and growing it quickly. For most businesses, this is not a case. They don't require a big market. They just require a market and to be able to reach and serve all those within the market. 

Their main focus is to keep existing clients happy and then look for new clients. This is the reason most of the startups are tech startups as they can easily reach out to a large number of people. In comparison to traditional business ventures, startups are expected to grow rapidly at a rate of between 5% and 7% per week.

For example, a person opens a tea shop in a local market. This is a 


But when it decides to disrupt a large market with a different business model as chaayos, it becomes a startup.

A businessman starts earning from the very first day because they already have enough experience on how to make money, whereas startup founders not only struggles to prove their business model but also do so quickly. In fact, in the initial days, expense exceeds the revenue. It may take startups years to generate a profit.

Not only in terms of growth and market, startups also differ from business in respect of funding. Acquiring funds from potential investors is a difficult task for any organization. Startups seek funding differently than most business operations. Angel investors or venture capital firms play an active role in startup funding. These angel investors not only provide funds, but also advice the entrepreneurs as they are the persons taking bigger risks. A small business obtains funds as loans and grants from banks and other financial institutions.

Thus a startup is a temporarily unstable organization whose founders have a next big idea that will shake up the industry, replacing it with the stability and profitability of a business.




Effective Branding For Startups

Posted by Reemakohli on 2017-06-03

In the world full of choices and varieties, we chase quality and quantity every day. The competition is high and one has to make the product to be a soulmate. But what is the underlying value of a product in the eyes of people at large?

The single question that comes to mind for this is, "How do you develop a brand?"


A lot of energy, time, patience, money and hardwork is what one needs.


For any business it is very important to build a good customer experience.

The first thing that attracts the audience is the LOGO, the name of your brand comes second for visual media and vice versa for auditory. It shows your vision for progression.


If the heart of your company is the logo, then the face of your company is the name of the company, the hands being the name of the company, the lungs being the quality of the product form in that company. 


To conclude one can infer that, "Branding is one of the important aspects of any business." With increased competition due to globalization and growth of the domestic market, product enhancement has become a key towards effective branding. Following are some of the indicators that highlight the same:

*Versality and good quality standard of product.

* The templates should be designed properly.

* There should be a CATCHY TAGLINE.

* ATTRACTIVE COLOURS should be used.

* YOU should be the first buyers of your OWN PRODUCT.

* A promise for LONGEVITY.

* A POSITIVE ATTITUDE towards your product. 

* Loyalty towards your product and consumers.



- Branding enhances the chances for startups to put their feet in the mud with low force. However, more opportunity exposes to competition. Product enhancement and continuous branding, therefore, becomes the need of the hour in order to ensure that product never goes out of the market.



The Competition Where No One Loses- B-Plan Competitions

Posted by ABHISHEK MISHRA on 2017-06-02

Have you ever thought of being your own boss? Sounds quite easy, all you need to do is set up your own startup. Well, it's not that easy. A mountain of difficulties awaits you in the path. Why is it so much difficult to start a startup? The biggest hurdle is the lack of proper funding. Most people give up their dreams due to lack of funding. Despite good funding, some startups fail due to poor planning and decision making.


Do not worry my friends. No lock ever comes without a key. B-plan competition is the master key. It solves all the problems faced by young entrepreneurs and visionaries. Held all across the globe, b-plan competitions help the startups in following ways-



The entrepreneur collects all his rough ideas and distills them to form a proper plan. A deadline ensures that he puts all his efforts to make a plan which can attract most investors.



Win or lose such competitions ensure some benefits. You get great networking opportunities in such competitions. You meet some of the most successful entrepreneurs. They can guide you through any difficult situation. Competitions like MIDWEST CLEAN-TECH OPEN provide multiple benefits-

Networking opportunity

Entrepreneurial training programs with lectures

Good  mentors



The best part is the funding. RICE B-PLAN COMPETITION is the world's richest b-plan competition. It provides a total funding of $1.3 million. MIT CLEAN ENERGY provides a total funding of $200000. TATA SOCIAL ENTERPRISE CHALLENGE(TSEC) leads India's b-plan competitions. It is organised by the TATA group along with IIM-C. Top 3 winners get Rs.2 lakh each along with incubation. EUREKA, by IIT Mumbai, provides prizes worth Rs.5 million and incubation opportunities.



Now comes pitching, the toughest part of the competition. The perfect art of pitching consists of the following steps-

 Filtering the best part of your ideas.

 Present them to the judges in the best possible way within a certain time limit.

 The pitching should be sound enough to attract maximum investors.

 B-plan competitions provide you with many such pitching opportunities.


Although it is difficult to win such competitions, there is nothing to worry about. If your idea is good enough, it will get the desired attention and support. Most of the stereotypes which benefited from these competitions were not the winners. AKAMAI did not win the competition,  but it got them enough support of the customers and investors. TUBEMOGUL won the BERKELEY b-plan competition. DIRECT HIT won the 1998 MIT $50K competition. Thus B-plan competitions are very helpful for the startups. Both the winning and losing party have something to gain from these competitions.


Manage your schedules and tasks effectively - Global BizHub

Posted by Anchal Dobriyal on 2017-05-29

It is a general human tendency to forget things. However, it is acceptable to a level which doesn’t affect you majorly. 

But when it comes to important meetings, closing big deals or simply wishing someone who stays in a foreign land on their birthday? There is a big problem that arises.


 Tackling the age old problem, Global BizHub is a mobile application which helps you solve such problems by enabling you to set reminders according to the different clocks around the world. It majorly aims at bringing ease to people who deal with hectic schedules involving international trade every day and are frequent international travellers.


This application also helps people to learn more about the world which can, in turn, boost globalisation and enhance the knowledge of its users. The app lets people set reminders for different locations of the world, from any random location that they are present at and also brings latest business updates of the world.  Global Bizhub also provides basic details of any country with its trending news along with its location on the globe.


It then lets you set local reminders in seconds with an option to remind you 'AT' a particular time or 'AFTER' a certain time period.


Ms Rashi Jain, the founder of Global BizHub, says that she was introduced to the concept of international business a long time ago when she was herself working for a firm that was a part of international trade. There, she had to deal with problems like remembering country details and prices, frequent time calculations, knowing of the latest economic updates of the country that she was dealing with.


 Followed by this epiphany, she came up with the idea of a mobile application that could help solve such problems. After numerous discussions with her family and other people who deal in imports and exports on a regular basis, she felt the need to put this idea of hers into action. Her father agreed to invest in her idea due to its comprehensiveness and practicality.


 During the development of the application, the team came across a lot of obstacles, most of them relating to technical issues. They were initially able to launch only the Android version of the application due to unavailability of coders to write the code for its iOS version. Due to this reason, they had to take a break between the launch of both the versions.


Another struggle where Rashi had no one to help her was to market the idea. She took the challenge herself and somehow succeeded in learning about various ways in which she could make landing pages and also managed the application’s social media handles. 


Overcoming a lot of challenges, Global Bizhub has put its work across, which they always wanted to.



eLaundry - The One Point Solution For All Your Laundry And Dry Cleaning Needs

Posted by Anchal Dobriyal on 2017-05-18


A major chunk of the laundry market of India remains untapped. Laundry and dry cleaning services are in huge demand. Especially in the urban areas where people are busy with their hectic lives and do not find the time to take care of their household chores.

What better of an opportunity could have been grabbed other than catering to the needs of such a market?


eLaundry is a convenience provider, specializing in on-demand laundry and dry cleaning services. It provides laundry and dry cleaning services using the mobile app, phone call or even a simple What’s App on 9975715336. It enables you to select your range of choices on the different services that they offer.

They are operational all over Mumbai and have processed over 50,000 pieces in the past one year. The eLaundry app is the only app in the laundry section which is rated 4.4 on Play Store.

They began about 18 months back with a model where individuals could determine their requirements on their website and get the best value suited to them. They upgraded their plan of action twice and now eLaundry gives its customers a larger number of services other than laundry and dry cleaning. It takes complete responsibility of your garments and guarantees timely pickup, handling, and on-time delivery at your convenient time and place.

There are a number of issues which can be tackled in the clothing industry that they focus on, including:

• On-demand Service - They provide services according to your time and convenience, unlike the local dhobis who serve according to their own will and wish.

• Quality - They wash your clothes in Laundromats, which are operated by trained staff. It ensures that your delicate clothing is taken care of.

• Assurance - They provide a guarantee of treating your garments that need special care, with utmost concern.

• Packaging - The packaging is as good as new, so your clothes remain crisp and clean.

• Pricing - They claim to have the best offering as far as cost and quality are concerned.


The USP for eLaundry is that it is the only company in India which provides all types of laundry and dry cleaning services (one can think of) under one roof. These services include Laundry, Dry Cleaning, Bridal Wear Cleaning and maintenance, Shoe Repair and Spa, Sofa Spa, Carpet/Mattress Cleaning, Toys Cleaning, Bags Repair and Cleaning and Leather products cleaning and maintenance.

Also, their prices are one-fourth of the prices of laundry chains around you and equal to or lower than those of the local dhobi's.

When they decided to work on laundry, they wanted a simple, relatable and easy to remember name. “eLaundry” was simple, easy to remember and the name spoke for itself.

Mr. Ratan Tata and Mr. Vijay Shekhar Sharma have been idols for the members of eLaundry because of their vision, business ethics, and determination and perseverance.


“I Don't Believe In Taking Right Decisions, I Take Decisions And Then Make Them Right.”

                                                                                             -Ratan Tata


They started very small, covering a few regions of South Mumbai. Initially, it was tough to convince people to use their service as they were not accepting and were comparing the prices with local dhobis and the quality with other laundry chains. This problem not only helped them in improving their offerings but also made them aware of who their primary customers were.


Since the laundry sector is a huge sector which is growing by 15 % year on year, they decide on starting operations soon in another city as well.

eLaundry claims that 3 years from now they will expand across the top 5 cities in India.



What They Don’t Tell You About Funding

Posted by Anchal Dobriyal on 2017-05-09

What is it that a startup can desire for more than a creditworthy source of financing? Back-ups for funds and a strong dedication for the investment in the future rounds is all a startup can ask for. But do you know how catastrophic things can get when they don’t go in the right direction?

Here are some dark truths about funding which every startup should consider before deciding on their external financing requirements:


1.    The mistake of trusting someone just based on their brand name: A brand name sure does play a significant role in identifying the reliability of a funding agency. But that is not sufficient enough to trust them with your startup. There have been cases where these promising firms have simply taken a back seat from funding new businesses without giving any valid reasons, leaving the start-ups in debt traps. A similar situation was faced by BHIVE Workspace, a co-working and office space sharing startup.

 The vulnerability of these new entrepreneurs is what makes them fall prey to such traps. Thus, investors are to be chosen wisely while looking for funding. Those investors who have been with you through the execution of the starting-up process are usually the one who will always be willing to help you, provided they have seen you grow.


2.     Ownership-seeking funding agreements as unfortunate factors: The sources of financing which require you to give out a portion of your business ownership to the funders, such as investors and shareholders, are sometimes more unfavorable than beneficial. You may acquire a lot of funds over time, but these kinds of arrangements often give the external funders a right to vote and decide on the activities of the business. It is prone to deviation from its original objectives of a formation.


3.    The loop of interests: Be it loans from banks, or funds from investors and shareholders, acquiring external finance requires you to pay the price for it by way of interests. You will need to pay a percentage of interest on the amount of loan that you have borrowed from the banks. The investors will also require a return on the investments made by them.

This might lead to your payments being due irrespective of the financial condition of the business. These kinds of interests will add on to the overall costs of investments and become more of a financial load than estimated.


4.    Angel not being quite the “Angel”: Raising money through Angel List is usually a process in which a lot of small investors come together and raise small amounts of money to (or “intending to”) fund start-ups. They might be of use to an extent. But when it comes to larger requirements of money, these are not the ones whom you can count on. They don’t have any real voice when it comes to the original game of your business.


External sources are the easiest and the most convenient sources of funding. They have a dark side to them which prevails in spite of their usefulness to the start-ups.



Looking for a Smart Living Experience? Hey there, "Fella"!

Posted by Anchal Dobriyal on 2017-05-08


Fella Homes is a network of millennial-friendly rental homes, specifically for working professionals and students. It has achieved 250+ properties across 5 cities in India with over 800+ happy tenants in only 15 months into its operations.

It was founded by Digendra Singh Rathore, Sayantan Biswas, Virender Pratap Singh, Yadwinder Paul Singh, Amit Gupta and Kunal Singh, all of them connected to esteemed organizations such as IIT Roorkee, with a motive of making home renting smart, risk-free and affordable

They wanted to enable people living away from their homes to lead a better quality and worry-free life to make the most out of their time and money.

The USP of this startup is that it is a "No Brokerage" rental service which provides an end to end assistance in move-in and move-out in aspects such as Rent Agreement Assistance, Utility Management, etc. Besides, its operations are app-enabled and the rent to be paid is derived on the basis of per bed/ per room. It is an affordable option with no interference by the owner.


"Every time we create something new, we go from zero to one."
                                                                                                                         -Peter Thiel


Taking inspiration from worldwide famous hospitality and short-term rental service provider Airbnb and the legends Elon Musk and Peter Thiel, this startup began its journey with a powerful will and a motivation to achieve what it sought.

In its initial stages, being a new concept on its own, it faced some tough challenges. These included persuading the house-owners to work with them and building trained manpower to meet set standards. But, it managed to overcome them in no time and carried forward with its operations.

It was initially funded by bootstrapping and Angel Funding. Later, in 2016, It raised a Pre-Series A round of investments.After exploring a lot with different names for this startup, it finally settled with "Fella", as it provided housing to the millennials, which would make its customers "Fellas".

The startup, as of now, consists of a team of 75+ dedicated members who are motivated towards making it a bigger success. It aims at spreading its operations across 15 cities with over 50,000 rooms available for rent in the next three years.


A Great Event For Your Funding And Acceleration Dreams :PITCH TO JAARVIS’17

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2017-05-05

Written By Jaarvis Accelerator




Jaarvis Accelerator launches its “Pitch to Jaarvis’17 #01” event for its 1st cohort of this financial year.


The event comprises of 2 pitch sessions, one in Delhi on May 17, 2017 and the other in Bangalore on May 20, 2017. 


The selected cohort will be inducted for 6 months’ acceleration program with funding of up to US $50,000 and further co-investment opportunity from partners, “angel investors” and “seed funds.”    


Don’t Miss! And grab the opportunity to pitch, get feedback and learn more about the start-up programs.


It is a closed door event, so selected start-ups will be invited to pitch.  


·         1-to-1 Pitches with selected investors.

·         Geographically Agnostic.


Eligibility criteria: #IoT #Fintech #AI #MachineLearning #Robotics #DataAnalytics domain with #B2B #B2B2C focus.



To apply for pitching at Delhi:

To apply for pitching at Bangalore:





Venue: ONE Co. Work, G- 36, G-Block, Outer Circle, Block G, Connaught Place, Delhi, 110001
Date: May 17, 2017 (Wednesday)
Time: 1 P.M.– 6 P.M.





Venue: Nasscom 10K Warehouse, Corporate Tower, Central Atrium, Lower Ground Floor, DD3 No. 150, Diamond District,

             HAL Airport Road, Bangalore, 56008

Date:    May 20, 2017 (Saturday)
Time:   1 P.M.– 6 P.M.





*Only for Indian Start-ups.

*Applicants can apply for only one city at a time.

*Mandatory fields must be filled in.

*Incomplete forms will be rejected.  



About Jaarvis Accelerator:
Jaarvis Accelerator is a Singapore headquartered accelerator, which enables start-ups to turn disruptive ideas into reality through a vibrant ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs with technology, an international contact network access, business experience and capital.



Reducing The Bounties Of Distances And Time: Milo

Posted by anchaldobriyal on 2017-05-05

When like-minded people cross paths, they discover the potential in each other and also them as a team. They realize what they are capable of and start seeking a possible usage of their ideas.

Similar is the case with the co-founders of “Milo,” Chirag, Rahul, and Naresh. They wanted to solve a common problem through the greatest use of technology. They came up with the idea of a meetings management application in February’2016 and named it “Milo.” It aimed at solving the problem of time scarcity and one on one meeting, usually faced in the business world.

This application proves to be viable for entrepreneurs, adults and the corporate market. The basic foundation of Milo relies on sharing the accurate location of both the parties to each other. This enables people to save time and make their meetings more productive.

Here is how it works:

This application's design is for the busy entrepreneurs and business professionals who are always on the run. The application is always synced with your favorite calendar. This allows your clients and customers to set up meetings according to your availability. It also enables them to get real-time location update of everyone you are about to meet. Agendas can be fixed in advance, never missing out the important points!

This experience is further enhanced by providing additional features like cab booking in advance, reserving tables and exploring new locations, for a seamless business experience.

The USP of this app is that the location of all the individuals is traceable. Also, the places they are going to visit will show not only to the parties but also to the companies making them aware of the timings of arrival. This feature will help them in many ways. Some of them are customer prediction, customer service improvement, inventory management, reservation of tables, order automation, etc.

This project started taking shape from May’2016. It succeeded in building a dedicated team and a friendly database in less than a year. Initiatives such as the ‘Milo Workaway Camp,' which is a platform to bring influential entrepreneurs together in one place on a destination location and do productive work and collaborate, were also taken. The funding for this plan was entirely bootstrapped, using their savings and pooling resources.

They view themselves as challenge-seekers in the future. Focussing on building a base for their first million customers worldwide in the next three years, they also plan to build more projects to simplify the meeting experience of people. 

To quote the legend Elon Musk, “When something is important, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.” 

Such wise words of Sir Musk are what inspires these young entrepreneurs to look up to him as a role model. It motivates them to believe in what they are passionate about. 

It is this passion for what they believed in, that has rewarded them with recognition in India’s Hot 100 Startup Awards by the CORE Association.


A Marketeer For Every Marketeer: Saurabh Bhatnagar

Posted by ANJALI SINGH on 2017-04-28

 "Knowing Before Owning Is What a Smart Consumer Does And Showing Before Selling Is What a Smart Producer Does."


Any company without marketing has very less chance of survival, and now with such rampant technology, even the marketing department of a company needs Marketer because the platform to showcase the product is a way too wide as we see.


Feeling the need of the same, Saurabh Bhatnagar and his Co-Founder Gaurav Madaan, came up with the idea of combining one's intelligence plus the technology as GEEKO: Geeko Computech Pvt Ltd. (in INDIA) and Geekotech, Inc. (in the United States).  Instituted on 2 Nov, 2015, it is a startup which makes Internet Marketing Courses & Software’s.


Until now this startup has come up with 2 Software’s: GramKosh and Live Suite Pro - An Instagram Automation Software and Facebook Live Software respectively. This software aims in combining Social Media and their Automation, thus helping the different brands and companies to promote themselves socially.


Dynamism is what a market means and regularly engaging itself online on different Social Media helps this startup in spreading awareness about the new technologies related to Digital Marketing.


The Startup has funded itself based on BOOTSTRAPPING which is worth appraising and an example of its independence. On this, SAURABH spoke: "There were months in which I had nothing to spend on even smallest of luxuries or even outside food.”


As a reward to this, the company has accomplished a lot in this short span of time: First Software release:
Live Suite Pro (Facebook Live Software) -
Launch revenue - $130,000.
Second Software Release: GramKosh (Instagram Automation Software) - Launch Revenue - $115,000.






After reading the success stories of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and seeking inspiration from his own Father, Saurabh wants his company to be on top in its field coming up with 3-4 software’s every year. He also wishes to work on his passion for Public Speaking, to inspire the Entrepreneurs with their great minds.


A successful entrepreneur with all these achievements making a name of his own, it did come with a lot of cost attached to it. Saurabh has well-traveled a long way. Being a student of Physics Hons Saurabh distributed Pamphlets under the blazing heat while ignoring several other jobs he was being offered.


As a matter of fact he used to sell cricket cards, and lead a network marketing team in just the second year of his college. He has faced it all just to see the days of sunshine. And when they are finally here, there is no level of elation and contentment. 

His journey from consistent denials in early days of USP, and then making it a household name in the Dehradun city; has been an amazing one.




Moral of the story being, No big dreams are ever achieved without sacrifice and not a little sacrifice but the one at the right time and with great willpower, helps to steer the ship amidst all odds.  The story of Saurabh and Geekotech perfectly juxtaposes that “Dream as much as you can and when you wake up Chase it as far as you can because reaching the maximum is always worthwhile.”



Student's Stop: One Stop For All

Posted by ANJALI SINGH on 2017-04-27

Targeted primarily for students, Student's Stop provides the best services as they focus on the needs of selected masses which make them more efficient in their work.


It deals with all kind of stationery, engineering, medical and management books. As a mixup of E-Commerce and Hyper-local market, it is also very cost-effective. The best part is in spite of being an outcome of a student's experience; the delivery is quick without any delay for the service providers. 


Student's Stop is a bit different from E-commerce markets such as Amazon and Flipkart because it is not entirely E-commerce, but it has an emotional attachment with its customers without focussing solely on profits. Their motive is to ease the workload for all the students by providing them immediate aid and all their requirements under the same roof.


 The men behind the idea had everything to say. Sachin Yadav (Founder & CEO) and Ravi Kant Pandey (Co-founder & COO) say that the working on the startup started just after completing their engineering to which they were confident as they had a working experience in this business while they were studying offline. 


They didn’t get a single order until six days because being an offline market; it was challenging to introduce to all the vendors, colleges and hostels. Thus, the idea of getting some volunteers from different colleges came in mind, and now they have successfully attached with some colleges and students in Delhi NCR. 


 There is much more to this startup in liaison with the exemplary work that it is already doing. By June'2017, Student's stop is also going to launch its app; making it more user-friendly, convenient and well connected for the customers. This will also help them in expanding their business all over India. 


The startup will not only stick to the stationary products but will also come up with a lot more in next three years.In future, the startup is going to cover 120 colleges with 2700 interns working with them in NCR till last of July.


Make Learnings Fun- Filled With Byju

Posted by ANJALI SINGH on 2017-04-20

Today, BYJU is the most well known and biggest ED-TECH Company. Its primary focus is to make studies interesting by making the students fall in love with learning, where they no longer see studies as a burden rather enjoy it. It has made learning engaged and professionalized.

It was founded by Byju Raveendran in 2007 as an offline test preparation provider for certain competitive exams. Already coming from a teaching background, He was never fascinated by the idea of teaching yet became a teacher by chance. His general tutoring to his friends made him so famous among them and the relatives that he quit his job and started giving tuitions. His classroom transformed from a single small room to an auditorium.

The company launched BYJU'S LEARNING APP in 2015 that has come up as India's leading provider of supplemental school classes for classes 6-12 & test preparation training for CAT, JEE, IAS, GMAT & GRE. Initially, Byju's classes were for competitive exams, but later on, it was expanded to levels 6-12. This was because he thought students have a higher chance of success if they are taught basic subjects like maths and science in an interesting way in school. Some of the content on the app is offered for free, while the advanced levels are charged.

Whether it is the app or its website, everything is very straightforward and friendly to its users because unless it is not comfortable or easy to learn people pay less heed to it and making no mistakes regarding the same BYJU has made its way clear to the hearts of every person using them.

Moving on to his business, the companies headquarter is located at Koramangala in Bangalore. It has raised funds over $75 million from T.V. Mohandas Pai and Dr.Ranjan Pai of Manipal Group and Sequoia Capital. Currently, the app is being used by 40 Lakh students out of which 1.6 Lakh are its subscribers.

It has been facilitated with Deloitte Tech Fast 500 India and Fast 500 Asia Award (2012, 2013, 2014) CNBC TV-18 Crisil Emerging India Award-Education.

And no company is famous without its profit so talking about that: The startup generated a revenue of Rs4 Crore in its first year of operation. In 5 years, it has seen a phenomenal rise in income from Rs 4 Crore to Rs. 120 Crore. 

It is believed that simplified learning experience offered and it's USP of making every student fall in love with learning and not only toppers is the reason for its success.  

Most important to any company is the feedbacks it is receiving and while we visit on its feedback section we only see the praises it's been getting from all its users, partners, colleagues and investors as well which altogether makes BYJU one of the very trusted companies in its field. 

5 Mistakes That An Entrepreneur Should Never Make

Posted by ananya saxena on 2017-04-13

There are very few career paths that require the same intensity of work, skill, sacrifice and commitment as that of an entrepreneur. Ever wonder what it takes to be your boss?

Sometimes it’s the “don’ts” rather than the “do’s” that separate a successful business from big failures which could’ve been avoided. Therefore these are some of the mistakes that usually every entrepreneur makes:

 1)  Trying to do everything on your own – A good entrepreneur should know how to delegate his work properly. In an attempt to control everything he ends up controlling nothing. It is important for an entrepreneur to outsource work by hiring employees who are specialised in skills other than that of his. This would not only cut him some slack and reduce his burden but would also infuse some new ideas into the business.

2) Not being adaptable – To be successful in today’s market, it is important for an entrepreneur to adapt to the changes taking place continuously. Putting too much expectation on one product or service can never guarantee success. Rather it is important to go with the flow and be prepared to try different products and services and even explore new options.

 3) Not marketing enough - It is a common belief among entrepreneurs that if you build it, they will come. No matter how attractive or revolutionary the product is, free PR and word of mouth are not enough. It is important to invest heavily in marketing which includes paid advertisement, SEO, PR and social media. There is a tech revolution right now, and the entrepreneur needs to use it. Moreover, they work as cheap and efficient tools for marketing.

4) Ignoring competitors – One of the biggest mistakes any entrepreneur can make is thinking that there no direct competitors in the business space one is opting. No matter how innovative an idea or product is, there will always be someone who has already extorted the market for that idea. Therefore it is important to invest time in understanding about the competitors and working on ways to stand out in the market.

5) Improper communication – Sometimes out of confusion or presumption an entrepreneur may not realise that he isn’t communicating properly with his employees, customers, and mentors. What one intends to say is many times different from the impact it tends to make. To avoid this, an entrepreneur must make sure always to use facts and leave out emotions and also take employee’s personality test to ensure his potential beforehand.

Avoiding these few mistakes can make an entrepreneur cruising on his path to success. It is always better to evaluate and improve because a few degrees off, in the beginning, can always lead to miles off in the end.




Posted by ANJALI SINGH on 2017-04-10

Clarity Of Ideas Can Fetch PROFIT, But Who Doesn't Love BONUS just By polishing the thoughts! 


Ever thought of a Drama-Comedy with an entrepreneurship theme? Well, apart from seriousness the work need some fun too! So TVF in brief showcase the happenings, twists&turns and the struggle of the infant startups concluding the solutions as in how to deal with the same, which every first-timer need to watch.

The beginners lack confidence with their ideas or sometimes misinterpret accomplishment only with extraordinary thoughts, but HIMMM shows the journey or the process of business based upon simple and ordinary ideas with surprisingly great and prosperous outcomes.

An important role of an entrepreneur is to convince the investors to invest in its company because capital is the bloodline for any business. Thus Shark Tank portrays how the meeting of the entrepreneurs and investors goes regularly and sometimes with pinches of drama and much more.

Who doesn't want to peep into the insights of the birthplace of the startups, i.e.,., the very own Silicon Valley. The show through the story of six entrepreneurs, tells us how innovation, hard work, and dedication pays off amidst any competition in a very humorous way where inspiration and entertainment go along.
Focusing the three P’s – People, Process, and Product the most important part of an entrepreneur it tells the cons of being a full-fledged business icon because being on top is not always the best. This show also shows you the don't's of an entrepreneur which is quite essential for the DO's part is mostly emphasized by everybody wherein the don't's are important as well.

Watch them, Re-think the ideas, Calculate the Shortfalls and Execute for every step is mandatory if not What else to do? Goodluck to all the aspiring Entrepreneurs out there, it's your time to make a move.


5 Of The Most Fascinating Terms Of The Startup Ecosystem

Posted by ANJALI SINGH on 2017-04-07


So working on that we have few cool and funky terms that every entrepreneur must know while working in this space.( If not already) 

 Bootstrapping deals in getting funds from personal savings, earlier revenues or other professionals who are ready to invest in a long-term working relationship.

  A Company should keep on trying, in every possible direction, only when it is fixed with one successful path for even if it fails in one of its direction,  the last backup will always be there, and that is called Pivoting.

First Movers Advantage, Innovative and New ideas are always in demand only when it goes right so if an entrepreneur has it, it would be best for him to contact the investors and launch it while educating the market about it as it'll be profitable in the manner of monopoly.

4. Intellectual Property(IP): 
The world is not too big and yet highly dynamic and competitive so to ensure your existence and growth protection is required to which IP helps in limiting the entry barriers in your existing market.

Sometimes it is quantity before quality and especially in the case of money making a market, so a small tip is to achieve the smooth and quick profits for the company first and then jump on the bigger deals because experience and capital are all that matters to make a tighter grip on the market.

Moving ahead there is a lot to be learned, but human capacity to intake is in small amounts so just these few terms for now and the rest can be learned from vast varieties of business dictionaries, leading Entrepreneur's experiences and the unlimited internet available these days.

A Must For Every Startup: An Effective B -Plan

Posted by Manvi nagpal on 2017-04-02

There are diverse views on whether a B plan is required for a startup or not. Some argue that it is just a waste of time and efforts while others are for formulating an effective business plan.


Bplan or Business plan is a document created that contains the business goals (the main reason why a business has been set up) and course of action to achieve these aims.


It is believed that forming a business plan and getting it funded is the key to making a business successful. As we know, Funding is the backbone of any startup, and also it's most difficult part. Bplan helps in analyzing the funds required for the functioning of the business.


Not only this, but it also plans for the situation of losses and how to deal with them. Due to all such planning already done the entrepreneur and other members of the startup have just one task which is to abide by the plan.


It is seen that most of the times business men just see the positive side and fail to see the drawbacks in a defined plan. A business plan should not only be a set of numbers. It should be a document to check the current performance of the startup and know where it is heading. Thus it becomes a measure of performance and helps in comparing 'Actual performance' with the 'desired performance.'


The B plan also helps in preparing exit strategy and ascertaining the value of the business at the time of sale of business. 

Broadly, three parties are interested in a plan of activities which include the Creator, the Investor, and the Partner.

The Founder, i.e., the entrepreneur needs a business plan to pen down his ideas on a piece of paper and give them a structure.The best business plans are those which are created by the Founder himself, as no one knows what is going on in his mind better than himself. 


The B-plan is required to convince the potential investor to invest in a particular project or idea.The investors are always interested in returns (IRR and pattern of growth), so the plan gives them an idea of expected returns.


Partners refer to the co-founders or team members who would act as a helping hand in fulfilling your dream. They also require knowledge regarding the exact plan. 


Although, a plan is a crucial aspect of the functioning of not only a startup but any business, its creation is a very expensive process. It is advisable to create a business plan only when its gains exceed its cost of production.     



Why Do Startups Need Funding?

Posted by ananya saxena on 2017-03-31

There is more to building a startup (and surviving) than simply starting up. It’s not just the ideas and the hard work that would keep it going. Funding is an essential requirement for implementing those ideas.

Now, more than ever, startups can start up without investor funding, but taking on investors may be the difference that makes the difference.

As per a British Bank Survey published in February 2016, "Almost 60% of SME businesses sought some external funding in the past three years"

A start-up needs finance for a variety of different purposes like:

1) Marketing Budget – Having an idea or a product is not enough. What good would it be if not communicated to the audience? Connecting the product with the crowd takes money and careful planning. Having a budget for the same makes the task easier.

2) Visibility – A startup needs money to get the big wigs under its name. Startups with big name backers get visibility and reputational benefits that a self-funded group would get only after attaining popularity. This has some advantages including access to talent, to advisors, to more money and to free PR.

3) Smart Money – Most investors aren’t just cheque writers. They join as partners and having experienced, resourceful and motivated members of the team apparently poses advantages beyond just the finance part. Venture Capital firms give more importance to startups in which prime investors have earlier invested, rather than in a startup where the investors are completely new and have a portfolio not very comprehensive. 

4) Less Personal Risk – When startups have investors funding in them, it frees them from the uncertainty of draining their bank account. Also, having a good relationship with investors can give them a soft landing – they might have other projects for them to roll into if the startup doesn’t succeed.

5) Marketing – Though this is never the sole reason to raise funds because raising funds has a high cost – control of the company, but nowadays every funding and investment is headline news which gives great publicity to the startup. 


The Viral Fever : Fever Spreading Across Humorously To Everyone

Posted by ananya saxena on 2017-03-26

Remember Yogendra Kumar Pandey a.k.a Yogi? One of the four leads in TVF Pitchers? Yep, that’s him. Arunabh Kumar, the Qtiyapa Guy himself. Arunabh Kumar is one of the pioneers of original online entertainment in India. 

With 200,000 subscribers, 18 million views and less than 40 uploaded videos, all within 18 months of starting up, The Viral Fever Media Labs has become the biggest online digital entertainment channel in India. But all this doesn’t come easy. It involves a lot of passion, grit and hours and hours of hard work. Arunabh’s story is nothing less than inspiration and passion personified. 

Arunabh grew up in an average middle-class family in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. Education being a strong currency there in Bihar, he was made to change 10-14 schools to find the best one for him. With a strict father and average Indian mindset of becoming nothing but an engineer, he grew up in a house where he wasn’t even allowed television. IIT was always his plan, and finally, after the second attempt, he joined IIT Kharagpur in 2001. After completing his graduation, he shifted to Mumbai and started working on a US Air Force Project. 

However, soon quit his job as the mental turmoil and level of discomfort increased. He began working as a consultant copywriter for advertising agencies and was also making brand content.

He also got the opportunity of working as an assistant director for “Om Shanti Om” in Red Chilies Entertainment. He considered this opportunity as a learning process and claimed that most of his media and film making education happened on the sets of the movie.

In 2009, Arunabh came up with a pilot for a show called "Engineering Diary.” He approached MTV and other youth channels for it, but the show got rejected. He says-
“Luckily, Canon Camera, YouTube, and my rejection came at the right time, all three of them coincided. This college Qtiyapa( The TVF) is a show he had conceived for MTV. This show was also rejected after a lot of sources had been put in it.”

Whenever they went with a concept to the decision makers, they used to say that Indian audience is dumb and were ready to prove it right. However, Arunabh was equally passionate in proving them wrong. In the second half of 2010, he started TVF. His friend, first employee and current partner re-edited the video, and they uploaded it on YouTube. 

Within a couple of days, it got 17K to 18K likes and became the second most viewed video in entertainment category that week. He also made his first branded Web series (for Colgate Plax) in 2011. The second video Rowdies was put up in the month of February in 2012, which got a million views in less than five days.

Today TVF’s shows Pitchers and Permanent Roommates are bigger than any MTV, Channel V, or Bindaas shows. Arunabh can’t thank his stars enough for the rejection he got from TV.

With the starting budget of Rs.20, 000 to make a branded Web film, today a standalone piece of content with branded integration can be judged at Rs.66.5Lakhs to 1.3Crores. TVF has tremendous agenda for future and plans on making feature films for theatrical release and considers it as a next big scary theme. Arunabh also hopes to make an Avengers or Pixar-type films in the next four yrs.

Today TVF has a fifteen member team, two offices in Mumbai and Delhi and statistically is the second biggest New Media Network in the country in the category of Youth Entertainment.


ClearDekho - Budget Eyewear Brand set to capture Rs.43000 crore optical market of India

Posted by ANJALI SINGH on 2017-03-22


 It is remarked that Eyes are the beautiful gift of the god that connects the heart with the body. When such a gift is bestowed on us from the Almighty, then this needs to be dealt with the utmost care and affection.  You can’t see life if you don’t have sight. 

 ClearDekho, India's first online optical marketplace strives to provide an experience of buying your favorite eyewear online and offline with exemplary service offering through their user-friendly online platform.


 CLEARDEKHO has come up with a variety of eyewear with every range to satisfy its customer coming from any financial background. They provide eyeglasses within Rs.500 to anyone, anywhere in India. It is truly the "1st pocket-friendly optical marketplace domestically". 


Coming down to its business, CLEARDEKHO deals in providing an optical marketplace where people can shop products listed through hundreds of sellers across India under different sub-headings distinguishing gender and age groups to make the website more convenient for its customers.


To attract huge masses, it provides budget eyewear in the Indian market with not only online services but even offline, through budget retail stores. Quoting one of their statements: “We do not invest much in marketing but focus on strong word of mouth to create our brand and increase our business."



In the longer run,  it started working on many different issues such as making eyeglasses accessible & affordable for everyone, making people aware of the need and importance of using eyeglasses to preserve vision, and also creating standardized budget optical retail network across India. This helped them in attracting seven repeat orders from a customer in Cuttack district of Odisha within a time span of 20 days. More than 100 such stories where people are ordering for their entire community, family & friends and accepting ClearDekho as their family optician.


Shivi & Saurabh inspired by Bansal's primarily wanted to build something of their own.  Therefore, they put their savings into the business then raised a small round from an angel investor plus some revenues, and started their business slowly and steadily by learning more about the scenarios of online marketing and customer services.


And with the growing rate and support of the customers, they are pretty sure that within a span of 3 years, they will be having 50 of their retail stores up and running. Not only this, their online channel would have serviced more than 1 million customers.


As the team at ClearDekho says, "We have taken a less traveled path to make the world aware of the importance of eyes by advocating the use of eyewear and emphasize on eye care prevention than cure." Let us hope that they can create a difference in the world in making this world a place where eye care prevention is better than cure. 

Another Faad Event In Town: Arbitrage 2017 from 22 to 25 March in Ramjas College

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2017-03-20

Faad has always been proud to associate with college fest, events to take our name out to the college students, and help their events to turn out Faad. We are proud to share details with the next Faad event that is just on the doors. So step out and be Faad. Some amazing competitions and mind-boggling prizes are desperately waiting for you. So what are you waiting for?

With the passion and excitement soaring up to the next sky, The Commerce Society, Ramjas College is back with its Annual Fest, Arbitrage 2017, held from 22nd to 25th March 2017, fostering the idea to dream and to dare to turn that dream into a reality this time.

#FundYourDreams #OneStepAhead

📌 For further details and registrations, contact

🚩 March 22 (Day 1) 🚩

▪ Test your propensity to manage an economic crisis at " The Final Trade Off "
Vinayak : +91-9013007040

▪ Try your entrepreneurial wit at “ Pitchers ” 
Sameeksha: +91-9716936606

▪ Brand Tambola 
Krati: +91-7838104858

▪ Masquerade 
Nitish: +91-8373925829
(On The Spot Registrations)

▪ Brush up your mental fitness and physical prowess at " Corporate Roadies "
Atul : +91- 9555041149

🚩 March 23 (Day-2) 🚩

▪ Unearth your managerial skills at " PRODIGY: -The Best Manager." 
Hriday : +91-9811795116, 

▪ Unveil your gaming prowess at “ Poke-Biz"
Priya: +91-7042075187

▪Flaunt your decision making caliber at " The Grey Matter"
Ayush: +91-7042417037

▪ Check your awareness and quick wits at " Quiz Me If You Can"
Tushar: +91-9910858482

🚩 March 24 (Day-3) 🚩

▪ IPL Bidding
Parth: +91-9971897899

For further details contact, 
Sonali   : +91-9971292716
Rashmi : +91-9582030176

Book To Play Your Next Cricket Match With My22 Yards

Posted by Manvi nagpal on 2017-03-18

These days cricket players face problems such as unavailability of cricket grounds, complex cricketing experience in open grounds, several teams playing on the same ground, unpredictability, the uncertainty of quality and non-recordability of data and statistics.


My22yards provides the solution to all such problems. It is a cricket match organizer willing to solve all these problems on a single platform. is a platform where you can book a ground, play a match and record your scores. With My22yards app you can invite your fellow teams or random teams to play a match with you. Our featured grounds consists of super-class facilities. You can even record your scores and see your performance statistics.


It brings the predictability and assurance for a professional lookalike cricketing experience. They craft memories of those 3 hours on the ground and even  after, by their statistics and performance report.The only rule that has remained unchanged since the cricketing laws were framed in 1744 is the length of the pitch which is 22 yards. The name of the startup was derived from the same.


The startup has some formidable competition in the market and has evaluated each of them thoroughly.

They have a unique advantage over all of them that they are COMPLETE CRICKETING SOLUTION (CCS).It enables users to join, make team, choose an opponent, 

play matches (free as well as paid) and update scores.    


Alok Singh, the CEO says " A random video clicked out by mistake changed my whole concept of thinking. I didn't even know that person. Later on, I came to know it was some founder of US$321 Company. 


The company is still in its initial days and is in an infant stage. It is a combination of hurdles, desire, passion, success, and failures.They are using their own money right now and it's the only source of funding.


The app isn't even launched yet but they have already got 50 prior registrations for some of their featured venues. This is a big accomplishment which tells that there is a lot of scope for such an application in India where people worship cricket and are cricket freaks.


Stayzilla – The Godzilla Of Alternative “Stay” Sector

Posted by ananya saxena on 2017-03-06

The story of Stayzilla is an inspiration for any humble man with big ideas and bigger dreams.A backbencher in college, Stayzilla CEO, Yogendra Vasupal, was not like the one who could stay complacent and remain stagnant. His love for coding made him drop out of college, and together with his two friends Sachit Singhi and Rupal Surana, he set up Stayzilla in 2005-06.

This Chennai-based start-up was initiated under the name “” but was branded to “Stayzilla”- Stay in every Zilla (district) in 2010.

“Stayzilla is an online website for home bookings. It was founded with the laser sharp vision to become India’s largest online marketplace for “stays.” 

Going beyond the realm of just hotels, they serve a well-balanced diet comprising of all manner of “stay” options to their customers including lodges, homestays, guest houses, etc. It also aims to provide unprecedented reach to travelers by offering stays across the entire length and breadth of the country, ranging from low budget rooms to luxury suites.

The journey of Stayzilla has not been easy. Amateurs, as they were, the trio of founders faced some troubles in the initial days, one of them being the unavailability of booked accommodations at the time of check in. To overcome this problem, the team introduced double checks with hoteliers so that bookings would be available when customers arrived.

 It caters to more than 15000 stays listed in a network of more than 1100 cities in India, including tier II cities and towns, where accommodations are not easily available.

In 2012, Indian Angel Networks invested $10.5 million in Stayzilla which helped it expand its network of properties, upgrade tech platform and build a strong foundation for scalable business.

IAN investor Ravi Krishnappa who led the investment said, “Three things that attracted IAN included team, online booking technology and strong relationship with 4000 properties in 600 towns of India.”

"Focusing mainly on tier II and III towns, the company’s revenue model is commission based from hoteliers", added Vasupal.

Stayzilla bagged an additional investment of $13.5 million from Matrix Partners and Nexus Ventures. The funding round was closed between November 2015 and January 2016.

However, despite their continuous progress, CEO Yogendra said in a statement, “I would like to announce today that we would be trying to halt the operations of Stayzilla in its current form and looking to reboot it with a different business model. New bookings on all Stayzilla platforms, websites and apps, are now dispensed.”

Despite many successes like a clear lead, a lot of firsts and success in building an ecosystem, it failed because of hurdles like lack of network effects in the marketplace, macro trends in India and high competition.

Yogendra believed he somewhere lost his path in the last 3-4 years and made the following statement “I started treasuring GMV, room-night and other “vanity” metrics instead of fundamentals of cash flows and working capital."

“I am at cross roads. I am looking at this as a clean start to get back to roots I am comfortable with”, he added.

Few things that can be learned from Yogendra and his journey of Stayzilla is to work hard, be relentless towards your goals and never give up.

Contemporary Witchcraft Of Technology: Aayaam Labs

Posted by ANJALI SINGH on 2017-03-01



But not every recipe turns out to be healthy and tasty except few of them. In this era of technologies where every entrepreneur wants to top the market with their innovative skills, AAYAAMLABS have also come up with their simplicity and creative works to impress its clients.


This startup looks forward towards design and development of quality technology services. It mainly focuses on consultancy and services apart from logo design, branding, graphic design, website design and development, mobile app design and development, etc. To expand its dimension, it is planning on moving towards a tech product for travelers and tourists named NextOnPlanet.


AMIT VARSHNEY while in his college days wanted to name his student welfare society as Aayaam but couldn't. Thus matching the aim of his startup which is to give a new dimension of design and development, he named it as AayaamLabs. 


Quoting a Hindi saying: "Taalee Sirf Ek hath se nai bajti" which means we always need at least two hands to clap. Similarly, AayaamLab works in the co-ordination of Amit Varshney who designs things for his clients and on the contrary Priyanshu Sharma makes those designs functional.


In a very short span, this startup has accomplished a lot in numbers with over 65 clients and 80 projects in an average age of 25. One of its product which stands out among others is the portal for Madhya Pradesh Government which was inaugurated by our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi which is a huge thing to achieve.


For their new project "NextOnPlanet" they have multiple USPs like Virtual Reality, Powerful Chat system and social connection between tourist, travelers, photographer, and blogger. The next step is to go global with this new project as it has got the world market, is full of potential and also is validated by several HNIs.


When asked about their initial days, Amit said: "Like every other bootstrap startup our startup was also started from 1BHK with an unlimited supply of tea and energy drink and a limited supply of funds. Time, hours, day, night, weekends were not for us. We thoroughly enjoy our work." Thus it's you who makes your recognition stand out in this crowded world whether starting from trash or possession.


People who want to nurture their creative side, then AayaamLabs is the place for them to unravel the innovative and creative bit of you.  Aayaam Labs invites every developer, traveler, blogger or investor who is willing to be a part of them to showcase their ideas in a more profitable manner mutually.



The Ultimate Gadget Guru: Gadgets To Go

Posted by Manvi nagpal on 2017-02-27

As per a survey, more than 50% of gadget users face a problem of unsatisfied services, waste of time and money in the process.


'Gadgets To Go' or in short 'gad2Go!' is a company that aims to provide a common platform acting as a mediator for all users and the brand businesses that will increase the flexibility of the market and in sales pf devices irrespective of service station locations.


Electronic gadgets have become a fundamental necessity for the present generation and have gained importance almost equal to food, water, and air.Along with the increased usage of gadgets, the problem of servicing and maintaining them also increases. People today face many issues regarding their gadget maintenance and services, and most of them end up paying a lot more than the actual service. 'Gadgets To Go' is a company working towards the objective to create an online portal for customers in India and to provide them flexibility in services so that they can enjoy mobile services at lower rates by sitting at home.


The founders wanted the name of the company to define their idea uniquely.Gadgets to Go means maintaining gadget so that it can go for an extended life span by releasing the burden of customers.

The company has different teams each with different expertise like management, technology, financial affairs and networking. It works parallel in all the directions to solve a global problem.

The ideal customer for them is the one who uses smartphones and also wholly or partially understands the online commercial community and services.


Gadgets To Go was founded by Chetan Singh along with his best friend and school mate Yash Aggarwal. Chetan Singh, a final year college student who has three patents on his name, a passionate innovator of robotics and a mobile application developer.Chetan struggled a lot in his college days to build something that would be useful to people and change the way they used to live. Both Chetan and Yash were discussing how Yash was facing a problem with his mobile phone services in Germany and how the scenario was much worse in India, and suddenly the idea clicked into their minds to make a unique platform to solve such issues of the public sector in India. Joined with their college professor Nitesh Barot as with his technical and market intelligence, after struggling for months and a lot of public surveys, they formed the idea into a market product that can be used easily and will smoothen service process.They started with their own investment in Anand City, Gujarat. They are initially working on pilot stage and plan to go for series of rounds with investors as they scale multiple cities of Gujarat.


Initially, they faced many problems regarding nourishing the idea to fit into market needs and satisfying the customer with their services. It took them a lot of time to figure out small problems that people face regarding gadgets. So they conducted small surveys among the consumers.


After completing the foundation of their idea, they switched into the work of selecting the technology to be used that will be better to reach out maximum people so that they can easily operate it without any instruction manual. And then they came up with the idea of designing an Android application which contains all the information about the customer and their respective devices so that consumer can enjoy their services easily.


The company provides an online platform to customers so that the customers can report any issues that they are facing with their device directly through the Android application. gad2Go! gets the services done for the customers directly through the official service centers of the brand if in warranty else they also have tie-ups with reputed mobile shops in the city for the services as these all are carried out by customer choices.




Their services include Pickup-Delivery of Device, Online Payment, Service Center Selection, SMS Updates, Offline Booking of Device, Tracking of Status, Free On-Call Consulting for any issues and much more.



The team then added: "As in the past we've seen many people struggling for their gadget services and been wasting a lot of time and resources for it. Through this start-up, we aim to provide a flexible platform to customers, and we don't want them to move out from their chair for getting their services done".


Such a product is a tool for development of the country and should not be confined just to the state of Gujarat. It should be made accessible to all India by opening up various branches thus, helping all the gadget users around the country.


Frequip: The Online Rental Store

Posted by Manvi nagpal on 2017-02-24

Who would have ever thought that one would be able to take up day to day essentials on rent? These essentials include furniture and electrical appliances that people have to spend a hefty amount on while setting up their houses. Frequip, a Gurugram based online furniture and appliances rental platform has made it possible to take these products on rent and saves from those huge investments.

The company was founded by Twinkle Singh(CEO), Nitesh(CTO) and Kaish Mangal(COO).All three of them joined Nagarro software in 2014 and met there.All these founders are in their 20s and took up a big decision of starting something new and innovative that nobody had thought of earlier. They started Frequip post one year of working there. In the beginning, the startup was bootstrapped for almost six months and then got funding with the help of Espark- Viridian accelerator.

The name Frequip is a combination of two words 'frequent' and 'equip' which means get provided on the go as frequently as you move smoothly without any hassles. They work on the proposition of providing flexible rent tenure where a person can leave anytime he wants. Also, the customer doesn't have to lock in for any tenure and provide easy try out options by keeping three months rent cheap.

This platform is proving to be of great help to working proffesionals and bachelors who otherwise have to spend huge on furnishing their house. Frequip saves people from the hefty amount that they have to spend on transportation and shipping of products and doesn't let their dream of buying second-hand appliances turn into a nightmare . 

It is operational only in Gurugram recently but is planning to expand to Delhi-NCR in this year. Such a platform should be made accessible not only to the major cities but also to small cities because people there face the same problem and they would be more open to such an idea.This would help the middle class and lower class people in these areas to take up such products that they dream of at affordable prices and return as and when they require. 

A Kick-Start For The Start-ups: Budget 2k17

Posted by ananya saxena on 2017-02-24


The budget 2017-18 was expected to be unprecedented in many ways. Following the historic move of demonetization, which was both broadly welcomed and criticized, and also Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Start-up India Initiative”, many questions were waiting to be answered.


 Would it have the right balance between populism and fiscal prudence? Would it bring any good news for the emerging organizations or not?

Speaking in TIE Global Summit in December, Niti Ayog CEO Amitabh Kant emphasized on the need for government to recognize the true potential of start-ups and create a conducive environment for them to grow. 


Unveiled in February, though the budget couldn’t fulfill all expectations of start-ups, a few announcements that had  a direct and indirect impact on them, include:


1) Income Tax benefit to MSME’S

To reduce a little burden off the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises, the Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley,  proposed to reduce the Income Tax from the current rate of 30% to 25%  for companies having an annual income of up to 50 crores. It hoped to promote the MSMEs by giving them a more competitive platform vis-a-vis the larger companies.


2)  Timeline to claim MAT credit extended to 15 years

MAT (Minimum Alternate Tax) is the minimum amount of tax that companies have to pay irrespective of size and turnover. It depends upon the registered book profit of the company which might be different from a net profit of the company. Therefore even if a start-up is making book profit, it may incur net losses as well. Therefore it was expected to be abolished by the start-ups. Although refusing to remove MAT, Finance Minister allowed the timeline to claim MAT be extended from 5 to 15 years. 


3) Carry forward of losses

For the purpose of carrying forward of losses in respect of start-ups, the condition of the continuous holding of 51% of voting rights has been relaxed subject to the situation that the holding of the original promoter(s) continues.


4) Tax Break

Finance Minister has increased the period of profit linked deductions available to start-ups to 7 years from the current of 5 years. However, this tax break is only available on gains made by start-ups for three years. Also, it’s available to companies recognized under DIPP (Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion) 


5)  No capital gains on conversion of preference shares to equity shares

Conversion of preference shares to equity shares is considered a transfer and attracts capital gains tax. The government has exempted conversion of shares from preference to capital and thus given a  relief to start-up investors who prefer buying convertible preference shares. 


While some hail the positive outcomes of the budget, some are unhappy regarding the complete ignorance and omission of certain unfulfilled demands and issues. 


In the words of Seedfund Ventures Executive  Director Shailesh Vikram  Singh “ Reducing tax is fine, but what about losses and removal of rules? There is hardly anybody who is making profits; the issue is how to handle losses.”


Tech investor Mohandas Pai and Trifecta Capital, Managing Partner, Rahul Khanna believe that only 40% of issues had been solved since the much despised “Angel Tax” got no mention whatsoever in both Finance Minister’s speech and the budget, while it should have been a prioritized issue. 


Employee Stock Option Plan or ESPOS were expected to be made tax free in the hand of employees, but no measure was taken in this regard. Moreover, instead of abolishing FIPB in the budget, Finance Minister should have strengthened it in the direction of providing better funding to start-ups.


Thus, even though the budget addressed quite a few concerns about the start-ups yet more reforms and benefits were expected to take place for their growth in India.                                                                                                      





Posted by ANJALI SINGH on 2017-02-17


Working is not always fun, but when the same working environment is as per your thoughts and is full of motivational stuff, it turns out to be an entirely new feeling, with new enthusiasm and with a new source of thoughts thus the output eventually stands out of expectation.

Dr Ritesh Malik, the creator and the CEO of INNOV8,  had a thought in his mind to create a co-working place for the budding entrepreneurs of his nation as he saw such places in many different countries to which he travelled. He had a perfect idea for this place in his mind after a lot of research and assistance from his close colleagues, for which he was ready to invest a huge some and just needed a perfect location to recreate the same in reality. 

This was then when his passion met his dedication which motivated him to finish the work of setting up the most beautiful, significant piece of innovation and one of the sexiest workplace called INNOV8 in mere "49" days! Which is worth praising.

What Makes It This Special:

1.THE PERFECT LOCATION: A grounded business earns fame by its location, and choosing CANNAUGHT PLACE the heart of New Delhi can never go wrong. The site has all the convenience at a location whether it be small meeting areas, large lounges, shopping stores, metro connectivity, MNCs with their office in and around and much more.

2.INNER AURA-THE WALL SAYS IT ALL: What is good with the walls? A lot of goodies are stuck on the walls of this workplace as every wall has different innovational and motivational stuff either hung or drawn on them to surround the aspiring entrepreneurs with positive vibes.

3.ITS OPEN INNOVATION ZONE: Making your work fun by giving some time to recreation is also an indispensable part of any work. Innov8 provides with the Pebble Zone, a trampoline, lots of greenery, mini golf and lots of other sporting equipment, an open amphitheatre, and solar lighting.

4.EVERYTHING MINUTE SERVICES AVAILABLE: The above stated goes for the short-term development but to gain a long-term profit providing services is the critical necessity for any business thus Innov8 have everything thoughtful as per the requirement of its customers such as Furniture, Lightings, Utilities, Cafe, Singularity Boxes, Recreation Zone and it also provides its clients with different membership plans according to their requirement.

5.FAST GROWTH: Developed in a period of about two months at the cost of about $537K ( INR 3.5 Cr ), Innov8 has launched its application process for startups and has already received numerous requests for the same. 

As Ritesh rightly sums it up, “We have 100 seats in this space, and we are not even thinking of breaking even or let alone make a profit, given the money we have pumped into this project. But what we are looking to have is the best of teams and the most fertile startup minds, people we can work with. This place is just for the passion we have for startups.”

For any further knowledge, this place is worth visiting and experiencing its richness.

Startup Review : A Detailed Analysis Of An Year Gone By

Posted by Manish Ahuja on 2017-02-14

The Indian Startup scene:

Behind every startup story, success or failure is a founder with a permutation of the above story.  From the e-commerce to crowd-funding platforms young entrepreneurs have set their foot in every industry.

The Indian startup scene has been a topic of endless discussions, and the world is looking up to India. The year 2016 has been a rather peculiar one, one that certainly calls for a review as “you cannot connect the dots looking forwards you can only connect them looking backward.” So let’s look into the events of 2016 and try to “connect the dots.”  

Beginning on the right note:

Two weeks into 2016 and Indian start-ups were about to receive a new year’s present.

On January 2016 Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled, in a rather ritzy event well attended by investors, unicorn-startup entrepreneurs and much more, the Startup India initiative. The Action Plan is a 19 point list which aims to build a robust ecosystem for nurturing innovation and empowering startups and entrepreneurship in the country. 

    Key elements of Startup India:

•    Formal definition of a startup

•    Self-certification based compliance

•    Tax exemptions

•    Relaxed norms for public procurement

•    Intellectual Property Right Protection

Major Highlights:

Startup Fund:

The initiative provides for setting up a fund of funds with an initial corpus of INR25bn and a total of INR100bn; the fund will invest it's 25bn each year in SEBI registered VC funds.

R&D encouragement through Industry-Academia Partnership:

To propagate R&D efforts in the nation, the government plans to set up various incubators across the country. 

The Action Plan intends to give special impetus to the biotechnology sector in India. To that end, it proposes to different setup bio-incubators and other infrastructure in research institutes and universities in India. To provide them with financial support, a Biotech Equity Fund will also be setup.

A paradigm shift:

In a time of acute shortage of funds, strategy and profitability took over energy and valuation as the key focus for start-ups this year. 

FY-14 and FY-15 saw sky-high valuations for start-ups, with investors pumping money by the millions and billions. Towards the end many were skeptical, and some were even calling it a bubble. So was the Indian start-up scene nothing but another dot com story?

The question remains unanswered as of now; as for Flipkart’s devaluation: many argue it would be wrong to term such a ‘correction’ as an indication of a bubble for the whole startup industry moreover, Flipkart is still more valuable than its purchase price to investors.

“The point to note is that Flipkart’s valuations are still higher than what the investors had entered the company at,” said Sanchit Vir Gogia, chief analyst at research and advisory firm, Greyhound Research. 

Flipkart’s case is not unique, erstwhile poster children like Ola, Snapdeal faced a similar fate. Other players like PepperTap (on-demand grocery), AskMe (classifieds), TinyOwl and Dazo (both food delivery), Fashionara (fashion company), AUTOnCAB (Auto booking app) either had to go out of business, scale back operations or merge with others to raise capital.

Startups are now coming back to their basics and are focusing on the integrity and profitability of their business models. Investors too are asking for a strict eye on costs and return contrary to their previous proclivity to scale and customer acquisition.

Basically, 2016 is an important lesson to all entrepreneurs that entrepreneurship is about more than just valuation.

Lesser Investments made

Data from various sources indicates a massive decline in investors’ activity, regarding both deal size and some deals. The number of deals made this year was 181, down from 364 in FY15 total number of funds deployed also fell from $648mn to$411mn. Startup Tracker Tracxn also provides similar data — investments in 2016 ($3.89 billion) were just about half of 2015 ($7.54 billion).

"Investors seem to be sitting on the sidelines, being selective in making investments, and focusing more on realizing investments. Given the fact that both the number and value of deals continue to slip across the early-stage spectrum, the trend clearly suggests that investors have started writing smaller cheques. Raising capital was not at all easy this year," said Vijay Prakash Rai of VC Circle.

Winners & Losers

Some start-ups that seemed to be doing well in FY15 shuttered this year, some also laid off employees; all this, not surprisingly, came in light of the shortage of funds.  Going indeed got tough.

What went well:

Through the storm, some sectors stood rather firm. Fintech players taking advantage of the demonetization move grew their business. Post the demonetization move, PayTM reported a  700% increase in its traffic in just a month. No wonder Vijay Shekhar Sharma said in an interview, “I don’t need to sleep, I am living a dream.” 

The sector received $485mn in funding this year, down from $1175mn from last year. A game changer for this industry, the government, announced the inception of a Unified Payments interface called UPI which powers multiple bank accounts, banking features, and merchant payments in a single mobile app. Startups leveraged this opportunity making tie-ups with banks to introduce their UPI applications. The sector also witnessed its largest M&A this year when Citrus Pay was acquired by Nasper-backed PayU for a whopping $130mn. 

What didn’t:

As many as 200 startups went bust this year. The substantial cash crunch choked companies in the on-demand food and groceries sector. Grofers laid off 10% of its employees and shut operations in nine cities. Companies like TinyOwl and SpoonJoy struggled to stay afloat at first through massive layoffs but finally gave in and closed shop.

Not even the deep pockets could pull it off, Ola, which introduced its food delivery service in FY15 had to close in May.

In summary, 2016 has been game changing, with the much-needed paradigm shift to profitability this year might be argued as the one that will build the foundation for upcoming start-ups to build their business models on. Emblematic in the context of start-ups the year underscored one of the humanity’s most essential mantra, aptly put by Charles Darwin, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”. 


A Star that didn't take off that well: Jabong

Posted by Manvi nagpal on 2017-02-12, a bright star in the online fashion industry ,is an online shopping platform that was founded by Praveen Sinha, Lakshmi Potluri and Arun Chandra Mohan in 2012.It is an Indian fashion and lifestyle portal that deals in apparels, footwear, accessories, beauty products, home decor, furniture and other daily use products.The company's headquarter is located in Gurugram,Haryana.

The investors in the company initially were A B Kinnevik and Rocket Inter. They combined five fashion e-commerce businesses to form an entity named Global Fashion Group . According to ComScore report of 2012 , Jabong had second highest traffic among e-commerce website in initial months of it's launch. Also, it was 10th most searched term in India in 2012.It also worked in partnership with various bollywood movies and celebrities for initial promotions and had high velocity television ad campaigns .

Things were going well for the portal initially. Yebhi, FasionandYou and a few other companies were the only competitors in fashion back then. Amazon had not entered India and Flipkart launched fashion as a category in late 2012. Myntra had launched it's campaign in 2011 but it came into actual existence four years later.This made the Jabong team confident enough and they didn't take their competitors seriously.Their revenue grew from Rs. 4 crore in 2011-12 to Rs527 crore in 2013-14.

But things didn't go well for long and the ball wasn't in their court anymore . Losses were creeping up , heavy discounts were being blamed for it. It faced loss of around Rs.227.4 crores from january-may 2015. The company had started facing several funding issues and mounting losses due to increasing competition in the e-commerce platform , especially from Myntra and Amazon. Also, it had been facing certain governance issues . While, Manu Jain and Lakshmi Potluri , part of the founding team left in the initial years , Praveen Chandra and Arun Chandra broke ties with it last year.By the end of 2015 it was a well known fact that Jabong was in trouble.

Early 2016 was filled with rumours of various reputed companies that were interested in taking up jabong. Few names that came up that time were Reliance and Aditya Birla group . In July, 2016 was finally acquired by Flipkart at $70 million .This sudden deal shocked everyone and was signed in less than 3 days.

After the consolidation the CEO of Jabong Ananth Narayanan said ," I don't think this is consolidation in the traditional sense. I intend to run Myntra and Jabong as separate entities."

Jabong's acquisition was believed to be a game changer for Flipkart in today's competitive Indian market and give it an edge over Amazon and upcoming competitors like China's Alibaba. 


PRACTO : The Modern-Age Healthcare Wizard

Posted by ananya saxena on 2017-02-12

Right from shopping and entertainment to booking restaurants or cabs, the internet has become the source of almost all daily activities. And what can be more amazing than a platform that caters our healthcare needs as well?

Thus, with a mission to help humanity live healthier and longer, Shashank ND and his peer Abhinav Lal set up Practo Technologies Pvt Ltd in Bengaluru. The duo founded this company in 2008, while they were still college students in their final year of engineering at National Institute of Technology, Karnataka, after being triggered by a personal incident.

Practo is Asia’s #1 doctor search engine enabling patients to search for doctors specializing in all fields including dental care, skin care, gynecology, neurology, etc. , book appointments, order medicines, take healthcare advice and even view details like clinic timings, consultancy fee, and doctor’s qualification before making an appointment.
Some doctors use Practo Ray, a SAAS (Software as a service) software to easily manage appointments and healthcare records.

Though Practo’s not the only player in the game, what makes it special is the keen focus on maintaining product and service quality.
Practo pay has more than 10,000 doctors and over 10 million electronic patient records. In Singapore, it is the largest online clinic management software in terms of market share. has over 1,00,000 doctors listed from over 35 cities in India and countries like Singapore,  Indonesia, Philippines, and Brazil. The recent plan is to add 65 new cities in India by 2017.

“We plan to expand our footprint from 35 to 100 cities in India, while internationally expanding further across South East Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Eastern Europe “, Founder and CEO Shashank ND 

What works best for the company is the constant willingness to work towards self-improvement and also society’s improvement. Right from increasing health care accessibility in rural areas of India to setting up a global partnership with Uber, to help people reach doctors faster, Practo has grown tremendously. It has risen from a $4 million company to a $20 million company attracting one of the biggest investors in the market including, Sequoia Capital and Tencent Holdings. 

For its exceptional features and user-friendly interface, Practo was voted the Best app at Google Think Mobile Conference, 2014. 

The company mainly owes its success to references from customers who are leading influencers in their fields and also private doctors and smaller clinics who are drawn by the volume of services Practo Ray has to offer.

Being an online SAAS product, Practo Ray faced particular problems of intermittent connectivity and thus developed a Practo Tab for health care professionals.

Few things that can be learned from Practo’s journey are to be futuristic, creative and never to give up.

Yet Another Successful Edition: Open Networking Session 2.0

Posted by Saavie on 2017-02-08

FAAD in collaboration with Startup Delhi organized an Open Networking Session on 28th January 2017. The event took place at Workly, Lajpat Nagar to bridge the gap between the like minded people of the community, so that they can come forward to take the center stage and build their business.

FAAD provides startups with services from the Inauguration of the company to Marketing and Sales.The company has already organized multiple events including Co-founder matchmaking, discussion sessions, and networking sessions. Open Networking Session 2.0 was the second networking event organized by them and it was very successful. 

The session focused on two major topics 
1) New business environment.
2) Strategic Methods to get funding for a business.

Mr. Satjeet and Mr. Govindeep, cousin brothers and founders of 'bookmychotu' were the first speakers. They shared their enthralling story of how they came up with the idea of 'bookmychotu'. They further discussed the different measures they had to undertake to assure the success of their service.

They shared their tactic of taking the risk and not thinking too much about the idea. The brothers introduced the 'bookmychotu' service at the peak time of long lines and demonetization and they launched the service within a mere 10 days of having the idea. They believe that taking quick action was one of the prominent reasons for their service's success.
They gave the crowd, great insight on how quick decision making and right support can lead to great success and how believing in yourself is necessary to become a successful entrepreneur.

People in the audience actively participated in the discussion. 

There was a stand-up comedy act performed by a talented DU student 'Mr. Adesh Nichit'. The young student spoke about the daily struggles of student life and troubles one comes across when living with Indian parents. The act served as an entertainment boost and received loud cheering and laughter from the audience.

The second speaker was Mr. Rohit Srivastava, the man behind the making of the Airtel Money platform. Mr. Rohit is also the CTO of 'ePSYclinic' and a tremendously hard working person. He talked about technology and jobs in that domain. He further discussed ways of getting funds from companies. He shared his story and entertained numerous questions from the audience.

The event was successful with a live audience, great speakers, and a befitting venue. 

The speaking session was concluded with a vote of thanks. The audience was provided snacks by the event's sponsor 'Legal Salah'. 
After that, the people networked with each other during the second part 
of the event.

The event overall served its purpose of networking with fellow entrepreneurs and discussed two very important themes of entrepreneurship and business. 

Bharatiya Startups, BW Disrupt, Startup Selfie, Legal Salah and Startup Delhi were the proud sponsors of the event.

Team  FAAD is looking forward to many other such successful events in the future.

Mega Horse In The E-Commerce Track : SHOPCLUES

Posted by ANJALI SINGH on 2017-01-31

Happy Customers=Wealthy Entrepreneur!

Aiming at the above phrase this online marketplace has taken the market by storm.With over 12,000 registered merchants retail 2,00,000+ products on the platform to over 42 million visitors every year across 9500 locations in India and employs about 700 people across different locations, there is no stopping to Shopclues and the phenomenal work that they are doing. 

A subsidiary of Clues Network Inc (US Corporation and was founded in November 2011 by a Wall Street internet analyst Sandeep Aggarwal, her wife Radhika Aggarwal and Sanjay Sethi. While most of the E-tailers, pivoted their model into a marketplace, Gurgaon- based Shopclues was an Online Marketplace right from the beginning. 

ShopClues joined as 35th entrant in the Indian e-commerce in 2011.
More than $1.1 billion (Rs 7,300 crore) following undisclosed funding led by Singapore's sovereign wealth fund GIC, the company raised close to $10 million (Rs. 54 crores) from Helion Venture Partners and Nexus Venture Partners. Including other investors like Google, Netscape, Tiger Global and many serial entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley. 

The company currently values at around $350 million.

Ting se Leke Tong – with Aflatooni Products!

‘What you Think is What you Get’ isn’t just a saying at ShopClues. From usual products in Electronics, Fashion, Home & Kitchen, to unusual products like cow dung cakes, Knife Sharpeners, etc. ShopClues tops in
everything. So, you see what it means when said Aflatooni Products? 

ShopClues has revolutionized the conceptual Online Shopping in India with initiatives such as Ghar Wapsi Sale, Bigger than the Biggest Thank You Sale, #EkZeroKum Sale, etc. Amongst many other shopping sites, ShopClues is the leader in unstructured categories like Daily Utilities, Garden Needs, Hardware, Kitchen Storage, and others. ShopClues brings the experience of India’s Flea Markets online, in the form of its two weekly properties - Sunday Flea Market, and Wednesday Super Saver Bazaar. 

Another property capturing the essence of regional Indian shopping is called NRH (National Regional Heritage), which gives a sneak-peek into India’s Cultural Gullies at very reasonable prices.

The Growing Market Place and The Road Ahead 

Working as a marketplace, it has been well-supported by a burgeoning community of certified merchants in India. Unlike various other online shopping sites, it has achieved the largest merchant base of over 3.5 Lakhs. This online shopping website is creating history by empowering local and regional merchants, primarily from Tier 2 & 3 cities and making them a national enterprise at ShopClues.


One Roof For All Your Business Requirements: MICROCOM INTERNATIONAL

Posted by Saavie on 2017-01-26

In only a few decades, the internet has become the need of every successful business. Although the digital world is full of thousands of websites and software, it has become hard to manage all the different tabs for one business.

MICROCOM INTERNATIONAL saves you from this trouble.

Microcom International is a specialized Company in IT Services, digital and business solutions that partners with its clients to strengthen and transform their businesses. They deliver services in the field of web development and designing, software development, animation & designing and a range of other designing services.

They expertise in graphic designing, web development, application development, animation, photography, banner designing, brochure designing, business card designing and logo designing.

What can get better than this? All the services you require under one roof with a professional team at affordable prizes!

Microcom International, founded in 2014 by Mr. Sudhanshu Gupta is the child of the company Microcom Computer International which was founded in 1990 by Mr. S.K Gupta. This name follows the same traditional legacy given by his father.

Sudhanshu started the work in a small room alone with a single laptop. He used to take the projects and develop them himself. Started from the very bottom, he has worked his way up and in the mere time of a couple of years he has successfully built up a team of professionals who provide their best inputs for customer benefit.

The business was funded by the revenue generated by their first career projects. They started from zero and gradually, earned through the projects assigned. This pushed forward their potential and helped increase their workspace, team strength and market status.

“My father is my role model., He has always worked so efficiently which sets a mark for me and uplifts me constantly”,says Sudhanshu. 

Mr Gupta always wanted to create a space where one can find all the service under one roof hence he made sure that his company provides overall services and satisfaction to the customers. This later turned out to be their company’s greatest strength because they provide the services of Photography, Content writing, etc. which are required in addition to the designing. Their clients need not rush to any other companies for such additional services.

Their approach is very friendly and supportive. “We ensure the highest levels of certainty and satisfaction through a deep-set commitment to our clients, comprehensive industry expertise and a global network of innovation and delivery centers.”

In the span of time, Microcom International has achieved many accomplishments and praising of people. They have upgraded themselves to a whole new level.

 Mr. Sudhanshu received the “Young Entrepreneur Award” in January 2016 on the eve of the National Management Summit.

Their organization now consists of 17 members in their core team who work with dedication to achieve certain goals and customers’ satisfaction.

Some of their proud clients are ‘Foilpack’, ‘GoForServices’, ‘Knilot’, ‘History Rajasthan’ and others.

They believe in hard work and providing full support and satisfaction to their customers.

“As estimated, we find ourselves as the most successful startup in the upcoming years. We are providing our best so that, we emerge as one of the top-rated companies in the future. We work for customers’ satisfaction, yielding our best results.” - Sudhanshu, Managing Director at  Microcom International.

So, if you want to get a full package of excellent digital services for your business, then Microcom International is the place to ping! They will take care of your website, mobile applications, designing and other services that you might probably require all under one program.



Confluence 9.0 brought to you by Management Interaction Cell, SSCBS

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2017-01-17

Well, the bells have rung, the sun has come to shine once again, as we approach the time of the start of fest season in DU colleges. Games, Masti, and prizes are all the more important ingredients that go into the making of these fests as a perfect recipe.

Apart from the hard work that goes into putting these mega events, the small entrepreneurial roles that students undertake in managing teams, deadlines and ensuring everything falls into place with precision is something that is worth writing many odes. Let us sneak peak into one of such event coming up soon and go back down the memory lane when we all were doing similar roles in our colleges

( even if we weren't). 

One interesting event in the calendar is the Confluence 9.0 organized by students from the Management Interaction Cell of SSCBS. *wow* *super excited*. Let us scan all the details and wish the society all the best for their event.

The Management Interaction Cell of Shaheed Sukhdev College Of Business Studies is back with its flagship management fest CONFLUENCE 9.0

An array of events await you with Prizes worth ₹3,00,000  up for grabs!


May the market be with you!

A blend of the traditional mock stock with the intergalactic world of adventure.

Cash prizes and courses worth ₹1,00,000!


Winner takes it all!

A roller coaster ride like series of rounds that requires you to combine your technical with interpersonal.

Prizes worth ₹60,000 to be won!


Conquer the world! 

A turn based strategy game that sets the team on an epic journey, testing their decision-making skills, as they lead their empires to the gates of glory.

Prizes worth ₹1,00,000 to be won!


Lights. Camera. Action.

Right from budgeting and marketing to sensationalizing your movie by hiring actors and their leading ladies, you have to do it all. 

Prizes worth ₹10,000 to be won!

Here you can find the official teaser of their event.

Don’t forget to register at:


Date: 24-25 January 2017

Venue: Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute, North Campus, University of Delhi, Vijay Nagar Marg, Delhi, 110007


For further details, contact:

Pranav Arora: +91 9971163150

Aankhi Anwesha: +91 8010333022

Story of a 23 year talented entrepreneur: Abhishek Gupta and Tootle services

Posted by Saavie on 2017-01-15

Today on Faad times, we cover the story of a young entrepreneur from the lands of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Abhishek Gupta, with a B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata, was the only person in his entire clan to pursue Science and then complete his Engineering!

But his indomitable spirit did not cease him from achieving big in life. Tootle services, a registered partnership firm on 4th April 2016. It is currently incubated at Nasscom 10k start up program in Kolkata

How did the entrepreneurial bug bite him? Wasn’t he supposed to carry forward the family business?

So, the initial shock was already given to the family. “I want to take up Science in my +2” – is what Abhishek Gupta had declared in his family after his 10th Boards. So be it. Then the journey began. He joined Kota, Rajasthan to prepare for the IIT JEE while pursuing his +2. Being in Kota, away from family, finding new friends and staying alone opened a whole new world for Abhishek at the very young age of 16. The IITs could not be cracked (there’s a whole long exciting story behind that too) but the bigger picture was unearthed – “I have to do something on my own. Can’t do away with freedom.” But no! The College Dropout idea had still not permeated into the thought process. Thus Mr. Gupta joins IEM, one of the topmost private colleges in Kolkata.

Engineering colleges are supposed to be fun! But that wasn’t the case for Abhishek. The amount of thrill, masti he had had in Kota was no match for the fun his other batch-mates were supposedly having. Abhishek was looking for an idea to work upon. But there was no idea.

Freelancing was an amazing, wholesome and evolving experience. It not only gave him enough practical technical knowledge but also taught him how to manage projects and complete them within deadlines. And the ideas kept flowing in and on! The only thing missing was – a solid Team.

The Click Moment                                                                                      

One fine day in 2014 Abhishek – now in his 2nd year of Engineering, finds a Facebook post, shared by one of his friends, about a Business Plan Competition at NITIE, Mumbai. Something sparked within and he was desperate to participate. Again, another problem – at least 2 members were required to form a team and apply. Fantastic! He smartly enrolled his friend, Abhirup Mukherjee’s name along with him, without even Abhirup’s knowledge. After the invitation arrived, Abhirup was informed who without even blinking said a big, fat NO! There was no other option for Mr. Gupta but to beg. Even that failed. Fine, he lured Abhirup with the offer of going to Mumbai to have fun, roam around on the Juhu Beach and if by any chance they happen to win any prize, which was totally next to impossible, they’d party with whatever prize money they get! Deal cracked!

The BPlan Challenge was to set up a noodles factory. Plans were submitted and the competing teams were waiting for the results. Most of the other team members were also in their 2nd year – the only difference being, they were in their 2nd year of MBA. Mr. Gupta thought – “No chance.”

The ending wasn’t like our usual Hindi films. Mr. Gupta did not win the competition but stood 4th. Not bad either. The goal was achieved – to test whether he had that business acumen.

Thus Abhishek returns to Kolkata, determined to start his entrepreneurial journey, determined to create his Team. Slowly and gradually a team got formed (of course, there were lots of people who joined in and then opted out). Few initial failures didn’t discourage him and he finally landed in NASSCOM with his idea of Tootle while he was still in his College.

Tootle is Unique on Demand Freelancer Solution Connecting Online Freelancers to Offline Jobs based on their locality.

Freelancing is what brought Abhishek and his CTO, Sudipta together. Also, a lot of other friends wanted to do something worthwhile with their spare time. The stage was set and the local contractual job searching platform Tootle found its inception.

“The idea is to create more jobs – both traditional and Odd Jobs as you may say. We have a tendency of looking for talent beyond our boundaries when it comes to looking a suitable employee or associate. Some kind of CV needs to be floated to find a job! Are we at first looking at our very nearby options?. There are jobs everywhere and people everywhere. The idea is to try to match them as locally as possible. If you find something suitable nearby, why go somewhere else? And not just that. There are a lot of students, housewives, retired people who look for part-time jobs. So why not match them with the demands around them?” – This is the thought process behind Tootle. Abhishek also wants to create a feeling of the dignity of labor and slowly bring about more societal impact by not taking up him campus placed job but creating a platform that generates jobs for many through Tootle but one step at a time.









BHARATIYA STARTUPS- The Home For Indian Startups

Posted by Saavie on 2017-01-09

Millions of people have ideas that can change the world but only a few of them have the courage to work and achieve those ideas.

Mr. Sudhanshu Gupta, founder of ‘Bharatiya Startups’, wasn’t one of the dreamers. He was and still is one of the achievers.

Bharatiya Startups is an organization that helps young entrepreneurs to build their businesses. They provide everything from Workspace solutions to Free marketing. Bharatiya Startups are famous for their freedom and welcoming support that lets entrepreneurs discover their interests freely.

The inspiration of Bharatiya Startups came from attending a very simple event on startups. The event focused on the ‘problems being faced by small startups’. This intrigued the team and gave them the idea of opening a Startup that solely focuses on helping other startups. Within only 7-8 months, they had Bharatiya Startups running.

They started from the scratch to understand all the problems that a startup might encounter.

We had three days initially when we used to gather information about the startups from different sources and about the basic requirements, strategy and planning to start, boost and flourish a business.” Says Sudhanshu.

They started this community, with only a couple of people and they are very proud to admit that they have now grown to over 10000 people.

Bharatiya Startups is an organization which ushers young minds about the idea of Entrepreneurship. This is an initiative to nurture young minds and to provide the resources to drive their ideas and shape them into reality. They are an Incubation service for providing all the amenities and assets to the entrepreneurs.

Our USP is our contribution in the resources and the fact that we bring the capitalists/investors directly to the startups. There are no other mediators. This provides a surgical help to the startups.”- Sudhanshu.

The founder is greatly influenced by Mark Zuckerberg and calls him his role model.

“When you give everyone a voice and give people power, the system usually ends up in a really good place. So, what we view our role as is giving people that power.”
- Mark Zuckerberg

The idea fits perfectly with Bharatiya Startups, which has accomplished in supporting and providing resources to a few great start-ups. They have built a community which has a 10000+ people who are informed about the events going to happen and about different start-ups.

In the upcoming years, they hope to take this to a next level and expand their community where they can invite more people to join and provide their services to more entrepreneurs.

“We want to usher more ideas and build a great community in the coming years.”


DateTix: Host and Apply To Dates Near You

Posted by Shubhi on 2016-12-31

 It seems all the singles in the city have their wishes come true. Now, getting your perfect date is not a difficult task at all. With DateTix, you have your ideal date sorted. It feels that people are busy either in a Startup advent or working on a million dollar company that leaves with no quality time. It is time to balance the scales, adding weights to personal time also. Therefore, the significance of a platform like DateTix is undeniable for the market.


Datetix is the mobile and cloud-based marketplace for people to host, discover and go on real life dates. Its unique name and simplicity to connect with people attract all. The date could be for friendships, casual dating, serious relationships, or business networking- it ceases all like-minded people at one platform “DateTix”. 


Initiated by Michael Ye, an Internet entrepreneur, Datetix is successfully operating in three countries. Started as an online dating website in 2013, Michael was working on it part-time while still working on my full-time job as an investment fund manager. He would work hard on it in the evenings and on weekends on product design and development, and building a high quality seed user base in Hong Kong. Having done really well, now the company plans to enter the Indian markets with the help of Rahul Maheshwari, a young entrepreneur with a very good understanding of this space.


Datetix group hosts a suite of dating products like Lovestruck, Lovestruck Infinity, Noonswoon and Datetix which gives the customer to directly choose Datetix. 


Lovestruck styling to connect people analyze first the matched partners according to their interests, age, location and other criteria. Once they meet up, the server allocates their behavioral likes and dislikes to get the best ones match. 


Lovestruck infinity is designed for committed relationships with supreme expertise in matchmaking and dating expertise to set their clients on a course for love. Anyone uncomfortable with the high visibility or time-consuming aspect of other different dating sites can opt for the same.


With unique and innovative services, Datetix got acknowledged by a small round of seed funding in 2013 and then raised $3 million Australian dollars in 2015, and just raised another $1.75 million Australian dollars in 2016. Moreover, it has acquired two dating in past 5 months. The leaders of the South Asian markets are now looking to expand in South East Asia and India.


India is a conservative country with the relationships formed on networks while technology. Recording a month on month growth in terms of revenue and userbase, meeting individuals and developing a sound market amidst Tinder and backlashes of prejudices, would be a tough task for Datetix.  



Prince Vijay And The Paytm Kingdom : Leaders of Digital Payments

Posted by Saavie on 2016-12-29

Paytm has grown to be very popular and is considered very handy to use after Demonetization. But it was a big hit even before that. What makes Paytm so appealing to the market? And why is it better than the rest?

Paytm is a digital payments platform that lets you transfer cash into the integrated wallet via online banking, debit cards, and credit cards, or even by depositing money via selected banks and partners. Using the money in the Paytm wallet, you can pay for several goods without using cash.

 Paytm also lets you recharge your mobile phones, metro cards, DTH cable, data cards, etc., as well as postpaid payments for cell phones, landline/ broadband, electricity, water and gas bills, etc. You can book tickets for buses, trains, flights, movies, hotel rooms, etc. and pay for Uber cab rides using the platform. You can also buy goods on the company’s e-commerce platform using the wallet.

The story of how Paytm came into existence is an interesting one.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, the founder of Paytm, was brilliant in his studies in his hometown, Aligarh. He always struck out to be the best, until he had to move out from his hometown and into the “real world” for college. He joined the Delhi College of Engineering, which is English medium but he completed his school graduation in Hindi. The language barrier made it strenuous for him to study and became the reason for his low grades in college.

When Vijay was not attending college, he spent his time becoming an entrepreneur. He started the website in 1997 with a few of his friends.

Things took a better turn when he started One97, the parent company of Paytm. He began experimenting with the three basics of the internet- content, advertising and commerce. But the big eureka moment came in 2011 when he first pitched the idea of entering the payment ecosystem in front of his board. The board was not convinced, as he was talking about betting the company's money on a non-existent market.


"Some other entrepreneur would have sold the equity and started their own business. But I aspire to build a 100-year-old company. I think that men and boys are different because the boys flip and sell. People run, and create legacies," Vijay said.


So, he put 1% of his equity, which was about $2 million around 2011, on the table and said, "This is for all of you if I waste the money that we put on the site." He adds, "There is no fun in doing what others ask you to do, the real fun is in doing what people say you can't do."


And it is this belief that the first avatar of Paytm, Pay Through Mobile, was born, going rapidly onto becoming the next big thing of the startup ecosystem in India.

Paytm is India's largest mobile payments and commerce platform. It started with online mobile recharge and bill payments and had an online marketplace today. In a short span of time, it has scaled to over 164 Million registered users and more than 90 Million monthly transactions. Its investors include Ant Financial (AliPay), SAIF Partners, Mediatek, Sapphire Venture and Silicon Valley Bank.

The company received the Most Innovative Company of the Year 2014 Award at Business Standard Awards, the Disruptive Digital Innovator Award at NDTV Digitizing India Awards, the Frost & Sullivan India ICT Award for Mobile Commerce Company of the Year in B2C segment.  And these are only a few of zillions of them.


The Year Ending Startup Overview : Highs and Lows of 2016

Posted by Shubhi on 2016-12-27

The startup industry is completely revolutionizing the traditional approach, by changing the consumer’s life in every aspect. Book restaurant by Zomato, Travel by Wagoncabs and pay equally amongst friends with Mypoolin. 

Startups have enhanced the citizen's lifestyle, built innovative solutions and become the Growing Opportunity for Stakeholders. Over the years many problems regarding Power, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Financial Inclusion, Agricultural Productivity and Education has been transformed into innovative solutions. And it is just getting better and better with each passing year.


India has a precious gift of talented entrepreneurs. Over the years, India has moved up to 3rd position and has the fastest growing database of startups worldwide. Some of the key drivers were Role Models, High Growth of Investor ecosystem, Tech- Driven large consumer and Digital Nation. Startups field majorly in eCommerce, Consumer Services, and aggregators, with most emerging from cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi. 


The call for all startups – Funding – has gratefully achieved a 125% increase in the past years. With high interest from Foreign Funds, and Overseas corporates ready to invest in India. Why would any great mind not pitch his idea?
According to Zinnov Product/Digital Startup Database, Venture Capitalists and Private Equity invest across B2B and B2C Segments as compared to Angel Investors, trying their hands over different verticals. 
On Mergers n Acquisitions, Corporates and Startups may it be Indian or Overseas are taking full force to acquire. Over 65 M&As had been successfully executed in 2016. 

Evolving Verticals

The biggest share of the market is with eCommerce, Aggregators, eCommerce Enablers and Consumer Services. 
The new trending services of Health-tech, Payments, IoT and Robotics are the attention seekers of the future. The most appropriate example is Paytm Karo. Paytm, an online payment platform received $635 Mn funding in 2015. It has reached the hearts of every Indian. 


The seed stage supporters are setting up Incubation centers in different colleges, Corporates moving into this market and moreover, Government bodies like Nasscom is partnering with State Governments to Startup Warehouses. They just not provide funding and Backend support but give their valuable mentorship and help in reaching more networks. 


With the graph of Young minds acing the entrepreneur level in our country, there seem to be many more leaders in the coming future. Seems to the fact that equality will take place a high growth with more than 50% rise in the share of Female entrepreneurs over 2014. 
Top pay package with added stock options, better Job role, and bright future makes the Indian CXOs and senior executives to join startups and start their ventures. Figures and Past analysis have failed regarding Brain drain with the starting of brain gain. 


The government has played a constant support to Startups. Be it Funding, Tech or Operations, they have always aimed towards improving the overall startup ecosystem. Launching the Indian Aspiration Fund to the creation of Technology Business Incubator, all have boosted the startup-centric policies. 

While the start of 2016 might have spelled trouble for some well-established startups, it also saw the birth of companies that are tackling everything from trying to cure cancer to super-fast internet to a competitor to take on Uber. Let us hope 2017 turns to be a rocking year, where ecosystem florishes and ideas get implemented at the end of the day. 


MYOPERATOR : A Professional Call Management System

Posted by Saavie on 2016-12-23

Do you know that more than 80% of business transactions takes place over the phone?

"Every customer interaction is a marketing opportunity."

*And it requires a professional to handle it*(Period)*   


MyOperator is a cloud telephony service which helps organisations manage all their business calls while creating a complete database of the customers to ensure that no valuable information is lost.

The service delivers solutions such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Virtual number, toll-free number, cloud EPABX, automatic call distribution, call tracking & recording, reports and much more for business.


Ankit Jain, the founder of VoiceTree, noticed that a telephony interaction system would be a sustainable business backbone, when the service received, over 20,000 calls in a day for an entertainment organisation. Motivated by that he launched his in-house Response Engine called TIRE. The team developed two products with it - CODAC and MyOperator.


CODAC came as an answer to reducing the humongous efforts involved in handling confirmation requests. It is an automated call verification tool which enables businesses to confirm periodic payments and service details.


MyOperator focused on the need for SMEs to manage their calls without any infrastructure or technology hurdle.It gives step by step directions and options to help choose the most suitable call management system for a company.  Beginning by picking a business phone number (toll-free or a virtual number) and designing a customised IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system. Followed by allotment of the departments and agents, and publishing of the number. The user can access and subscribe to call reports and remarket the callers through SMS or Facebook.


Ease of use and Affordability are the two things that MyOperator has got it right on both fronts. A user can set up a system in as less as 60 seconds with this amazing cloud telephony service.


The company has experienced a breakthrough in the past with this product. Ankit Jain tells that their revenues have increased by 300% in the last three months. 


With the team growth at over 50% in the same period.  "We are creating SAAS (Software as a service) and mobile strategies to take a new leap with MyOperator. Soon you will see us in the global cloud telephony market, re-defining call management."-says Ankit.


MyOperator has gained numerous customers for its excellent services in a very short term. Lenskart.,, MakeMyTrip, Canon and FabIndia are a few of its other proud customers.


Their services were also rendered by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in a crowdsourced calling campaign, which reached over 5 lakh people in Delhi, before the Delhi Legislative Assembly election, 2013.


In 2014, NASSCOM identified VoiceTree Technologies as one of the Top 10 companies in the Emerge "League of 50" for 2014.


MyOperator is currently limited offering their infrastructure offering only to Delhi, but are now expanding with good speed to provide the same, pan-India. In the coming six months, plans are initiated to release the enhanced next version of a product on a global level.




Another Ode to Success: Rocking again with Co Founder Matchmaking 2.0

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-12-22

After a thumping success of the first installment, the bells had rung once again for Co - Founder Matchmaking 2.0, wherein 20 startups and 20 Co-Founders are shortlisted to speed date with each other on real time basis. Just like its predecessor, Co- Founder Matchmaking 2.0 was no different recipe. Same concept, same process but we got a pack of new memories to cherish for a lifetime.


This time around, CFM 2.0 was conducted in Workly, Lajpat Nagar on 17 December 2016. Faad along with Startups Delhi, powered by Wagon Cabs (which gives you fixed rate/kilometre and an option of more savings for riders and more earnings to drivers) and Co powered by Cash Suvidha, conducted this transformational event for the Startup Industry. Our other partners included Web Shuttle, JuxPux, BW Disrupt, College Desk, GrowthHub, Startup Selfie and HR SimpliWith the dedicated and continuous support of all the partners, we were pretty confident that we would nail it big once again. 


All the registrations were duly done and completed, as we geared up for the big day (the event day). People started coming in at 11, and the networking floor was already abuzz with discussions of like -minded intellectuals under one roof, and under the banner of Co- Founder Matchmaking 2.0.  As people started to accumulate, our celebrity speaker Anchor Satvik Kapur had already spellbound the audience with his fun-filled team grouping activities. People were made to interact with maximum people in the room like they had met their old friends after ten years ago.  Our Prime sponsor Wagon Cab presented their idea of the perfect rate for Kilometer along the lines of higher waiting periods and surges in the Cab Industry. Their idea of better savings to riders and earnings to drivers was indeed commended by the audience.


 Next in place, was our Celebrity speaker session which focused on imparting the right kind of knowledge and guidance to the startup community from the Industry experts themselves.


Our Keynote Speaker Mr Ankit Jain, Founder of My Operator, spoke about how he runs a bootstrapped company and very much profitable with a well-diversified customer base. He spoke extensively on the need for the right Co-Founder in escalating the venture and making the dream turn into an operational idea. Meanwhile, people were listening to Mr Jain very carefully; they were enjoying a tasty bite of lovely sandwiches by JuxPux. 


After that, it was time for the audiences to fill out their three preferences of their ideal date for a startup or Co-Founder based on their pitches, skillset, Domain and a multitude of other factors. And then after filling out the preferences, it was time to move towards lunch sponsored by CashSuvidha. After taking the Lunch Bites, everyone started to network with people around, as the dates were being announced. People were being guided to the person they can meet on a speed date, so as to generate a better match. 


This time we had close to 50% successful and perfect matches and people happily exclaimed that the matches helped them to find the right person in the community. The time was over, matches were made, and now it was time to bid adieu to 2.0. But we will be back again with 3.0 to rock the ecosystem once again.  



The coolest way to share money with friends : The beautiful story of Mypoolin

Posted by Shubhi on 2016-12-01

Why pay more when you can split the exact amount? Mypoolin, a peer-to-peer and social payments company, has cleared the fuss of handling transactions in a group of friends. Even though money is something we all try to be good with, it is quite embarrassing to repeatedly poke people and remind them how much they owe you. Say hello to this new app that solves it for you! Created by two highly intellectual entrepreneurs – Mypoolin has become the leading social payments company in India. It is a new age solution to simplify your daily lifestyle and send / receive money with your friends instantly from any bank to any bank.


Ankit and Rohit met each other at an event at Harvard University in 2012. Both clicked instantly with each other as they discussed and compared the incline and outlook of Harvard students towards startups with peers back home at IIT Delhi and Delhi College of Engineering. While Ankit looks after the marketing and growth side, Rohit takes care of product and system design. Mypoolin app involves two main parts - Split n Settle and Plan n Pay. They use UPI (Unified Payments Interface) to help users send / receive money instantly from any bank to any bank with just a mobile number.


In the 'Split and Settle’ section, after a plan where you have paid other's shares; you can create a request where you enter the topic and the overall amount you paid. Once this is done, you need to add the people with whom you are splitting this bill from your contacts and create this payment. It is added to the home screen and requests are sent to your friends for the collection, provided they are also Mypoolin users. Otherwise they get a request to install the app first. Everyone can pay their shares using any means like credit / debit / net banking and UPI. Once everyone's payments are done, you have the option to collect it as a bank transfer to your account, as a voucher with Mypoolin’s partners or a refund to your mobile wallet. Don’t worry, if your friends don't agree with the split, you can discuss it in the embedded group chat, and later claim a refund from the pool as well.


A very important aspect of Mypoolin is that it is entirely FREE of COST and all the transactions happen in real time, i.e. instantly. So, say goodbye to long Account numbers and IFSC codes for sending money to anyone in the future and embrace this magic.

Earlier, Mypoolin had raised angel funding from renowned investors naming Rajan Anandan, Sharad Sharma, Sunil Kalra and more. Also in August 2015, Mypoolin was awarded with a convertible debt round from Accel Partners and Qualcomm Ventures.


Mypoolin has cut down the big tedious excel sheets and multiple bank transfer reminders into a smooth and fun experience. Mypoolin isn’t trying to be just another payment app. What it seems to target is something bigger - a complete social planning and payment tool for your amazing plans as well! It is a full stack social lifestyle app for our young generation.


You can download the app here –





Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-11-03

What if you could get a robust online platform where you could get your financial worries resolved? Cashsuvidha, a leading Financial Company a trade name of Usha Financial Services Pvt. Ltd., initiated by two highly experienced Import and finance market heroes provides a diversified product portfolio in the Finance sector. It is the platform that provides you loans at hassle free, quick processes to approve your financial needs.

With a vast experience of over 25 years in the Business and Financial Market, 15+ years of experience in the import of non – ferrous metal scrap, and an experience in the Real estate sector spanning decades, the Founder Mr. Rajesh Gupta directs the leads the company as a real leader.


 It is often remarked that a TEAM is people joining and creating wonders together. Mr. Anoop Garg, Co-Founder of Cashsuvidha has always been the consistent supporter of the enterprise. His dynamic experience of over 21 years in various capacities and domains has been a big plus for business's functioning and operations. Similar to his Counterpart, Mr. Anoop also comes in with years of experience in the Real Estate and Importing of Non Ferrous Metal Scrap businesses.


Dreaming of touching zenith, the fantastic duo envisions to become India’s leading financial company.


Marching on the purpose to overcome hurdles in the life of Entrepreneurs in India, they counter with challenges to float their bank loans, external factors like inflexible guarantee parameters, frustrating lending policies and lengthy disbursements affecting their credit appeals. The Digital Fin-tech platform enables the users to experience automated operation, hassle free operating, Fast approval and Quick Disbursal.


Their four-Step process to gain funds is fascinating. Just apply anytime, upload your documents) and disbursal: loan amount disbursed within 72 hours. Cashsuvidha has an extensive range of Products- Entrepreneur Loan, Small Medium Enterprise Loan, and Invoice Finance. Their aid towards the segment of Women’s is appreciable and gives them an edge over others. The passionate team is also working on a technology through which Results can be obtained in real time (It includes Social Score, E-KYC, Human behavior & Credit Bureau CIBIL & Equifax.) Their technological platform is very robust and comprehensive, but really solves the problems of paying visits to Banks and Financial institutions again and again. It is really the need of the hour and erodes the need of Paperwork and Physical documents.  Thus, their technology makes the entire process lucid and comforting on the part of Customers.


With new and innovative services under the hatchet, Cashsuvidha promises to be the next big thing in the world of Fin-tech. Their focus area currently lies in managing both the Urban and Rural credit requirements, thus benefiting the lower strata also. Their motive is to bridge the wide gap in the market and reach out to those who have no reach to banks & Financial Institutions.


Initiated just months before, they have served 3500+ clients. The testimonial and the services provided by them are the icing on the cake to get easy finance at affordable rates.Additionally improving the macroeconomic conditions, higher credit penetration, increased consumption and disruptive digital trends will allow Cashsuvidha to grow at a healthy rate over next five years.





Husband and Wife Duo Take The Marketing World By Storm

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-10-24

Would not it be super awesome if we have a platform that brought creative minds together and allowed start-ups, SMEs and established businesses too to reach out to these brand specialists who could provide marketing solutions to them at a fraction of the costs traditionally associated with marketing activities? 

Vivek and Nehal Modi, a husband-wife duo, spotted the need for Yellowbulbs and they swiftly moved in to fill the void. They are a progeny of the digital age and believe that technology has shrunk the distance between brands and brand marketers.

YellowBulbs is an effort to aggregate these marketing specialist agencies and experts and create an online B2B marketplace that helps new age brands interact with marketing experts. They help startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) make their acquaintance with marketing ideas through specialists to pay whom banks don’t need to be robbed.


400+ Buyers 

2600+ Sellers listed 

542 + Verified sellers 

Global-Alexa Rank - 118,991 

India Alexa Rank - 9069 

377 Ready to use packages live already 

Operational since March 2015 

Team in NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata. 

Total team size - 11 


Their Journey

As a marketing professional for over 15 years—as an advertising executive, sales manager, brand manager and business leader—Vivek found that brands were only reaching out to the big, well-established agencies. Smaller, boutique firms would invariably lose out to the usual suspects. When brands had an outstanding marketing campaign to launch, these big companies could promise one of two things: on-time delivery or creativity. The client, of course, demanded both and rightly so. For that agencies would ask for more time and premium pricing.

This inefficiency, Vivek felt, needed to be curtailed, if not eliminated. And for that it was important that businesses were able to reach out to other, smaller, agencies that were hungry for business, could provide a customized solution promptly and at a competitive price. The YellowBulbs platform was the answer.

 They began their search for creative service providers and set about putting together specialists based on due diligence to establish strong credentials. In 2015 YellowBulbs got its first project, and the die was cast. It has been gathering momentum since then, going from strength to strength, creating ripples in the marketing world.

Turning business into a brand:

 “The time is just right for Indian start-ups and SMEs to enter the big league of brands worldwide. Post-liberalisation, India has been able to build an ecosystem that has given companies access to capital as well as talent. Moreover, the retail and e-commerce boom has opened up new markets, expanding the consumer base like 

The eight broad categories YellowBulbs operates in includes: 


•    Digital marketing

•    Event and Activation

•    Design and communication

•    Website and app

•    Video and film

•    Blogs and content

•    Audio and radio

•    Public relations.



Free registration: The market has business listing platforms that ask for registration fee upfront; YellowBulbs allows service partners to register for free, upload ready to use packages, apply for the best-suited bids, complete the assignment, and receive payment. We also offer managed services solution at a nominal service fee. We only charge the seller a nominal fee after the money is received.


 Quick service: YellowBulbs has boundary service called Brand Box for brands looking for immediate services. On Brand Box, based on their needs and requirements, clients will find ready-to-use packages which cut the process time of briefing, shortlisting and negotiating.


Security, Visibility, and transparent platform: YellowBulbs offers a completely safe and open platform for financial transactions. Service providers are paid only when the client confirms that the project is complete. If you are verified on YellowBulbs chances of you being visible to service seekers rise significantly

Distance no constraint: The digital world shrinks boundaries; in this case creativity without boundaries. So, even if you are a service provider, or service seeker for that matter, located in Tier 2 or 3 cities, the YellowBulbs platform will get you what you want. 


The Blissful Plans Ahead:

 YellowBulbs went online in May this year and rapidly, within a month of starting operations. Marketplace is the current model. In the Events and Seminars vertical their aim is to set up platforms and organize seminars that bring together suppliers, brands, and consumers on the same platform and interact like never before.



.TJ Fine Jewellery: True Gems In The Industry

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-10-12

As goes by a famous quote, “The names need not to be taken too often to honor the champion, their work itself speaks volume of their victory sagas.”

With close to 60 years of a wonderful legacy, Tarun Jain Designer Jewellery and Gemstones has been a pioneer, thanks to their splendid designs and customized pieces. It does not matter whether it is a big fat Indian wedding or a Cocktail evening, the talented team of designers will design an artistic piece that is set to dazzle with your outfit.

The amazing work of fine jewellery that has been done by Tarun Jain so far, is really a treat for the eyes and deserves special recognition. With constant innovations with their product, hiring the right team of designers and showcasing great artistic skills, the team has hit the nail on its head when it comes to success and a happy clientele network globally.

The man himself, Tarun Jain comes out as a superb leader of the pack, delivering products of high value and falls to die for. One such piece is the Navratan Brooch that features the finest stones encircled with diamonds and handcrafted in 18k gold. If you want great falls with attractive diamonds and eye catching threads, then carved Emerald Polki Diamond Choker and Jhoomer are set to send shivers down the spine with their absolute beauty. Both are well acclaimed designs and have won a series of accolades, both nationally as well as globally.

As another quote goes by, “Innovation is a never ending process, and the more you innovate the better you connect with your customers.” Keeping this in mind, they have started with the concept of Heirloom Jewellery which has been making merry for them and their business. Through this, the old discarded jewellery is remodeled with more colors and is given the shape of a new jewellery. The most important thing is that the sentimental value of the old jewellery is remained intact, but the outlook just looks nothing less than a new one.

Lines can be written, paragraphs can be phrased after one other to evaluate the work done by the awesome team so far. Their spirit of innovating in a creative and customized space, a great team support is something that adds the onus to the success story so far and times to come.


Open Forum By Faad And Startup Delhi At Workly

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-09-21

The preparations were all set , as Faad was ready to launch another unique event  that would help the community to grow and the ecosystem to flourish.  Our lovely partners Startups Delhi, Page Swype and  Workly  too looked at the event with great expectations and excitement as to how the next steps of events would unfurl.  But yes now I can say, that 6-8  on 18 September,2016 was a great time.

Our event Open forum was focussed to solve the real problems of startups in the domain of Finance, Investment, legal and banking. As the name of the event goes by, we aimed to seek an open idea  sharing platform where experts were called to solve these problems.

The event started off with the hostmaster for the day Aditya Arora introducing our lovely speakers and telling about their awesome work that they done over the past so many years.  The perfect atmosphere in Workly could not have provided for a better start to the event.  The excitement could be seen from  the happy and cheerful faces of the speakers as well as the attendees.

Mr Alok Gupta took care of all the investment questions that were raised in the open forum. He answered various doubts regarding the VC roadblock,  funding via debt funds, the real key attraction for an investor along with a line of various questions and suggestions that came up at the open forum 

Mr Laveesh Puri, being a seasoned professional in bankng industry for more than a decade, took great care of the questions that were being hurled at him. He spoke on the E comm bubble, lower credit offtakes , banking mechanism for startup ecosystem. 

Our third speaker Mr Ramnauj Mukherjee was the person for all the questions related to the legal aspect of a startup. He spoke effectively and at great lengths on the importance, legal aspect can serve to the growth and success of a startup. Mr. Ramnauj perfectly resolved all the queries regarding the trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property rights.

The attendees too graced the occasion with a plethora of questions for our lovely speakers who dealt with them like a pro.  The event rocked from the single minute it started, and all the participants reverted with a positive feedback and the need of conducting more and more events. All in all. A great Sunday evening with like minded intellectuals and some great questions being answered, acted as a perfect  setting for us.  




Care for your Pets in the Dyroms Fashion

Posted by Shubhi on 2016-09-17

Steve Jobs rightly said that everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you and you could change it. It gets proved with the fabulous vision of Udit Gupta and Prateek Singh. A pure tragedy of Udit’s Labrador named Gogo, gave them a purpose to not let any animal die due to improper treatment with multiple medications. With their co-founding member Pranav,  they launched DYROMS- DYR Omsorg, meaning Animal care in Danish.


A simple mission to make DYROMS, the Google for Pet parents and animal lovers.

A beautifully designed business model, which helps them link with pet parents. Moreover, the idea of reducing paper, and digitalizing India is a one step forward to modernise India.


On one side, DYROMS improvise the search of nearest specialised doctors, increasing pet’s lifetime at large. On the other hand, they are creating a one stop solution for all pet parenting needs. May it be past medical history or availability of pet’s accessories, food, grooming diagnostic services and much more. All in just ONE CLICK.


A pet parent now no need to care about Vaccination due to dates, handle Medical history, find the most suitable doctor for the pet, fix appointments or get all products related to pets at their doorstep. A user would feel complete and give positive regards for dissolving their complexity.


A doctor would feel hassle free of storing prescriptions with DYROMS Doctor Management Software. Their duty to remind for Vaccinations, review the clinical day to day management, and finding of appointment would simplify.


As a bootstrapped startup, it’s hard to connect with such unorganised sector. DYROMS in such a short span has connected from two to forty-five veterinary doctors and generated more than 12,500 prescriptions and more counting daily.


For all the Pet Lovers, DYROMS has also created an FB page( where they publish articles on a daily basis on regular pet parenting problems and their solutions. A must read to them!






Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-09-09

The popular theory which says that "Age is just a number" has been proven correct by the 18-year-old Hamraj Kumar proves this right. His new venture Cureinstant gets a funding of Rs 1 crore from Dr. Rameshwar Kumar.

Cureinstant is a new startup that aims to bring a change in the life of the people. His idea is simple- a social health networking website. is a platform where the patients, doctors, medical stores, pathology labs, fitness centre and many other health professionals can come together.People can ask their problem to the Doctor through live chat.

The platform also enables to book appointments with doctors, and there are a plethora of options that allows a patient to keep their health related documents on the cloud. The availability of health reports on the cloud will increase the way in which reports are shared by the doctors, labs, and patients. 

Imagine a platform where different doctors of the same disease are helping a patient find the cure. The patient will feel very much secured and assured towards the treatment it is receiving. A doctor prescribes some medicine on the platform, and the medical stores are available for the bringing the medicine to the patients home. The doctor prescribes a medical test and the pathology labs are there to make it happen. 

With the growth in Science and Technology, there has been a major decrease in the healthcare. We can tweet about what we are thinking, but there is no platform to make us say that we are sick. There are possibilities that someone in our social life has faced the problems of the disease themselves and might have a helping hand for us.

Cureinstant is a great idea that can bring about a radical change in the patient’s life due to them being active socially. On their constant mission to make a healthy platform for everyone, this instant connecting health service provider is poised for big in the field of medical services. 

Let us hope Team Cureinstant gets to achieve the endeavours.



Posted by Abhilasha Verma on 2016-09-08

( Insightful reasons why you should be interning with a startup at least once while you are pursuing graduation  )

I was saintly staring my computer screen and looking for some content writing internship, for this, would grow some self-confidence I thought and was checking this content writing internships group on Facebook I joined some days back.  

It was me against one of the fears of mine, yes one has a lot. 
There was a post from one of the startup person, so I just commented that we might talk regarding this, I am interested in this writing profile. 
And soon I got a reply heading the conversation, and nothing's more obvious than how nervous I was even on texts because 'oh man I am not professional, I have never talked to anyone before regarding an internship or work. What if something goes wrong or I happen to say that I should not' and a whole lot of things were going on in my mind and somehow I told him I am a fresher who knows nothing about the field and how scared I am even with the name of interviews. I realised I was talking to the founder of the startup itself, that twirled the nerves of my mind, dayum this is scary.

The conversation on a call was more freaky, and I know it didn't go well Every time we talked about what all shall I be doing, and the tabloid was still there and once asked if he's sure that I will be able to do this job, because he was my new boss and the answer was a surprise to me. 

He stated I took your interview on the first call; I just didn't tell you that it's an interview, and you did pretty well. I am sure you will do well. The meetings led to boost up my confidence and the simpleton talks with the greatest founders of an amazing idea.
And this was the first time I was committing myself to work with a company as an intern?

I have always been squeamish about the way one should act at workplace, and it has always been hard for me to operate informally, because I have always heard and told bosses are the vampires, they are mean, and one dies to please them, but you won't still see them smiling or impressed with your work. 

The kid inside me was scared as always trying to be the bravest, as this was a battle. 

To my surprise both the founders mentioned in the second meeting, no one is an intern or a boss here. We are here to achieve good and reach heights together and with the help of each other along. We are a family. 
That was the moment of all contentment when I kicked my shallow beliefs of working under pressure and that people are not happy with you at the workplace.

The intern never expected this and is connected in a no whirled up pool now, experiencing the new heights.
If you wish to grow, of you want to try. Get up and do it. Get moving because in this era of new possibilities nothing is ascertained and so demanding, more than your talent and making a new family among the people who were strangers to you a year ago. 
Step up and just don't ride.


Workly : Work In Sync

Posted by Upasana Nagar on 2016-09-02

"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success" - Henry Ford

Workly is such a concept, based on office space sharing and seeking to provide the early based startups, freelancers and budding entrepreneurs an opportunity to co-work with the people from different walks of life. The specialisations and field expertise varies as a pool of talented workforce is created. 

It's a plug and play office, focusing on the ultimate objectives and there in working together for an effective fulfilment. The tagline "Work Together, Dream Big" stay staunch for the very fact that Workly aims to build and create a community that strives to work together to accomplish their goals.The intention of the organisation is to build a community in the long run of people from different backgrounds, knowledge and experience working together, expertise, sharing knowledge and helping each other.

Workly has an address in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, which is a 2200q. ft. of space located in Lajpat Nagar IV, Ring Road with a total occupancy of 60 people. Space consists of Open Workstations, Booth Workstations, Team cabins, Director style cabin, Conference room, Cafeteria and a lounge to relax. 

They further aspire to open co-working spaces at the most prolific locations of the main cities in India and provide state of the art offices at affordable prices. Also, the office spaces are compiled up with major Vastu Shastra rules. Given the same they have established the office spaces in the most premium locations in India's leading cities: Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi and Nariman Point, Mumbai with the aim of opening up around ten co-working spaces in the major cities across India within the next two years.


WhatsUrSkill : Connect to Creative Hats

Posted by Shubhi on 2016-08-29

An idea gets generated, the business model establishes, the startup is ready to shoot into the market. But how is it going to be unique from the hundreds of startups opening and shutting its doors? The role of dynamic, creative and out of the box thinkers gets emerged. Whatsurskill, a new startup is extraordinarily linking all these talented people in one platform.

With the latest surveys were done by Whatsurskill-- Photographers, Videographers, and Writers are opting as Freelancers. With the problem of finding right Talent, A social networking platform By Whatsurskill gets created where Talent Meets Demand.

Whatsurskill, a bootstrapped startup is providing the stage to artists to showcase their artwork, build a particular portfolio and unleash their passion. With the belief that every individual has a distinct talent and the right platform boosts it up.
Whatsurskill provides services from designing the logos, going online for Facebook profile or participating any Photography/ Drawing Contest.
Win- win situation for both parties as Artists get to show their work, win Competitions and also chances of associating with leading brands. For Corporates, it’s the demonstration of the idea to the world and reaches great heights.

Rohit Kedia started Whatsurskill with the motive to just not connect all artists but also provide them with earning for their livelihood. Check out the mind blowing website and connect with more than 38,000 plus registered users. It is going to be the next stop for creative minds.

Khabri : Listening Complexity With Ease

Posted by Upasana Nagar on 2016-08-29

The news isn't there to tell you what happened. It's there to tell you what it wants you to hear or what it thinks you want to hear. It, therefore, can make the ignorant, more ignorant and driving the crazy, more insane. 

Khabri enables you to listen to summarised news articles on the go and thus keep you updated with all the latest news, without having to take out additional time.
It brings together the latest, most relevant news articles and trending stories from different sources across the world. Every article is summarised and then recorded by professional voice-over artists into audio length less than a minute, which you can listen as per your convenience. Khabri coined out that the substantial time of the major population spent in travelling to workplaces, colleges and schools shall be utilised in the most fecundity, i.e., listening to the trendy buzz. It has some sui-generis and exciting features which includes news filter ( i.e., the category of choice), human read and experienced voiceover artists, short and crisp articles along with the attractive and user-friendly interface and enabling push notifications to appear on the users' smartphone. 

Dhruv Shandilya (Co-Founder, anMBA in Finance from ICFAI University with Graduation in Physics from Delhi University) is a start-up enthusiast and has previously worked as Data Analyst with XL Catlin. Pulkit Sharma (Co-Founder,  Computer Science engineer from BIT Mesra and a technologist -turned- entrepreneur) has worked with Sapient Global Markets as a software developer for two years.

After the rigorous brainstorming, the two founders settled for a name for their app, christening it as 'Khabri', turning out to be the most appropriate and unique manner of circulating "Khabar" (news) at everyone's touchscreen. 

Driven by their role model, Ratan Tata, in next three years, they aspire to find their self-delivering personalised audio content to users across all the key cities in India. 

However, every step posed a greater obstacle for them, yet savings from their past jobs helped them a lot. Hence, they are also rooted in responsibilities than self-fulfilment and strive to achieve more by staying true to their values. 


Khabri : Listening Complexity With Ease

Posted by Upasana Nagar on 2016-08-29

The news isn't there to tell you what happened. It's there to tell you what it wants you to hear or what it thinks you want to hear. It, therefore, can make the ignorant, more ignorant and driving the crazy, more insane. 

Khabri enables you to listen to summarised news articles on the go and thus keep you updated with all the latest news, without having to take out additional time.
It brings together the latest, most relevant news articles and trending stories from different sources across the world. Every article is summarised and then recorded by professional voice-over artists into audio length less than a minute, which you can listen as per your convenience. Khabri coined out that the substantial time of the major population spent in travelling to workplaces, colleges and schools shall be utilised in the most fecundity, i.e., listening to the trendy buzz. It has some sui-generis and exciting features which includes news filter ( i.e., the category of choice), human read and experienced voiceover artists, short and crisp articles along with the attractive and user-friendly interface and enabling push notifications to appear on the users' smartphone. 

Dhruv Shandilya (Co-Founder, anMBA in Finance from ICFAI University with Graduation in Physics from Delhi University) is a start-up enthusiast and has previously worked as Data Analyst with XL Catlin. Pulkit Sharma (Co-Founder,  Computer Science engineer from BIT Mesra and a technologist -turned- entrepreneur) has worked with Sapient Global Markets as a software developer for two years.

After the rigorous brainstorming, the two founders settled for a name for their app, christening it as 'Khabri', turning out to be the most appropriate and unique manner of circulating "Khabar" (news) at everyone's touchscreen. 

Driven by their role model, Ratan Tata, in next three years, they aspire to find their self-delivering personalised audio content to users across all the key cities in India. 

However, every step posed a greater obstacle for them, yet savings from their past jobs helped them a lot. Hence, they are also rooted in responsibilities than self-fulfilment and strive to achieve more by staying true to their values. 


The Start Of Your Dream Project

Posted by Abhilasha Verma on 2016-08-24

A life lived with the heritage of experimenting is worth knowing one’s soul, but with all the extremities you chose to enjoy.

Everybody walking on their feet while we win the little moments, their talks, our feeling. We stand together; we are part of something bigger than we thought.


Experimenting the kinds and putting them into new ideas are worth awhile explaining the world to get the funds.

We are mad and saner.

A little pinch of emotions and all those talkative sessions will make you play and enjoy your work, you have a fire in how you roll, keeping everyone way closer.

We made it, it’s worth we waited, our tears has joined the winded canon. 

                                                                             We will never stop.

Put your hands on your heart as we all come together.

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different. –Coco Chanel

Connections of this contemporary world keep on reconstructing.

Time can never wait, oh my good friend. It’s not easy to chin up and stand again, but you can always dance again because you still want the same.

Working on your dream project(S), I know you’re not planning to cheat yourself, the chivalry acts will get it all along.

Every of you has a story, which you revive and replay and head forward, here we are trying and explain our collaborative story.

The startups stories.

We don’t let it go, let it drive away and face the world with a cold wave, you fight us, we are too intense dancing over the planning to ship the world’s efficient ideas to you breaching and the reaching the isle.

We like the fire of the cracking glow every day and live the mediocre life of a broke teen. We get the world changing ideas everyday whirling up the storms and mind peace, to feel alive?

It is never exactly about changing one’s life or not working under pressure of some boss who we think is never kind enough to you no matter how generous S/he is.


Because our meaning of the life to bring the life is to be exposed to the new places to Dine.

Tell me if this made you laugh!



Shortfundly - Beading A Short Tale

Posted by Upasana Nagar on 2016-08-21

When you have to have your eyes and ears on the back of your head and the sides all around you as well, such is the magic, created by Short films. 

Shortfundly is an online technology and data-driven media company that curates and shares the best short movies and stories through their global multi-platform network. Their video and editorial platform enable a global audience to discover quickly, watch and share unique stories anywhere on their desktop and mobile devices.

The entire intendment before Shortfundly is to help short film filmmakers gain recognition online instead of offline and hence, incubated themselves as a startup on  October 5, 2015. Their vision stands lucid, so as to grow in the field of short filmmaking industry and emerge as the leading micro-cinema/short film platform.

It is said that the work that a team does is a reflection of the team members who had put in the hard efforts in making the work done. Based out of Chennai, Shortfundly was founded by Selvam(Founder) and Maharajan(Co-founder) in October 2014.

 Maharajan holds a MCA degree from Hindusthan Institute of Technology (Anna University), Coimbatore and has been working in various organisations, Infosys being one of them. Selvam holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from SIMS, Pune. 

As Selvam rightfully says,"What makes Shortfundly unique are these features, it is a Linkedin of sorts for short filmmakers, it is a dedicated short film video discovery platform and a crowdfunding platform for short filmmakers. This portal will also use its contacts to promote the films in the short film festival circuit.” 

It massively helps short film filmmakers get affixed professionally and help them to reach and ally with film festival events.Though they're facing their course of problems as well in reaching film industry people and there are filmmakers who hesitate to take their short film content in different sources. Successfully they juggle out a solution for them as well. 

Optimistically galvanised by Steve Jobs, they funded their startup on their own and performed brilliantly in just one year. They got 35 short film festival events (international + national) published along with the collection of 19,000+ short films so far. 1751+ short film filmmakers started using them as registered users. 

Phew, that was a mind blaster story. An organisation that is doing so many innovative things and is truly unstoppable. That was Shortfundly for you.


Saathi - The Optimistic & Essential Medical Care

Posted by Upasana Nagar on 2016-08-17

Rural healthcare is one amongst the biggest challenges faced by the Health Ministry of India. Saathi tends to eliminate the medical dysfunctionalities and tries to apprehend on how technology can be leveraged for improving healthcare in rural India.  


Through Saathi, you can avail sim based discount card for a family of maximum five members with 100% discount on OPD, ambulance, diagnostics, and even surgical procedures. Beneficiaries of the card will also avail *Medical Assist* which is commission free assistance to the people who needs to be treatment in metro cities or abroad.


They have a contract based selection with some hospitals in Bihar, UP along with identified sales team in selected areas and intend to be the biggest chain of franchise hospitals in North India with more than 10 lakh card holders. It has a unique four category of health cards known as Saral, Sahaj, Sulabh and Sampoorna that aims to cater to different income groups at fairly reasonable prices and to provide them cure and medical support.


One of the founder, Abhishek Sharma, Vice President, Alchemict Hospitals Ltd, while travelling in Bihar and UP regarding the company work, came up with the idea of incubating healthcare setup and insurance-related assistance for the rural people. He surmised himself to be the 'SAATHI' of those suburban and rural population who have been otherwise deceived and deluded by other doctors. 


Abhishek Sharma has ten years’ experience in capital medical equipment and healthcare solutions business. In the past decade, he has worked in the interior most areas of UP, Bihar, Punjab, Haryana, Mizoram, West Bengal. Despite several difficulties, along with other co-founders, Dr. Anchal Gupta (MBBS, MS) (Ophthalmologist/Surgeon) and Dr. Rakesh Thakur (MBBS, MBA Partner 7Med Dialysis Centers) and their personal savings, they came up with this beautiful creation.



Inspired by Ratan Tata, Saathi proposes to be a perfect substitute for the absence of healthcare and insurance in rural India and provide affordable and appropriate standard healthcare to them. 




Open Networking Session by Faad & Let Startups at My Awfis, Bengaluru

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-08-12

Faad and Let startups witnessed another great event, this time in Bangalore though. It is often said that making the right start and putting the right foot forward, success comes as a by - product of a miraculous journey. The event was a spectacular one with more than 80 attendees coming to support community development and ecosystem building.

Successful entrepreneurs were invited to the event as the keynote speakers who enlightened and truly enthralled the audience with their entrepreneurial acumen, sharp minds and decisive skills.

Our first speaker, Mr. Abhay Tandon, Head-Events & Partnerships Tracxn & Mentor at BHIVE , he spoke about the nuances of having the right valuations and pitch decks. He also clearly mentioned out the fact that how necessary it becomes to approach the investors at the right time and with the right amount of funds.

The second speaker that dazzled the floor of My Awfis in Kormangla (venue) was Mr. Balachander R, CEO at Wassup Ondemand, who laid stress on the fact of disrupting the market with the right kind of tactics and what challenges are being faced in the process doing so. He gave his example of supporting his points, as to how he entered the unorganized sector of hyperlocal market and now has the presence in more than 8 cities. He truly was awe inspiring and was much credited by all the wonderful attendees.

Our third speaker, Mr. Yash Sahani, VP at Local Ramu, he told about his venture Local Ramu, and how differently they are doing their operations and building a sustainable business model. He gave exciting tips and insights on how to organize an unorganized sector.

The fourth speaker on board was Mr SantoshPanda, CEO at Explara, he talked about building the right talent, how they found it and why they need it. He showed the way for something big branding his own story as to how they started and where they are progressing ahead after doing successful business so far. His story shades a reflection of true courage, determination, perseverance and hardwork. The Explara man truly inspired each and every one sitting there, giving them a new line of motivation and conviction.

Last but certainly not the least, the well-rounded Mr. Abhas Kumar, Head of Digital at Yourstory, he talked about the way to approach media companies being a startup, so that promotion can be done through portals. He shared his experience working and mentoring a lot of startups, and also brought to light the mistakes that everybody do so in the process.

All in all, the event was truly remarkable and sets up a new milestone for us to work even harder and stronger so that no one remains left out in the process of building a cohesive ecosystem. The aim to foster a smooth flow of networks among various startups is something that we seek and envision to achieve through our future events as well.

An event of this quality and magnanimity would not have been possible without the constant and ever growing support of our proud sponsors. Our lovely sponsors include: Your Story – Media Partner, A.R.M.S – HR Partner, College Desk – Outreach Partner, Local Ramu – Refreshment Partner, DarwinLabs – Startup Studio Partners; My Awfis - For this lovely venue , Ascs- Consulting partner, Boopow- Entertainment Partner, Talkees – Social Media Partner, Cyber Media - Publishing Partner.

We thank everyone from the bottom of the heart for making this happen and being a part of it. 


Talkeees : Sharing And Living Experiences

Posted by Upasana Nagar on 2016-08-04

If chilling, cool and shady are the words, you choose to swear by, along with an appropriate blend of 3E's: experience, expectations, and emotions, then "Talkeees" is certainly an application you should go for like anything.

There are multiple scenarios before going for a movie, trying a new café or having any common experience. Talkeees provides you with authentic experiences so that the expectation level gets matched up with an emotional build up. 

Kohuwa Baruah, the co-founder behind the sui-generis, is a post graduate in mass communication and was handling PR for Taipei Economic and Cultural Centre in India (Taiwan Embassy) prior starting talkeees.It was the idea of 3Es that evolved in the minds of Kohuwa and another co-founder who was visiting Dubai as an MBA student, and then "Talkeees" came up. 

One of the main USPs of talkeees is the format that the experiences are shareable, which makes it non-conventional and comfortable to analyse other users' experience. The users tend to share their experiences in the form of a short video (up to 45 seconds). The primary purpose is to disrupt and simplify the decision-making process. This application not just simplifies consumerism but has several interesting features as well.

The experiences can be shared in any language, and anyone can quickly check out talkeees shared within 50 miles of their location. The users can also tag people across, for letting others know how their experience was.
The Android app got launched about a month ago, and its IOS version was also enabled just a few days back. There had already been a mass coverage with 230 accounts in such a short span of time. However, their immediate plan holds to strengthen the base with authentic experience thereof introducing the application globally within one year. 


Web Shuttle: Defeating Imagination

Posted by Shubhi on 2016-07-30

Technology is flowing in our nerves. Our mind is panicking to get something crazy. And fingers starving to get hold of everything in just a click. The big, sleek device called, as the smartphone is the unconditional love of every individual. With thousands of apps to choose, and big players getting the market share, how would your app be selected? An app is something that requires design, uniqueness and it distinguishes itself from others. 


Web Shuttle, a three-year-old bootstrapped startup has hit the market records by its remarkable creativity, passion and intensity of dedication to make every client reach the ladder of success. The records produce startling facts that have turned its gross turnover to more than 2.5 crores


Ios, Android, and Windows users all want in their phone, multiple services provided at easy solutions. Web Shuttle delivers accurate information technology solutions customised from a varied set of businesses. With the deficiency of beautiful design and updated technology in the industry, Web Shuttle has incarnated for people who inspired both. 


Like Steve Jobs who initiated his company in a garage, Web Shuttle founder Ayush Jhawar seeks to invoke the same spirit of dedication. Becoming an Awardee for the Top 20 Most Promising Enterprise Mobility of India 2016, CIO Review is just the beginning.The man himself developed a technology for Blind, Deaf, and Dumb all together to create a new set of heroes, and inspiration for others to follow. Web Shuttle is reaching to all types of businesses and expanding its limit to unparallel horizons.


The bootstrapped company has faced situations where they weren’t able to afford salaries to the employees. But business is, at last, all about risks and higher the risk, higher the gain. But, today the company is well managed, and its strive for perfection in every aspect gives them a cutting edge. Believe the words of 40 plus retained clients or download any of the apps and checkouts the amazing work yourself. Carking, Wetravelsolo and Silverzone Olympiad are all working together, proudly with Web Shuttle. 


To move forward, we have to raise our standards, as Success will never lower its standards. With the edge to create something new, and the transparency to have no extra value charged for their superb services, it is crossing new milestone daily.


Furnish Your Dream: Design the better way

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-07-26

Furnish Your Dream is a unique one stop end-to-end design and decor platform for homeowners and corporate. They offer a broad range of services from architectural consultations, commercial & residential interiors to modular kitchens. They also cater to all kinds of clients focusing on high-end interiors to moderate ones. It is a fantastic initiative of theirs to make the world of interior designing better than ever.


 Founded in 2012 by Kushagra Awasthi, it has been an entirely bootstrapped company right from its inception. The startup has been contributing to the dream houses of several people and proximately reducing the hassle of carpenter management, visits to furniture stores, deals with the interior designers and other such problems.  With Furnishing your Dream, you can proudly boast of an innovative, artistic, talented, and energetic team which transforms your vision into reality. The team of more than 55 people imputes the right ideas and works with spectacular zeal.


 Having an expertise on around 1000+ Rooms (Residential) and approximately 5 lakh sq ft (Commercial), the output delivered is at par state of the art with the modern and sophisticated tools that the team effectively uses. Their services rendered are perfect in every project that they take up which just makes you love your home bigger and better than ever.


A fascinating part of this company is that they have launched India’s first incubation centre for Interior designers. The concept is relatively fresh and has never happened before in India, and eventually, it makes it even more enthralling. Undoubtedly, in the other way, it’s lots of help for budding interior designers. It gives the restricted credential a platform, where the artistry can be restored and polished. It’s the creativity of these budding artists that will leverage it to set greater benchmarks for the company and beat the odds.


Highlights of the incubation centre:-

1.    Zero Initial Capital required.

2.    Free Office space.

3.    Compliance & Financial assistance.

4.    State of the art manufacturing facility with German machinery.

5.    Strong Project team for onsite execution.

6.    World’s most advanced design software and tools.

7.    Furniture Import assistance from Germany, Italy and China.

8.    Collaborations with the leading brands.

9.    Experienced Vendors and Contractors.

10.    Free travel around the world to attend Interior design & furniture exhibitions.


With an easy and affordable pricing model, Furnish your Dream lets you make a house you love and envision.  


Couponhaat: Discount Coupons, Best Deals

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-07-22

 Have you heard about a Delhi based startup which is India’s leading coupons and deals company? 

If it is a yes, then it great but if not then no worries. We will tell you about this next awesome thing in town that helps online shoppers to discover the best deals on the most reputed e-commerce brands as well as small brands. 

Couponhaat is an e-commerce enabler which works on both B2C and B2B segments. It enables the user to access the best compatible discount/coupon available. The application of Couponhaat also provides an opportunity to set your personal preferences and see only the offers you are interested in availing.

Vipin Kumar Yadav founded Couponhaat in the month of April 2015. He is an alumnus of GLA University, Mathura and is also a software engineer by profession. The man always thought that something lacked in other coupon and deal sites, and then Vipin started working on Couponhaat in his room. Initially, they were a small team of just four members. Presently, the size of the team has increased to more than 20 talented people.

This self-funded startup has launched theirs user-friendly mobile application, for both Android and iOS. The app is incredibly easy to use and has more than 300,000 coupons to redeem and 7000 live coupons and deals. You just need to log in to your Facebook Account and then select the categories that you are interested in availing the coupons. You will surely get excellent deals at mind-boggling prices with Couponhaat.

 The site has nearly 500,000 monthly visits, and also more than 400,000 newsletter subscribers. It can also assist you when you are offline, that is, it gives you the facility to browse offers smoothly updated till your last online mode.And that is the beauty and charm of Couponhaat.


Posted by SHANU GOEL on 2016-07-21

After having two successful events in Delhi, Faad and Startups Talk went down south this time in Chennai for the very first time, to organise an open networking session at the IIT-M Research Park, which was co-organized by A.R.M.S.
The idea behind this event was to host an Open Networking Session, where an aspiring entrepreneur can get a chance to know the entrepreneurial journey of successful entrepreneurs. The agenda was to inspire the people through the hard fought and successful people working miracles in the industry.

The event witnessed three fantastic speakers onboard who spoke at length about the intricate nuances of startups and entrepreneurship at large. To hear these lovely speakers and network in a bunch of like - minded individuals, were the 70+ attendees who were ecstatic and ready with their questions when the floor was open for them. The response and turnout that we got was completely out of the box and was commendable.

Our first keynote speaker was Mr Shyam Sekar, who is an alumnus of Harvard University and Founder at Startup Xperts- already mentoring to many startups in the South.  He spoke in depth about the key metrics of a startup and how important a right mentor can be a defining factor for your startup. He also laid stress on the very time that one needs to go to approach the investors, as per the nature and position of one's business.

The second keynote speaker Mr. Navnit Krishna, he is an alumnus of IIM-Indore & MIT- Sloan. Mr. Krishna is a conscious entrepreneur & an investor who is running multiple successful ventures with some strategic investments in the startup ecosystem. He threw light on some useful secrets of successful entrepreneurs and business tycoons. The right mantras with a judicious blend of Karma, Dharma and spirituality were perfectly brought out in his speech.

As it goes by, they save the best for the last, Mr Vijay Krishna was the show stealer who truly brought a new sense of energy to the whole atmosphere with his crazy thoughts and cool headed thinking. He is an alumnus of the Bangalore University and Founder at Samyutam Software Solutions Private Limited. He urged everyone to soak in the craziness in them to march on the path of entrepreneurship. Being rebellious and lacking passion only act as banters in this entrepreneurial journey.

Finally after hearing out the different ideologies of our successful speakers, the event ended on a high note with a vote of thanks to our lovely partners, Boopow as our Entertainment Partner, AIESEC as our Brand Partner, The Climber as our Marketing Partner, News Drizzle as our Media Partner, Chennai Angels as our Investment Partner, Admozzo as our Graphics Partner, Eureka Ford Parts & Glotek Properties as our Event Partner, CouponHaat as our Coupon Partner and Startup Xpert as our Mentorship Partner & not the least A.R.M.S, our Co-organizers,  IIT Madras Research Park for giving us the space, awesome speakers, attendees  and to all the people who made this possible. Delhi to Chennai, although was an amassable journey for us but it turned to be a never forgetting one loaded with lots of learning and memories to cherish for a lifetime.


Blue Pigeon: Market In Style

Posted by Shubhi on 2016-07-20

Winners don’t do different things. But they do things differently. A well said quote by Mr. Shiv Khera that perfectly fits in this case. How many of you have wondered to excel in the art of communication? Yes, the Art to deliver a message. A young, visionary leader with a strong business acumen – Mr. Tarun Bansal has rightly understood consumer behaviour and has stepped into the corporate world, counting on his invaluable experience in the market.

Blue Pigeon, the coolest marketing consulting services is in town. The 4-year-old company envisions to reach the Zenith on the strategical front and to deliver brilliant ideas to achieve their clients marketing goals. Believe the words of 80+ customers who catered to marketing and communication expertise from Blue Pigeon. 

Bootstrapped companies have a  thrust to increase the ratio of utility as compared to price. So the question of affordability no more remains in the fore frame. Moreover, a tag to have Brand managers maintains a status in the media.
Consulting Services vary quite a lot, ranging from Brand design to its launch or Marketing services like PR Management and Digital Marketing. Once in the hands of Blue Pigeon, you are assured to touch the new horizons of success.

Smart City Expo 2016 PR System, the Government of Maharashtra’s communication workshop for information officers, or the one out of four clients by referrals is a big success for this dynamic startup. 
Today,  the image of your company depends on the performance that you are generating in the market. So how you present yourself to the target audience creates all the difference. 

Marketing today has different doors to choose, and less expertise to choose the suited one. High risk includes high cost, so why not ask the experts. Do connect with these stalwarts over the social media and you will surely feel the Blue Pigeon difference coming your way.


Mr Phone: Let us make the choices wiser

Posted by Shubhi on 2016-07-19

You may be wondering how you could be wise now? Just stare at your shining, mind-blowing smartphone that you bought just because some random guy acknowledged it, or you followed the herd just because everyone is buying it. Ask if you know it's distinct features? The camera is good as compared to others. In that case, buy a DSLR.

All eyes on this new startup, rated as Best app in February 2016- Mr Phone. Two gentlemen created the moustache uncle who gives you the best advice for purchasing smartphone. Mr Phone is an app to search, compare, and review smartphones in the easiest way. Moreover, what if you get high-quality images specifying each and every detail. Mr Phone could even help you buy online.

Download the 4.5 rated app, or check out the reviews by the 75,000+ downloads. Explore the rich database that provides you fastest and hassles free search for any generation of smartphone with full description. The great interface makes the comparison combined with one screen. Offline saving of details, a lifesaver feature for net card holders.

Name a phone and you’ll get its details here- Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nexus, Nokia, or yours one too.The pure motive to aware you about where to spend your hard cash because at last phone is the new love of today. From the first blink of one eye to the last dream, we have this gadget that completes our day. Then why not invest some time to get the most suitable one.

Mindset and vision of the team have lead to creating the app so comfortable for all those who don’t know English. This might help those who find it difficult to select a handset, and the shopkeepers sell them wrong ones.

Within such a short span, reaching such big heights is a significant achievement. These rock stars might well go ahead to change the buying pattern of smartphones in the country.

KNOW what you are buying, BEFORE Buying.

HRSimpli: Turning Impossibilities Into Realities

Posted by Upasana Nagar on 2016-07-18

We know that startups, management organisations, and startup leadership face the critical issues with their Human Resource functions. Also, business leaders are too busy generating revenue to handle staff issues but do not have an adequate know-how to handle personnel challenges. 

Well, the credit goes to the think tank and the leader behind such a compelling vision, the man himself Mr. Vikash Gaurav Vats of HRSimply. He is  a creative professional with a solid background in Team Building, 
Change Management, HR Process Setups, and Organization Development.

HRSimpli objectively innovates empowered human resources through value-creating methodologies and processes aiming to support any organisation with high levels of HR expertise on demand and providing cost efficient quality solutions to HR challenges.

It is an expert in helping at early stages and works with the management team to strategically design and execute the most effective recruiting and human resource strategy as well as provide HR support. Elucidating their mantra "We Grow with you", they ensure that workforces are managed prudently with processes, policies, and professional touch.

They have been working rigorously with a strong base of being focused, consultative, transparent, cost effective, proactive and uttermost professional. The team not only focus on providing core competencies and effective services but also efficient services. With their consultative discussions and engagements, they make it more apprehensive for the firms to execute their plans. Believing in what they do, they keep it transparent and ethical for their customers. The excellent administrative and granular internal core competent HRSimpli have been helping more than 20 startups and SME's in their HR challenges.

With thoroughly pursue scalable "out of the box" thinking through sustainable potentialities, they find Steve Jobs, their role model. They have been synthesising integrated schemes with optimal networks and without funding are a sustainable model.

So, let HRSimpli assist you in setting up your HR function while you achieve smarter and more efficient HR service delivery from day one.


Variance Technologies: Perfecting the Best

Posted by Upasana Nagar on 2016-07-14

Spot Lights here, please! Creative minds have again shown that there is scope to improve in perfectness. Technology has become the new attraction, and every business has to change its working model from offline to online. But are we all professionals to create a website? Or an Android App? You could hire one but how will you judge whether your clients are going to like that or not? 


May it be IT Solutions or Android Developer. The simple idea to remove any variance from any business is the purpose of this new startup- Variance Technologies. Just like Picasso said Art is the elimination of the unnecessary, in the same way, these artists eradicate any technical problems from its roots and blooms the businesses growth. 


Their philosophy of expanding the limits instead of just being greedy and foolish for accomplishments highlights them. Moreover, this inspires the team to expand their wings to improvise their art. 


Variance Technologies delivers incredible service. As your cursor selects and opens the website, one gets to view a great interface. The structure of products and services to be offered and the intensity of detailing to every small thing represented on the website melts you.


The 4 Inceptions – Synergy, Innovate, Deliver, and Leverage bursts the user with positivity and uniqueness. Don’t believe me. Just log on to the website and then ask yourself, “Why should I not go with Variance Technologies?”. I am sure you will get your answer.


Believe on the work, instead of the words. Log on any of their handcrafted, impressive, mind-blowing work –, Goonj, Faad and so many more. They have worked across industries from e-commerce to manufacturing to education to what not. With strong domain knowledge and dedicated to minimising the variances and delivering excellence, Variance Technologies believes in being product oriented, for product never dies and neither does innovation. Karma surely is the best teacher for them, but they are surely teaching everyone how to do it with a bang on style.


Clay Shopee: Shaping India Craftfully

Posted by Upasana Nagar on 2016-07-13

If you are looking for some cool and quirky home decor, environment-friendly yet brilliantly designed, then Clay Shopee serves as a perfect acolyte.
The fundamental abstraction revolves around the clay articles made out of Terracotta and China clay. The finished products are sold for sale by both roadside vendors/manufacturers and crème de la crème home decor shops to their customers. They have uniquely derived a marketplace to showcase their products at an affordable price.

Pankaj Kushwaha, the impresario behind this absolute eco-friendly startup, started his journey with media firms such as Punjab Kesari, Swaraj Productions and Mahuaa News as an editor. After that, he made it to the startup world to exhibit all his entrepreneurial skills and capabilities and get associated with something as exclusive as Clay Shoppee. He was also associated with Poster Gully, Loud Shout, Miss Malini and various other startups as a Brand Strategist.
Clay Shopee has vibrantly turned out to be India's first E-commerce with the propaganda of Indian potters' products online, with an aim of providing the society with bio-degradable products made up of beautiful pottery clay.

Being a Suis-Generis, no other firm chose to enter in such a market. Therefore, Clay Shopee had their setbacks too.Their idea lacked the acceptance from the society and their families. However unexampled it may sound, but they are regarded as "matke bechne wale".
Whereas there is a section of customers, who respects this beautiful art and decor and in three months since their launch they have already fulfilled 325 orders through their online portal and around 280 orders via various offline channels.

They have been tremendously growing their marketplace by two-way promotional strategies: both online and offline methods of promotion. 
Since the internet market is on a boom and through E-commerce, it effectively helps to escalate the sales up. Affiliation and tying up with E-commerce giants like Snapdeal, Flipkart and Amazon indeed becomes a great help. Branding and efficient publicity through Facebook and Instagram boosts sales as well.

They have come with small stores for direct sales, importing their products to foreign customers, putting stalls in exhibitions and Delhi flee markets like Sarojini Nagar, Kamla Nagar, and Rajouri Garden. 

Along with that projects like Make in India, Digital India initiated by the government has sought good support in the aspect of social development. Hence, they believe that their experiment in this market stature will turn out to be one earnest attempt. 


A.R.M.S.- Human Supply Chain At Its Best

Posted by Upasana Nagar on 2016-07-07

With several reasons for improving education in our country, the newcomers do not have the comfortable and an easy job finding experience that they may have heard of. Times are changing, and there is still plenitude of work to be found for the educated unemployed in several sectors.

ARMS, Academic Relationship Management Service has come with this initiation to empower and foothold the youth. They function as an intermediary between colleges and corporates and aim to evacuate the hindrance of lack of knowledge about the market and human resource.
Through natatorium of young youths, ARMS facilitates to support startups and organisations with Market Research, Branding, Human Resource Supply. Alongside, they support institutions in expanding in South India.

ARMS have been working with a four-way mechanism where they attempt to educate students about the market, products available and quality, instigating leadership qualities amongst them so that they steamroll and find work in firms. Raising volunteers and quality workforce who will scheme to work for the development of the company, not for the money that they will receive. 

Rajesh, the founder of A.R.M.S., started his career in the field of marketing when he was in 10th grade and has an experience of being a marketing guy with 15 companies so far. He aspires to equip consumers with the best products, comprehending their requirements and plate them with the best through his educational consultancy.

Muthu Kumar, co-founder, has a vast erudition and expertise in business administration and owns two distributor firms of automobile company for Tamil Nadu.

Being oriented towards their path rather than following someone else's, they have connected with 48 Engineering colleges and 28 popular organisations and have trained 600 students successfully, achieving five times epoch growth rate in the shorter period.

Manoeuvring blue version strategy, unlike other firms, they established carefully concord relations with their clients and did a follow-up. 
But they faced their bunch of obstacles too. The society and their family didn't show much interest in their work and considered them to counterfeit. Hence, it is a self-capitalised business, and they tend to reinvest their earnings.

Being a non-profit organisation, the ultimate goal of ARMS has been to Cornerstone and substructure youth empowerment and focused on their skill development.



Posted by SHANU GOEL on 2016-07-05


It was an exceptional day for all of us. All the nervousness, excitement boiled down to something exquisite that was seen by a crowd of 40 serial entrepreneurs.

Faad and Startups talk organized a Co-founder Matchmaking Event on July 3rd at Antisocial, Hauz Khas. The venue, host, partners and participants, all contributed to the major success of the event. Being the constituents of success, Blue Pigeon, Registrationwala, Muskurado, Variance Technologies & Boopow proudly partnered with us for the event.

The day started with a remarkable opening address by the Hostmaster for the day, Aditya Arora, who energized the whole atmosphere by his humor, wit and charm. It was followed by celebrity speaker sessions by the two  versatile entrepreneurs, Mr Annu Grover and CA Gaurav Bansal.

Mr Annu Grover, Founder of Nurturing Green and a Green evangelist, talked about the importance of finding the right match to grow up your business and take it to the next level. While, CA Gaurav Bansal, founder of Registrationwala spoke about the topics like registrations of Private Limited Companies, IPRs, Copyrights, etc. He specifically discussed about the legalities of finding the right co-founder match citing examples from the law and acts.

After the culmination of the speaker's address, it was time to set the ball rolling for the main event which started with the ice-breaking session. The participants were required to burst a balloon and give their introductions. On the basis of the introductions, each attendee had to pick their top three prospective dates. After making this tough decision, It was time to break for lunch and grab a chilled beer and lip-smacking Biryani. Everyone openly networked with each other, talking about life, businesses, startups and much more.

Then came the final stage of the event which witnessed the startups on dates with their prospective co-founders. To our delight,  9 people matched during speed dating  and it was a victory for Team FAAD and Startups Talk as an event one of it's kind had finally seen such a beautiful and unbelievable end. The speed date matches were the best ones, as was said by the ones who matched. Our desire of enabling a community of like-minded people and getting the co-founder wing to some of the startups solved the purpose of having an event of this scale and aura.


JuxPux: Find Happiness In Healthiness

Posted by Shubhi on 2016-06-23

The country is moving towards a new trend to stay healthy and everyone is rushing for something favourable to their taste buds. What if the menu itself is so exciting that you get tempted to try all of them? What If Taste matches with health? 

Worth all the money I'll say then. The Unhygienic Juice Center’s at every roadside corner, serving drinks with a dose of adulteration has emerged the demand of something better for our standards.  It is a no brainer that menacing diseases arise due to unhealthy consumption. And amidst all these unfavourable circumstances, Juxpux comes into the picture and offers a beacon of hope.

Juxpux is a healthy food and beverage brand specialised in serving shakes, smoothies, flavoured lassi, lemonade, sandwiches, quick bites, flavoured teas, hot milk, ice cream, etc. having PAN India presence.The restaurant provides different choices for juices to the customers. You can opt for conventional choices, a mix of some or your own customization. Their main ideology is to shift your expenditure on alcoholic drinks and vodka shots to healthy juices and shots. 

Try a Wheat Grass shot and Feel the Difference. Let's change our thought of spending hours sitting in a café, but with a healthy drink in our hand. The founder of JuxPux, Mr Pulkit Arora is successfully running four franchises in North India and is soon going to inaugurate one in Hyderabad. 

Big achievements come from the love and blessings of loyal customers. I believe that in the short span of three years, JuxPux has won hearts of many people leading to great heights. The new healthy trend has been published in newspapers like Times Of India and Whats Hot. 

As good as the name may sound, so good has been their success and passion so far. The team which earlier started out with just a small trio and no good money has now come to such a stage where they are looking to expand the outlets and that too on the Franchise model.They are already doing in-house of many new products and have already launched many among them.

The Dreamers Café is a must visit. Just log on to its website and you will get attracted to it automatically. The bootstrapped startup is striking the right chord by not repeating the same mistakes. It is beautifully quoted by Paulo Coelho,” When you repeat a mistake, it is not a mistake anymore; it is a decision.” 

Death by Chocolate, Juice Shots, Maggiano and much more waiting for you. Try all and feel the JuxPux edge driving your way.
image An Ed-Tech Startup Cracks The Seed-Funding Round

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-06-20

It is a no brainer that Ed-tech is so much in demand nowadays. Since it has created a revolutionary storm in the world and is accomplishing real good, investors are more interested in funding these startups. In the similar space, got seed funding from the founder of CureInstant; a medical technology startup. Startup Delhi has been the isthmus link between these two companies.  

Delhi-based is a high-level technology Ed-tech startup that helps to make exam preparation dynamic and organised. It aids one to easily access quality and affordable preparation to all. It is currently providing mock tests for Banking, Railway CAT, GATE, SBI PO, SBI Clerk and Aptitude preparation, at an affordable  price of INR 49 for 5 test papers.

It was founded by Mahesh Gaur, an alumnus of GLA University, Mathura along with his two co-founders Shivraj Dhusariya who is pursuing B-Tech from Chanakya Technical campus and Himanshu Srivastava who is an alumnus of IIT Guwahati.

With the received funding they plan to launch a service which will let the users take the online mock test as per their own terms. The choice to buy mock tests depends on  the end user.

The global online learning market is expected to reach $107 Billion this year. About 1.8 Cr students in India are estimated to appear in these exams. With this platform, has a tremendous opportunity to reach out to the students across the country.

Startup Delhi is a Facebook group which currently has 22k members comprising Entrepreneurs, Wannapreneurs, Investors, Students, Legal and Media persons. Initiated by Abhishek Kumar Gupta, it is benefiting several people. The extensive group has been contributing to the welfare of companies, as a recent instance. And, will look forward towards creating such gem of a deal in future as well.

Bolsnap: Make Your Photos Alive

Posted by Upasana Nagar on 2016-06-14

Pictures are a great memory-prompt because we tend to take photos of happy occasions. What I love about photographs is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce the next time. Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second. Such are the precious moments in life that cannot be replicated over and over again. But then the drawback which lies in the pictures is that it misses the voice of the moment. 


Without the voice the moment is incomplete. With the "Talking picture" (Bolsnap) innovation, this problem has been solved. Hithesh Vurjana, the Founder of this uniquely designed application, is a Robotics Engineer and an avid Techie. 


Social Networking, Discovery and Audio Content are the main driving forces of Bolsnap.It has the complete social experience with social networking and chatting all under one singlehood rather than two separate apps. Bolsnap lets you discover amazing people, places and things which can be easily shared to the world and also consume all that content, all by sitting in one corner of the globe. Also, great content gets personally curated by many Bolsnappers around the world from Audio News, Podcasts, sounds to even music. 


Recording everything you are looking at, describing that place, thing, singing, a special customized message and adding wild sounds to it and just sending it to the loved ones are few activities users of Bolsnap actively perform. 


Also letting people all around the world about your Bolsnaps is more fun. Using hashtags, making fun comments and sharing super cool creations on Facebook and Twitter. 


Good vibes are difficult to create on a video, but Bolsnap solvesis problem with ease. Creating a good video is expensive and requires a lot of effort and is a tedious process. Most important of all, they consume a lot of data. 


But people were getting used to it until Bolsnap arrived. Bolsnap allows hands-free communications, easy content creation and some other cool features which makes it the right choice for all the content creators and consumers of the world. With Bolsnap, the picture can be created in exactly three clicks and can be shared worldwide instantly. This speed and ease of creating and sharing content is what differentiates Bolsnap. 


So, with Bolsnap, you can really feel the entire social networking experience in a more real and authentic way while discovering new stuff which is both fun and engaging.


JMD Turf: Turf It The JMD Style

Posted by Upasana Nagar on 2016-06-09

To dribble, flick, roll and slide a ball on a level playing field is always a good idea, but providing advice, representation and services for business on entering the Indian market together sounds like a great idea in which JMD Turf deals with. 

They offer a compendious range of services for penetrating the Indian market to swipe opportunities. These include state of artificial turf for applications including landscape as well as sports. Their turf ranges from Cricket, Golf, Field Hockey as well as Football. Augmented to this, they are also FIH and FIFA Approved. 

JMD Turf provides a full line of artificial turf systems at various organisations in Delhi/Gurgaon like New Zealand High Commission, Delhi Golf Club, Delhi Gymkhana Club and ITC Maurya Hotel, also at various prominent schools of Delhi and homes. 

With their USP of being a family owned business, they establish a relationship with the customer. And  their after sale services make sure that the customer is ecstatic. Furthermore, JMD Turf is the only company in India that makes non-infill turf offering an eight-year warranty. 

With the responsibility of management being taken up by Mr. Suman Talwar and Mr. Vir Philip, Mr. Talwar holds Degrees in Commerce and in Engineering and has widely travelled around the globe and has witnessed the advent of artificial grass in countries like U.S.A, U.K, Middle East, China and Australia. 

On the other side of the coin, Mr. Vir Philip,  a graduate of Lynn University, Florida, U.S.A manages the activities along with Mr. Suman Talwar in the above endeavors and various facets of artificial grass. 

Disentangling the problems related to scarcity of water,  a paucity of proper playfield in schools, mud due to heavy foot traffic, their artificial turf saves water and stays green all year round. It requires almost no maintenance and their product is UV stabilized with its life span 12-15 years. It is child impregnable and lead-free. 

The initial days of their business weren't that easy, but with due diligence, they surely turned out to be the best, compared to their competitors. 

Inspired by Mark Zuckerburg, JMD Turf wants to build a brand wherein the customer knows and approaches them in order to make a safe environmental field for their children, for every child has a right to play. 

Bteract – Linking With The World

Posted by Shubhi on 2016-06-07

Started with an Idea, Reached your Maximum Scope, What NEXT?
It’s time to grow and sustain the old customers. (The Old rule of Marketing isn’t it). But to all the fresh entrepreneurs, what if I say that a young final year BTech. student has made it easy for you. Believe me, you are reading this right!

A new Startup Bteract links your business with other business clients.  It facilitates networking your business into a galaxy of networks. Increasing your network, and linking up multi businesses together, one is sure to strike the right cord for its enterprise. The startup has designed some awesome tools to help Businesses interact with each other. It is just the same as other Social Media Platforms, but with added incentives of being more professional and company oriented. 

This platform helps Small enterprises collaborate through referrals and recommendations from other companies’ professionals. The startup’s mind-blowing idea  is to connect just not a few but gets the opportunity to connect everyone and create a user-friendly and credible field of networking. It aims to be a necessity in its sector and take networking to a more high technology platform so that everyone and every business can thrive ultimately.

Their creativity and uniqueness are highlighted by the name itself – Business + Interaction = Bteract. Corporate giants and the leaders of global companies like Google and Microsoft, too have recognized this bootstrapped startup. It achievements count to be a part of the Nasscom’s 10K startup initiative. 

The problem that any business face, may it be a startup or a big company, is to sustain their present achievements and expand its wings to more clients. With the demand to grow, the supply in the form of Bteract arises and now it is time for all startups and SME’s to connect with each other and be the next Business tycoons. 

I know the change to adapt digital networking is difficult, but on the other side of the glass, you can take advantage of this opportunity and scale up your business. Every change is hard at first, messy in between and gorgeous in the end. And very rightly so, Bteract has been making quite a niche for itself and will look to deliver brilliance once again.

Truckforload: Simplifying Logistics Coherently

Posted by Shubhi on 2016-06-06

Ever wondered the products you use in your city are actually produced and manufactured miles away?
 Traveling in opposite directions in a city is tiring, and especially for these truck drivers who drive for hours to provide their services at our doorstep. A BIG Salute to these awesome men. And such is the awesomeness of the startup too.

Three highly knowledgeable, out of the box thinkers Mrs. Rekha Jeevan, Mr. Nitin Gupta and Mr. Natwar Shah shaped the technology to expand its limits and developed better operations of the lakhs of trucks moving daily across the streets of India.
The bootstrapped startup called as TRUCKFORLOAD.COM is the going to be the new trend in transportation. With the globalization of the world and making every other city a metropolitan city, demand for transportation is an upscaling graph. 

The startup aims to improvise on the details of the logistics of the Truck transportation industry. There is always a scope for the same. It thrives on a technological plateau and crocheting the logistics in an organized manner.

 And what more if trucks are the next app for different uses like the shifting of houses? The founders have invested enough time to build the database and researched well in the field. It takes a lot of networking and hard work to connect and grow with such an  unorganized sector. 

Delivery failures is a delay to all the functions of a business, may it be small or big. With qualities of data analysis, truck and load matching software, Disaster Management, IOT solutions, one can track trucks. 

The biggest achievement I believe is to connect with so many truck drivers, in such a short span. The ground work is so much that many just stop by thinking to connect with them. And TRUCKFORLOAD has gone a long way in achieving its mission in the most coherent manner.

It does not matter whether you are  a Startup, Small Medium Enterprise or Big Giants, just log on to TRUCKFORLOAD.COM and track your trucks.You will definitely get some cost benefits that would help you in shifting your money into growth. 

Trendzz : E-Buzzing Shop Stop

Posted by Upasana Nagar on 2016-06-03

When we run for online shopping, the fairly simple question that pops up our mind says, "If we can purchase something online and get bonus miles, rather than having to go to a store, we're pretty much good"!

Contemplating on the same, Trendzz  is a place to drool over and the best way to pick up additional miles for your trending in the startup world with its all new interface to delight the customers of the country with new, amazing products delivering at our doorstep are a fortune for all.

Sudhanshu Verma, an ace twenty-year-old young guy who absolutely loves programming and technology, owns this vivacious startup. The young entrepreneur owns two such startups namely '' which is a job portal website and then  the other one is ''- an E-commerce site quite unique from others. He brings the combo of clothing, electronics, and furniture, a superb package to have no opportunity to try another option other than Trendzz. 

There are often opportunities to stack gift cards or double-dip as well as several portals that offer cash back,  but Trendzz serves as a sui-generis in the shopping station as it provides with two categories for shopping, one by-product and the other one by local shoppers. The 3 features- Free Shipping, Customer Support and 30 days money guarantee is a win-win situation for both the customer and the startup. This crazy new selling proposition- shopping by product and by local shoppers gets an edge over others.

Institute topper in PHP and technical lead in Vignyanworx Pvt Ltd, Banglore, Sudhanshu Verma has shown an exemplary performance by initiating both the websites on his own with his credibility of being a web designer and a developer. Meanwhile, he is searching for investors for his site, he's just ready with another website to beat '' framework. His portal stands to be the most lucrative one in the E-commerce industry and he aims to chase and achieve ultimate rewards frequenting on the very fact that his success lies in the hands of his users.

But Trendzz still has to cover the shortcomings to become a full-fledged company rising in full force. It needs to build the website fresh which is more user-centric. And then, nothing can get the better of Trendzz.


Talocity : The Speed Of Hiring Talent

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-06-01

As beautiful the name is, such is the awesome work that Talocity does. To put the things simple up front,  it gives an ease in the speed and certainty of hiring fresh talent. Talocity arises when Velocity meets a judicious mix of Velocity.

The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of Talocity states it to be the world's first talent stock exchange that presents an experience of View & Hire rather than Interview & Hire powered by Video Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (VAAI). The job seeker and the employer meet each other via a curated and matched one-way video interview to a one-way video job description. The tech-mat and surveillance for both the job seeker and the employer has made it comfortable with the two-way job alliance.

The firm is driven by a crew of talented and vastly  experienced entrepreneurs: Ketan Dewan, Dilpreet Singh, and Rajat Suneja, inspired and fetching their goals through the mantras of Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, and Steve Jobs. With a crystal clear and sorted vision, their goals stand supreme to them with utmost faith that their investors have in them.

When you have such gem of a team, then achievements become a mere subject that has to follow whatsoever. and rightly so, Talocity has been
nominated as the best startup by CNBC & TIE in a live fundraising competition in October 2015 in Delhi.Improving on the continuous graph of learning, it has reached 59% accuracy on its first Artificial Intelligence engine output and since then reached up to 78% and 95% thereafter.

However, things were never a smooth road for them. Problems are a part and parcel of every startup but their infallible will and the constant support of the investors were the things that remain constant throughout.

As a result of which, Talocity stands today as the market leader in India and Philippines and looking to cut down their cost per hire and time to hire by substantive margins. It envisions to keep a video database of more than a million and providing jobs for more key job descriptions.

Operationally and efficiently driven, Talocity has its own mantra in achieving their goals that go by a union between Kehna (to say), Karna (to do) and Nibhana (to live). The talent stock exchange has been growing really strong captivating the market with their unique set of services and looking to offer more.

Plush Escapes- Travel with Luxury

Posted by Shubhi on 2016-05-30

Why travel economy when you can travel business class, and that too at affordable prices? Isn't that the Icing on the cake, a heavenly match?

Now, you get to select an exclusive villa with sunshine kissing beach view, royal palace converted into a hotel or a private cottage for a relaxing weekend. A new bootstrapped startup named Plush Escapes delivers this ultimate value to travel in India. The online travel portal refreshes the user by planning a memorable trip. It slides down the odds and uplifts the best accommodations to its clients.
After a tiring day, every traveler desires a good bed in the night. A sound sleep energizes the body and gives blessings for making their travel a good one.

Plush Escapes is working directly with the leading boutique hotels, resorts, and villas in India. Their mission is to help travelers get the finest gateways in the country. Partnering with more than 250 hotels and resorts in South Asia, many not listed on any other platform and upcoming featuring in 40 leading travel bloggers across India. The two travel aficionados- Ankita Mittal and Aneesh Satnaliwala vision Plush Escapes as the largest luxury travel portal of South Asia. 

The luxurious off road startup is a customer-oriented website. It gives an amazing user experience, precise detailing to every step for the planning of one’s travel. With the elite, handpicked hotels for the users, it reduces the effort of one to search for hours for the most suitable hotel. With luxury comes cost, but what if you get discount up to 40%. Oh yes, you hit the right button for your travel. Plush Escapes is in your pocket plus luxury. Personalized Service for every delightful customer, the concierge team is available 24 hours to help through all means, may it be live chat to an email. They assist and recommend you the most suitable option. 

Travelling for a long weekend? Just log on to, and then experience first class treatment. The beautifully designed website which gives an exclusive drive to see the luxurious stay is a must visit website. 
With a rising graph of members reaching more than 20,000 members, all thumbs up from my side to the Startup. My recommendation would be to increase their database and find more hotels.

Healthiply : Nurturing Healthy Lifestyle

Posted by Upasana Nagar on 2016-05-26

There is no better time than now to start living healthy. Also, if you wish to focus on solutions which drive good health behavior, then 'Healthiply' is a comprehensive electronic medium you shall look up to. It is an online platform for early detection of health issues, full health cycle management, health data computing and awareness via online content.

As the very name suggests, 'Healthiply' is about multiplying your health. Technically driven, the consultants have tried the concept of health-tech like mobile EHR & online health discussions  .But the pain point challenge that lies ahead for them on the road is to find high-quality labs and clinics along with booking checkups with the providers.

Bootstrapped from the two co-founders so far, the startup aims to solve the preventive health problems prevailing in the nation with its comprehensive platform of complete health cycle management.  And this is showing up in the form of results as well.

They are one of the leaders in the healthcare content in India that they are doing through social innovations and social media channels. Having served to a wide customer base exceeding 2000 on the charts and with rising sales of 50%, they also just launched their app in the beta mode online.

This is a fairly new field, but the way the idea has been articulated to the mainstream theme is somewhat that is a distinguishing factor for them. And I would like my valuable readers to know who are these men of change.

Abhishek Bhardwaj, Co-founder and Director (B. Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering) is a leader and a missionary pastor in social media industries with specialization in marketing, media and web analytics. He has helped countless organizations in achieving effective web strategy and powerful online presence. With deep insights on Search, Social media and  having mentored several emerging startups in the Internet & mobile ecosystems, he is a man of great exuberance and substance.

Another young, talented entrepreneur and leader in Internet technology, Vivek Singhal also Co-founder & CEO has been working for leading MNCs and startups. With the main focus on preventive health and wellness for the masses,  he is committed towards the cause of good health for the masses at large.

Developing a core high-tech space in 3 years, driven by continuous innovation and motivation in problem-solving in health care, they hope to be a UNICORN, a subtle contributor to solving India's healthcare problems, in their small way. They plan to combat the rising health issues in a very stern manner that can be effective too.

These two healthypliers are pretty much inspired by young and successful entrepreneurs of Flipkart, PayTM, among many others.  And within the vertical with the  health care providers too like Medanta, Apollo, Narayana Hrudayalaya, who are solving specific health problems.

The startup has undoubtedly done pretty well since its inception, reaching out to  the masses and generating good quality content for lakhs of people.


Stagephod- The House Of Awesome Videos

Posted by Shubh on 2016-05-24

A blend of Simplicity combined with the uniqueness of a new idea for every video is the best reason why the title of India’s most trusted marketplace to create awesome videos goes to Tapping every situation into an opportunity distinguishes Stagephod from other startups. Being a bootstrapped startup, the two techie entrepreneurs – Mr. Nikhilesh Tayal and Akhil Gupta envision Stagephod as a one stop solution for client’s video branding needs.

Widening its branches with more than 150 startups seized under the belt, big players like Snapdeal and MySmartPrice too feature in this ever growing list. The unparalleled quality of connecting “Emotions to Brand”, and executing through filtered brands is the secret behind the humongous traction.

It is designed according to customer’s favorability; client's preference and most important- affordability. The importance of using video marketing for any emerging brand is rising, but the right platform plus the right cost is not available together.

Wide Database of Actors, Latest technical equipment, and Professional Account Managers puts a cherry on the top for the recognition of the company.Stagephod is now a part of the MORPHEUS GANG, a big achievement in their journey.They are now a community of entrepreneurs based in Chandigarh who believe in learning and growing. From Step one of a concept to the last step of the final product, Stagephod guides and provides services to its clients. The client’s outsourced work for video branding gets easy at the whole lifecycle of a product/service.

The startup initiated by its personal savings has reached the stage where it plans to start its own production house. Creating a laboratory of experiments helps in discovering different styles of making videos.

This gives them the first-hand experience of everything that their client needs.

With some crazy videos over the net and their unbound creativity is something soul stirring and can not be put into words.Reviewing the website gave me such a deep knowledge not just about the company’s functions but the credible team and got to know that it’s not a one-man task.

The empowering blogs by the founder give up a boost to the website. The startup will have to expand the awareness of videos along with their titles. Leading ideas get competition easily and the unpredicted future can bring up tough competitions.


Open Networking Session organised by Faad & Startups Talk

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-05-21

Promoting disruptive thinking in the Entrepreneurial space and facilitating robust contact under the belt, FAAD Network Private Limited organized its much awaited ,"Open Networking Session" with great aura and delight on 15 May 2016.

The idea behind this event was to organize an open networking session, where an aspiring entrepreneur can get a chance to know the entrepreneurial journey of successful entrepreneurs. The idea was to inspire the people through the hard fought and successful people working miracles in the industry.

The event was organized in association with Startups Talks with over an attendance of 100+ entrepreneurs, wannapreneurs, investors and media.

Experts such as Abhijit Kamlapurkar, Head, Transaction Banking Group, IDFC Bank, Bharat Sethi, CEO, PosterGully, Rishi Mehra, CEO, Deal4loans and Pankaj Judge, Founder & CEO, ChaiThela shared their entrepreneurial journey. The sessions were moderated by celebrity host Satvik Kapoor.

The event aimed to address the problems of investments and co-founders among a multitude of many others that the startup ecosystem is facing.
The roadmap ahead for VC Funding is something that was also discussed at great length in the event.  The idea of building large businesses without the VCs was floated widely in the event.

Faad aims to conduct theses kind of events pan-India so that even the smallest lot of entrepreneurs can be tapped and work could be done in a very cohesive space. We aim to reach like-minded people so that they too can share their journey with much grace and exuberance.

The event was held at Innov8 as venue partner, along with the IDFC Bank as banking partner, BW Accelerate as Ecosystem partner, Foodooz as food partner, ChaiThela as chai partner, Legal Salah as legal partner, Boopow as entertainment partner, VGN Medisol as health partner, Variance Technologies as Technology Partners, Muskurado as merchandise partner and Bizztor as media partner.

All in all, the event was really great for Faad and other entrepreneurs and lay a stepping stone for a great ecosystem ahead for all of us.


Horizon Consultants - A Manpower Consultancy Wizard

Posted by Upasana Nagar on 2016-05-20

If you were just too busy uprooting the key areas of your business and now that your vision has shifted, looking for expertise in other fields as well, HorizonConsultants are absolutely ready at your service.

The talented search firm headquartered in Nagpur with a branch office in Pune is a team of young professional experts in their fields who have a knack of providing total consultancy and professional manpower.

The robust and dynamic unit serves various sectors like Hospitality, Retails, and Overseas, IT, BPO, Sales, and Marketing.

As often said, the leader always leads the pack and spearheads the revolution in transit, Founder - Harshal Ramteke is a perfect testimony to this fact. Having attained a Masters in Business Administration-HR, he is a highly skilled and experienced HR professional.

He is widely recognized as the most innovative and talented young entrepreneur in Vidarbha region in Maharashtra.

The Director Mr. Amol Ramteke is no less when it comes to business. He is a ready connoisseur of gastronomy with an intellect of local, regional tastes. Having a Masters in International Business and BHM already under his belt, Mr. Amol is an avid developer of the Hospitality Program.

As the very nomenclature suggests "Sky is the limit", Horizon lays their main emphasis on the future of the clients' projects.

They also keep a track record of the progress ascertained where the individual is placed. Within the stipulated time period, they work on the clients' requirements and needs and ensure them the confidentiality of the entire process.

Their extensive pool of services contains Manpower supply, hotel consultancy, and overseas consultancy. Poised for really big, the startup believes 40-60% cost saving in leadership time and a whopping 30% Productivity Enhancement fast around time.

Their cordial relationship with the clients in understanding their complex business problems serves as a perfect success recipe for them. Some of their biggest clients include the likes of Axis Bank, Tata motors, Wrap 'n' Roll, HDFC Bank among other stalwarts in the industry.


The startup is led by exquisitely dynamic people, assisted by well skilled, qualified HRs for both Technical and Nontechnical projects. And that speaks volumes about their credibility with an assured and trusted sense of quality.

Driven to get positive results and passionate about finding appropriate solutions, Horizon Consultants understand the competitive edge and maintain an adaptive, professional and mutually beneficial relationship with their clients. Their distinct, progressive and professional attitude makes them a leading authority of modern day HR management. 


Zapplon- A Smarter Way to Book your Cab

Posted by Sauharda Rawat on 2016-05-15

Taxi Rides by way of application probably brought the most disruption in the cab market. Ola & Uber became unicorns serving this niche, but with ever increasing app-fatigue, it’s more convenient if we had one app for one type of service. I personally disdained downloading 2 or more apps to book a cab, to buy products online etc. It generally leads us to pick our gladiator app but picking one is not so simple plus not even advisable. Different sites come up with different offers &  promotions, therefore, it’s more of a time specific match. To solve this annoying problem Ishan Relan,Shiwang Suraj and Apoorv Arora created Zapplon, an aggregator of all cab booking apps, which helps you know the available cab services in your city to book the cheapest or fastest cab available, according to your comfort. This master app for cab booking can open doors to any cab in your city.

Zapplon has its own cashback scheme to help riders reap most benefits out of each ride. Cab riders will get “Zapp”, its own digital currency, for every ride which they can redeem on e-commerce sites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra etc. Another way to earn your Zapps is through referrals. Zapplon has taken the step in the right direction to serve the price consciousness of Indian market. So start to earn your Zapps now by clicking here.

Zapplon currently has 7500+ downloads and base of 1500+ happy customers with a 100 % month over month growth and 200 users joining daily through organic sources.

The Indian cab market is unorganised to the extent of 88-92% and with companies like Jugunoo, ApnaCabs, AutonCab etc. tapping into this market there is a larger need for such master app to integrate all the cab service providers into one.


Artist At Work Productions - Fuelling Unbound Creativity

Posted by Sauharda Rawat on 2016-05-05

Art, for some, is synonymous with beauty, for others, it’s an expression. I believe art should make you feel. It should spark the thought “I want to feel it again.” Artists have the power to touch hearts and souls of people, perhaps express something complex in a simple way. But if you are an artist and have been active in the creative ecosystem, then you are aware that being an artist is not just about creating, it’s how to amplify your creations. Get your work discovered, collaborate to grow and the ever mundane contracts, invoices, and other paper works take a toll on every artist. Why does after activities have the power to make or break an artist’s career?  Shouldn’t artists concentrate on their work and let the work speak for itself? 


Artists At Work Productions, a creative management, and production organization, exists for this purpose, giving a platform where artists can work together for social and economic purposes. With the vision of being a socially responsible art-driven organization, it works towards promoting art as well as artists. AAW Productions believes in unbound creativity and act as a bridge between artists and people who need them. Pablo Picasso quotes “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”  This 3-year-old startup was brought to life by Rahul Maheshwari in his first year as an Economics graduate at Hansraj College, who wouldn’t let the artist in him die amidst utility and marginal curves. In the scattered creative ecosystem where the value of creativity is understood by few, being an artist is not the first choice of many, Rahul is set on a mission to revolutionize creative ecosystem giving art and artist the voice they need.


Can art make a difference outside the creative community? Few of us would imagine it could be done, but 6 months from its inception Artist At Work Productions organized its first major event Pukaar in July 2013. With the goal to raise funds for Uttarakhand flood victims, the art exhibition and sale event raised Rs.1,55,040. The event’s success was replicated in Pukaar 2014 with a sum of Rs.1,02,000/- raised for Kashmir flood victims. Creativity is the soul of AAW which is clearly represented by their events. We all are quite fond of events in galleries and halls; now imagine an art event in the streets, filled with the creative energy of artists. ‘Art Mob’ is a unique experience for artists and the audience, which enable them to express and connect with art, breaking the walls down and paving the path into audience’s hearts. Could you imagine a better way to connect with your audience? Art Mob has reached the streets of Delhi, Mumbai and Pune, organized every year by AAW, the next ‘Art Mob’ could be on your streets. The organization has also undertaken various online campaigns such as #ProudToBeAnArtist #VoiceOfArt and the current #EndCreativeExploitation. These campaigns have helped artists around the globe to share their stories and explore various aspects of an artist’s creative life.


In this digital age, an artist’s creative life needs an integrated digital representation. To meet this need ‘Pulpit’ was born, a discovery and collaboration platform for artists and businesses. A creative professional can integrate his creative produce from different platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Behance etc. rather than uploading it again and again. There are a couple of other features coming soon, which we haven’t seen on any other platform before claims AAW. The Beta is out right now, so creative professionals can make their portfolios on the platform and enhance their reach by clicking here. ‘Pulpit’ is the one-stop solution to discover any creative professional, view all their work at one place and more.


Artist At Work Productions aims to make art sustainable and being an artist a lucrative and aspired profession. As few students aspire to be an artist, perceive it as not a viable career option and are antagonized by the process. AAW is set on a mission to remove all the hindrances and give the much-needed voice to artists. The testament to which is the #EndCreativeExploitation which addresses problems encountered by many creative professionals. Check out their awesome videos and various professional’s take on the issue here. The organization just like its mascot ‘AAWctopus’ has spread its arms and worked in multiple domains. Their strength lies in versatility.


Your Wedding Planners And Aggregator - WedAmor At Your Doorstep

Posted by Sauharda Rawat on 2016-04-27

Wedding, as most would say, is one of the most important milestones. We all, at some point, have experienced what goes into hosting a wedding, from selecting a vendor that matches our vision, personality and budget to picking out the perfect dress for the bride. From a photographer that catches this perfect moment with his lens, more than one can count on fingers, one has witnessed all those and much more.


But planning this perfect event is not that hassle free. And if you belong to an Indian family, then having a big fat wedding is customary. So this question, more often than not, comes up:

‘How to plan this overwhelming event?’


This is where WedAmor steps in, an application which solves all problems related to planning a wedding.

This software product of Erudite Software & Learning Solutions, was conceptualized in Jan 2016 by two friends from IIT Delhi, Abhay Negi and Raj Bahadur.  It aimed to solve all the wedding related problems and make wedding planning a seamless process.  Abhay and Raj plan to serve this fast growing market and help people to create remarkable memories which they would cherish for the rest of their lives.


But what makes WedAmor stand out? In this agile million dollar industry, many players have stepped up and online platforms are revolutionizing the wedding experience of every bride and groom. WedAmor plans to be an aggregator of all services related to wedding planning. Its recommendation engine improves the suggestions based on the user profile and social interactions that help it to stand out, as it aims to create a perfect match between couples and vendors, which is the backbone of a wedding experience.


It has services ranging from guest list management, social recommendation based vendor management and gift management, strategizing planning and smart budget management. It provides a full-fledged wedding planning platform with personalisation and customization options for the bride, groom and guests. You could be a professional wedding planner, a bride or groom, even a close relative who act as pseudo-planner. WedAmor is going to be your wedding messiah, helping you to smooth out the processes.


This wedding app is able to create some buzz only within months of its inception. You can check out their website here, where you can grab some awesome content if you’re about to be married. 


Their mobile application is under development and will soon launch off to a valuable customer experience.


As the wedding planning process is jumping leap and bounds from a traditional approach to a more technical and modern approach, WedAmor fosters great potential and promise to revolutionize this scattered and unorganized wedding industry and might come up as a reliable brand name by helping couples and their families to make not arrangements but memories.




Taleho - The Ultimate Social Network for Real Estate.

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-04-22

Ever heard about a social network for the real estate that gives you pure and bang- on content about people, place and properties? Yes, the startup under the spotlight today is Taleho.

It is said that commonality limits in all possible sphere but uniqueness exceeds it all and much more. Such is the beautiful story of this startup. Let us try and decode what makes Taleho so unique and beautiful.

It provides you with such an immense and extensive social platform where one can socialise in a circle of friends and family, make groups and stay connected. The whole purpose of this is to ensure a convenient and flawless buying/ renting experience for both the entities. Taleho widely uses #Letsstartconnecting and believes in this ideology with complete professionalism and perfection. But you might wonder how Taleho manages to stay ahead out of the lot.

What serves as a perfect USP to Taleho is its stupendous approach towards a credible content based and network approach in Real Estate.

It is the first content and network specific platform for real estate industry that eases out the process of finding your friends and connections staying in any area through its Social Map feature. These guys are big on experience, to enhance experience of every property on Taleho they embed a 3 point vision video including Inside the house, Around the house and Towards the house, for me this made my experience leap bonds by giving a clear view of the property while I was sipping coffee on my couch .For such great idea to implement, one needs experienced members who can take the lead and finally convert on it.

And the team of 4 intellectual, hard-working and passionate friends, Nikesh Savla, Anuj Gupta, Aakash Bansal and Sandip Chandran, are the perfect recipe to such a prospering start-up. But even the Inspirational men have their own source of motivation.

For them, it was the Wallmart Man- Sam Walton. His theory of keep trying till you succeed really served as a major source of motivation for the Team. It drew a flicker of hope in them that even a single man can change the world.

And from there, there was no looking back. Taleho got conceptualised and the dreams now stood as reality.  The pain, blood and efforts in bringing up Taleho all together, finally were blooming up roses.

Taleho was selected as one of the top early-stage startups in Asia by WebSummit and have been invited at Rise, start-up showcase event in Hong Kong, to present their start-up. 

However, the road is still very long for Taleho. It is creating a big name but still a lot of distance remains to be travelled. Though Real estate is a booming sector but still seasonal variations and inconsistency might be an obstacle for them.

Getting Good Traction, developing a good interface and keeping the customers involved is a major path hindrance up. But a startup is great when it is able to steer the ship amongst all the obstacles. And, let us Hope Taleho does.


Waving the Technological flag up high

Posted by Deepansha Rathee on 2016-04-19

India is not a technologically backward country as it used to be before. Now with a digital buying penetration of about 22.4%, one certainly can vouch for the fact that yes we are moving towards a newer India. Skill development and technology are being given the major go as it casts the future of our Nation. So, it becomes supremely important to thank the players that are the wall behind such a change.

Now, think about this:

You are a new entrepreneur with an out-of-the-world concept and are looking for someone to assist you to take advantage of Indian digital exposure and convert these fast growing numbers into a long-lasting income stream.  All you need is ALIQAN TECHNOLOGIES, a one-stop solution for all your digital woes and that helps you to harness the power of technology and maximize your online investment.

Named after the Founder, Iftkhar Ali's parents, ALIQAN Technologies creates and develops business and technology solutions that are tailor-made to suit the client's needs and also drives out the best results for them. They believe in empowering their clients to become agiler, competitive and adaptive to any kind of market dynamics. By combining innovative designs with quality software and web development, It is a panacea for businesses which requires establishing web-presence and harnessing the undeniable power of technology.

Whether it is a start-up company or a business getting ready to introduce a new business application, E-Commerce website or information portal, an innovative tool or mobile application - the highly skilled and experienced architects, project managers, and testers are agile enough to seamlessly engage with the client's team at any stage of the project. With their strategic and tactical assistance, IT organizations around the world are better positioned to quickly and cost-effectively deploy new products and exceed development expectations. 

From application development and maintenance services, mobile application development, website development and online market to consultation and IT staff augmentation, ALIQAN Technologies delivers high-quality products and highly effective pricing. This team has delivered innumerable products to IT giants like HCL Technologies and Wipro. The wide variety includes e-commerce website, Android and iOS applications, corporate websites, simulation games and educational and informative websites." 

"The initial days at ALIQAN weren't really a cake-walk, but the sky wasn't dark for too long as my strong networking enabled me to pitch my product well and once people got to know about ALIQAN, there was no looking back after that", says Iftkhar, the CEO and Managing Director of ALIQAN Technologies.

He is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta and has an extensive experience of more than 12 years in IT and Training/ Education Sector. The master himself is a globetrotter with an energetic personality, who gets totally immersed in whatever he does. He does not see a single person as a source of inspiration rather seeks inspiration from the different persons he meets up.

A team of highly skilled and talented professionals in the field of managements, programming languages, and web developments software is what makes ALIQAN so special. With multifaceted technology and bolstering ideas, the company is poised for big in the coming times.



Sports just got it's own Adda

Posted by Aditya Arora on 2016-04-14

Going with all the raunchiness and desi-ness, My Sports Adda is a one stop solution for all the sports enthusiasts. It is an amazing initiative to discover sports and fitness like never before. As quirky and interesting the name may sound to your ears, the business is no less than the expectations. Let us have a deep insight as to what exactly they do.

The company aims largely to promote the true spirit of  sports and sportsmanship across various schools, colleges, and localities. The startup aims to combat the unavailability of the major sports in India at distant places.  Adda provides end to end services in such a way that the customer can pay online for only what he/she loves while experimenting out with others too. Other services are customised, dynamic and as per the availability of the sport.

Their model thrives on a customer-vendor relationship that is set across various geographical units. The website works on a system wherein the customer places an order about the sports played or the Fitness sessions he/she might want to indulge in. And these demands are met by the vendors who are super ready  to supply the services of what the customer aims by bringing both these entities at a common chord so that the buy side and supply side can be levelled.

Their idea is the prime house of their business. It was conceptualised by Nakul, Aniket, Ankit & Nikhil who wanted to do something to change the world. With strong determination and a great will power, they have been able to take it up to the next level.Thanks to the B-plan competitions that they won earlier which gave them the money(read as vision) to move forward.

However, their journey was not as smooth as butter on a sleekish pan
The unorganised nature of sports industry, with lower occupancy and higher cancellations, stood as major perils in their functioning. To bring about a major change in the ecosystem and luring the people to keep showing their love and  support for sports is a nerve-wracking task.

But after the battle comes the rewards, and they have done it in style. Check their website to see their cool services of Fitness training, Tournaments and other customised services too. The company has been growing leaps and bounds and looks like there is no one stopping them. These self-motivated individuals plan to launch sports products too in their rich services. Along with it, they plan to launch My Sports Adda in at least 10 other cities as well. They plan to be a beacon of hope for all the sports lovers and to make the haters fall in love with sports eventually. 

The overall idea is very good for the company with the rising standards of Sports in India and how people get attracted to it easily. The challenges of maintaining a high-level content, building a customer-friendly interface and maintaining precision over and above all seem to be the clarion call for them.

The Story of Adkarlo- A Hyperlocal Marketplace for Ad Agencies

Posted by Deepansha Rathee on 2016-04-05

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with a mind-blowing business idea, something that will change how the world looks at things? If the idea remains within the confines of your head, there is no chance for its success. But, reaching to a population of 1.3 billion people growing annually at 1.2%, it is difficult to make your presence felt in the market. Each day, a person living in the city is exposed to almost 5000 advertisements according to a study conducted by a market research firm, Yankelovich. Out of these, only 362 remain in the minds of the viewers which means, there is only a 7 per cent chance that your brand will remain with the viewer by the end of the day. Seems impossible? The one stop solution to all your marketing and advertisement problems is

Contrived by Nitin and Gaurav, AdKarlo wants to revolutionize the advertisement techniques and wanted to make advertisement a hassle free job. The team brings to you an advertising marketplace wherein brand owners/users can find agencies best suited for their needs. Be it any sphere of advertising, Adkarlo lists agencies in 50+ Categories. This comprehensive list of Media and advertising agencies will help you find, review, compare and choose just the right agency for your brand. Every business has an Advertising life cycle where it starts with thinking of the brand name, then gets a logo designed, prints stationary, then does branding across various mediums like print/radio/outdoor/digital etc and ends up on television. Adkarlo helps in finding agencies across all mediums and across all cities. It provides a detailed agency showcase, specific keyword allocation, allows for comparison of different available agencies which might suit the need of the brand owner. The Post a Project feature helps facilitates the agencies to reach out to the brand owners.

The founder Nitin Pokharna, a chartered accountant by qualification and an advertiser by profession. He started his outdoor advertising business in 2011 and officially launched AdKarlo in June 2015. He was then joined by Gaurav Sava- an engineer and MBA by qualification- as the co-founder. With a team of six people, they launched the Beta version of AdKarlo in Pune in January 2016. With a presence in 5 cities, covering 500+ agencies and over 2000 categories, they aim to become India's "ONE STOP SOLUTION" for all advertising requirements.

With a rising consumer base in the current national and global market, an exhaustive advertisement is a quintessential for a successful business. AdKarlo enables brand owners and a prospective brand owner to create a footing in this highly competitive market and as marketing maestro David Ogilvy has said," The manufacturer who dedicates his advertising to building the most sharply defined personality for his brand will get the largest share of the market at the highest profit." 

So awaken the animal spirits and make sure you know who can put out the best of you to most of the people. Ab toh AdKarlo?


Purple Wagon- Delivering Colours to Your Brand

Posted by Sauharda Rawat on 2016-03-28

How important is marketing? Can it really make or break a business?  This question often arises in the mind of most entrepreneurs. According to David Packard, Co-founder & CEO of Hewlett-Packard, “Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department”.

We all are well aware how marketing and branding have revolutionized since 90s, digital age has not knocked but busted through our doors.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin.

 It’s the most powerful tool for any start-up or corporate giant to tell their stories to the world. But every story needs a great story-teller to present to the world their essence, what they believe in and what their vision is. This passionate story-teller, Ratnakar Ari, Founder & CEO, with a vision to “Empowering brands & Fueling Creativity” created ‘Purple Wagon’- the Carrier of Dreams! The Hyderabad based startup, founded in March 2014, is one-stop solution for branding, strategic marketing, creative & innovative digital and media services. A full service marketing firm, determined to position brands in minds of customers, armed with digital marketing as their war tool. This bunch of left-brained rationalists grouped with right-brained visionaries best contemplates that “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it!”; which is evident in testimonial of their 20+ happy customer in short span of 24 months.

The coachman of thoughts, Ratnakar Ari, with master’s degree in business from University of Sunderland, UK and 8 years of experience with different international organizations, along with his team believes in making not commercials but connections, connections that leaves the mark of your brand on the worldwide digital map. But how will they make it work. Right? Well they got an arsenal of services which you can check out on the link below. Let’s take front seats in the journey of Purple Wagon, and be inspired by challenges that make one’s journey worthwhile. While chatting with Ari he shared some hiccups and bumps on the road that made Purple Wagon the happy company it is now. Ratnakar started Purple Wagon with his personal savings and partial amount borrowed from his friends, soon into business he realized the importance of a team and this was one of the toughest challenges that knocked on his doorstep, “Building a team is an equivalent to building up a family” he quotes.

In first 4 months of its inception there was tension amongst peers, they were often signed off as new firm, they lived in fear of funds evaporating, building trust and reputation amongst clients was a marathon they were, and are, adamant to run. Every great entrepreneur knows to embrace its weaknesses and fight for its vision when it matters; when you are back by a corner, break that corner to be the centre. Purple wagon’s resolve to be in the centre of marketing world ignited options like EMI for startups and focused on helping business by providing them cost-effective & all-rounded solutions for their needs at different levels; from strategizing, planning, creating to execution of brand all under one roof. It also aligned with group of extremely talented freelancers, diversifying its family. This helped them to lever their first few clients, providing them with out-of-box solutions and enabling them to make a mark, thus progressing in their marathon. Hurdles are not disruption in the journey, they are part of it and Purple Wagon is ready to sprint over each one of them.

At present Purple Wagon has its foot set in Hyderabad and Bangalore and propelling for faster growth with their new products coming soon and actively offering variety of services. A sneak peek into their arsenal as promised.                              

If you want brand visibility they can be your light and give voice to your brand in the noisy world of business. Are you ready to pack your problem and join the ride to one-stop of 360° solutions with Purple Wagon?


Grow your employee retention rate through Intelitix

Posted by Deepansha Rathee on 2016-03-22

With the Indian youth accounting for almost twenty per cent of the world youth population, India faced a demographic advantage with a youth-bulge to bolster upward growth in the future. The other part of the story isn't as rosy as this as India faces a 10.4% unemployment rate and a rise in the number of applications received for a given job-opening. With new colleges mushrooming at every nook and corner and increasing number of graduates each year, it is becoming difficult for the employers to analyze and manage the increasing human resource at disposal. It is not economically and financially feasible to accommodate each individual into the labor market and screening the plums from the lemon is is a task in itself. For such adversities, Intelligent Analytics or InteliTix is the one stop solution for employers for all their talent management problems and employee development.

Founded by Satish Salivati, and HR professional with an experience in various facets of human resource management, InteliTix helps companies select the best fit candidates, engage and develop employees with their gamified assessments and innovative talent technology platforms. InteliTix helps companies to gauge the performance of their current and help them screen prospective and potential employees. At InteliTix, they collaborate data driven insights with talent management processes to deploy a multi-pronged approach of leveraging the best of talent measurement methodologies, analytics, algorithms and technologies to offer business-relevant insights, or simple put- your "To Go" person if you intend to measure the productive capacities of your existing labor force and/or to accommodate newer labor. The team at InteliTix provides tailor-made talent measurement tools to understand the business imperatives, pain points and employee surveys to understand the pulse of the workforce.

Reminiscing the initial days, Satish talks about how they were chiefly characterized by adrenalin charged workdays and new ideas cropping up every single day. He also says,' We realized very early that every innovative solution one is passionate about and ready to bet big on it might not have a value unless the customer who is paying for it, finds it practically usefully and is willing to pay for it." With a growing market space, InteliTix has developed a suite of innovative yet easy-to-use services over a period of time after their experience with various clients. Driven by a team of individuals with an experience exceeding more than 20000 hours in Assessment Science, Human Resource, Organisational Psychology and Statistics, they aim to provide systematic analyses which are deep and creative and deploy robust tools and expertise they have developed in working with people, work and processes.

The perennial gale of change has enveloped not only the employers -in their kinds of works- but also the employees- differentiating their capabilities to work. With the war for talent intensifying, there is a need to sift through the oceans of employee and get clear, pointed and strategic inputs on managing talent. InteliTix acts as a panacea and caters to the need of the modern employer who aims develop a coherent approach to people management. After all, not all mushrooms growing in the backyard are magical.


Wellness Revolution for Healthier India

Posted by Deepansha Rathee on 2016-03-19

Haven’t we all grown up listening to a healthy mind resides in a healthy body? But rarely do we realize the essence of it. Today's world has monetized each and every second of every person's life and with an ever-tightening schedule; there is seldom time to look out for our health. Given the increasing prices of health care facilities and the shrinking availability of time, it is almost impossible to keep a track of one's health and ailments. To resolve these problems,  Dr. Geet Kohli, Dr. Nimisha Gupta and Dr. Vipin founded a one-stop solution , VGN Medisol a national health and wellness service provider which aims at giving India a healthier tomorrow. 

In 2015, Dr. Geet Kohli (Dental Surgeon) along with Dr. Nimisha Gupta (Sports Medicines, MPT) and Dr Vipin Madhogarhia (MBBS, DSM, D.Ortho - Pursuing) started  VGN Medisol as a health care company aimed at total healthcare management. VGN Medisol provides 3 sets of services: Wellvolution Marathon, Live Fit Campaign and Health Awareness Sensitization Drive. 

The Wellvolution or Wellness-Revolution aims to make people healthier and fitter; so that their physical, mental and emotional well-being are enhanced; be it the Indian workforce, the employers of India, the sports diaspora, community or be it an individual. It focuses on creating awareness about how the simple yet essential things like air, water, sleep, food, exercise and sunshine can help one prevent major diseases. The holistic approach of the program enables them to not only identify health risk in an individual but also to work on them and provide detailed customized solutions to the clients. Other than helping the individual; this program also helps to identify health trends of an organization and helps to increase the efficiency of the workforce. 

The Live-Fit Campaign provides various tailored packages of Yoga, Zumba and Pilates workout sessions, tailor made to suit needs of the modern day working individual. 

The Health Awareness and Sensitization Drive strives to bring about a change of behaviour and approach, reducing impact of preventable diseases. The team at VGN Medisol strives to bring Complete Wellness to people where they provide not only awareness regarding the current health issues but also provide with self-help tools and skill based session to improve the lifestyle on a whole. Since its inception, the 9 month old start-up has taken projects with multiple corporate groups and sports federations. They have also helped companies in carrying out CSR activities of partner companies in health sectors. The awareness talk sessions and health camps in the remote areas are getting them one step closer to their mission of a Healthier India. The team has also provided its services to renowned faces of the Indian Sports fraternity, Vijendra Singh( Olympic Gold Medalist in Boxing), Yogeshwar Dutt ( Olympic Silver Medalist Wrestler) , Rakesh Kumar (Indian Kabbadi Team Captain) to name a few. Vijendra Singh, after a full-body scan and detailed diagnosis was quoted as saying,

"It is a comprehensive full-body check-up and fitness program under one umbrella along with a great exercise protocol." 

Dr. Geet mentions about how he was apprehensive about quitting his profession to start up something of his own but it was his determination to serve humanity and constant support of his team that kept him going. Dr. Nimisha narrates an incident that happened at one of the many health camps organised by VGN Medisol in villages across the country, and she quotes, " While we were doing our job, one old and feeble man came up to me and said,

"Beta kabhi mere maa-baap, bhai behen ya bachho ne bhi itne achhe se itni baat nahi ki jitni aaj aapne ki. Bhagwaan har khushi de aapko."

This gave her a feeling of accomplishment that their cause to service the country for a better and healthier tomorrow is being acknowledged and is bearing fruits. With a dedicated and expert team along with cutting-edge technology to provide efficient and accurate results and diagnosis, VGN Medisol works day in and day out to reach out to every individual and make each Indian, a healthier and wiser human. As even Lord Buddha says, "To keep the body in good health is our duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear."



Posted by Deepansha Rathee on 2016-03-03

Remember those pair of silver shoes that caught your eye on the day of sale, bought them but never wore them more than once? Those books that you don't need anymore and the bed sheets that wouldn't fit your bed? Given that the value of goods once bought tends to depreciate and there is no alternate use you can put them to, why not go ahead to the good dead of "Baatna”?

Baatna, an application for borrowing and lending of consumer goods with an added advantage of no pre-requisite for double coincidence of wants. It allows users to broadcast their needs on the application and connect them to lenders willing to share instantly. It provides opportunities for the owners to maximise the value of assets by renting the experience of ownership.

A young start up, launched in November 2015, Baatna is the brainchild of 4 people: Kumar, Muthu, Apoorv and Saagar. It all started in 2010, when Poras and Apoorv, alumni of Netaji Subash Institute of Techology realized that their college library wasn't just enough. They developed the existing hostel borrowing network into a web-based portal to enable easy sharing of books and notes accessible to all the students. Finally, after expanding their processes to include sharing of formal clothes, travel gear, electronic and musical instruments, they finally quit their jobs in 2015 and decided to shape this web based barter portal into Baatna.

Baatna works on the concept of sharing economy: an economic model in which individuals are able to borrow or rent assets owned by someone else but what sets it apart from the rest is that it is a need based model, instead of an inventory based model (like Uber and AirBnB). It is a free platform and the requests can be placed on the user friendly interface which allows fulfillment of request free of cost within the community. Currently active in Delhi, it has a user base of 450 users within a short span of 3 weeks.  The community of registered and verified users has been fulfilling about more than 80% of the requests and the unfulfilled ones are outsources to the rental merchants at the lowest possible price.

Many business models based on concept of sharing economies have been successful in other parts of the world but a goods and service barter platform like Baatna is one of its kind in India and has so far received warm responses from its users. This initiative of sharing the commodities and services represents not only modernized adaptations of the old systems but also represent a lessened environmental impact and opportunity to do a social good. It aids in removing inefficiencies and maximizing use -of the tangible assets or services-which means reducing waste and improving resources allocation.

Kumar Poras adds,

We have built this community for not just an economical drift, but for a social awakening, and not only economically driven. Borrowing things lead to fewer short term service items being purchased, which in turn reduces the wastage.”