Startup Investment
Get to know the Process
Faad Network invests anywhere between 50K USD -1 MN USD. in early stage startups across sectors and geographies. Ideally, Faad Network prefers to invest in a seed/angel round or co-invest in a Pre-Series stage.
Faad Network invests in early-stage companies both in India and globally.

Investments made are sector and geography agnostic.

A team with a desire for mentoring and coaching.

A decent valuation which meets the expectations of our members.

A Preferable exit strategy for investors.

Faad Network invests in asset-light and scalable businesses with proof of concept or an existing customer base and revenue traction.

Startups with innovative ideas, USP, scalability across India and globe.

Ventures with disruptive technology, strong barriers to entry and first-mover advantages.

Strong founding team with formal educational background and decent work experience.

Steps to invest
Follow Below steps to invest